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Who is Kopa? (version 2)

By Panther85
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This is simply the same information about Kopa from this other submission Who is Kopa? by Panther85 with some minor changes to fit the text properly. For those who haven't read the description in the other one, I made this to provide fans, especially new ones, with accurate information about Kopa, who is probably the most controversial character in the Lion King franchise. I wanted to present the information like this (include the text along with the illustrations) since the first time, but I didn't do it back then due to reasons, so here it is now ;). Also a good excuse to draw again in the illustration style of the TLK:6NA books, seriously, I just love it!

The character of Kopa, the image of baby Fluffy and the background © Disney
The two drawings of Kopa © Panther85
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I love him, he's the best.
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Look, I don't care if Kopa isn't real.Whatever

But whenever I post a picture that shows him, or talks about him, PLEASE IGNORE ME AND/OR MY PICTURES!!!Angered
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Jeana, let me tell you something about DeviantArt before this gets any further, because I just saw what happened and I need to clarify:

I got a notification in my inbox that this person EmilioKiara put my pic of Kopa in the comment section of one of your pics.
Just so you know, he did that completely on his own, it had NOTHING to do with me. I didn't tell him to do so, I have no control of what he or other people do when commenting in your gallery.

So, if you were bothered by it you should have told that to HIM, not to me. I did not sent him to bother you or anything like that.

Also, I recommend you to be alert with EmilioKiara. For a long time he was known as a spammer in the TLK fandom.

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Thank you for the reply, and I’m actually sorry that I was mistaken by you and that artist’s picture.
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It's ok, I understand, it was an honest mistake, don't worry about it :)
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Kopa is often mentioned in TV games here in France for some reason though he's not canon. This always makes me smile to see he's recognized in the TLK universe beyond the fandom. ^^
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Lion Guard? Pretty good show, but in my opinion this is alternative universe of Lion King. Because if Kopa was first child in the family, Kiara was the second and she would be leader of the Guard, and Kion should be just... third. But Kion is second child in this universe, and he doesn't exict in the original one.

Second movie was based on Romeo and Juliet, but had happy end. And for this sequel, they created daughter for Simba, who falled in love with male lion cub from another pride. Imagine if this was Kopa fallen in love with girl lion cub from another pride, with Vitani, for example. This would be just other story. Because Kiara was young, happy and responsibility was hard to her, and when she grown up, adult life was something new for her. And Kiara's Lion Guard version is the opposite, because she turned to bossy and overprotective older sister to Kion. 

Lion King is very big and interesting world. There are so much movies, shows, books, toys and much more. There are so many places in the Pridelands, so many beautiful animals and so many stories to tell. One of the best Disney movies, and one of my favorite movies of all times. 
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In my headcanon, Kopa, Kiara and Kion were triplets born to Simba and Nala. Kiara is the oldest, therefore, being the one to inherit the throne and kingdom. Kion is second oldest, being tasked with the Lion Guard. And Kopa is the youngest. He was expected to be some other member of the guard, but Kion went ahead and chose Fuli, Bunga, Ono and Beste instead. While Kopa fully understood that these four other animals were more beneficial to the guard than five lions would be, he was crushed deep down inside, and joined the other male lions on boarder patrols. But he did fall for Vitani when she became a pridelander, and they had a couple of cubs too. I also ship Kion x Fuli, for the record.
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Agh I squeal everytime I see your art! So cuuute!! :3
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Unless... maybe they could all exist in the same universe? (But not at the same time)
Here's what I think.
I think that he was born in the same timeline, but before Kiara and Kion. I also think that the reason Zira and the Outlanders were exiled was because she killed him, and that's why Simba is so overprotective of Kiara in SP because he wasn't careful enough with Kopa.
Idk just a thought, what do you think?
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OMG thank you I mean ffs this headcanon made by fans MAKES SO MUCH GOD-DAMN SENSE! Why would Simba be overprotective? He's lost a cub before. Why are the outlanders outlanders? because they followed Scar or because of their loyalty to Scar they killed Simba's heir just as Scar had once believed he killed Simba. I mean OMG Disney with TLK is a big fucking mess and sorry to rant out on a 2 year old post but ffs #BringKopaHome #KopaIsCanon UGH!!!!

Sorry for this but I get seriously pissy when Kopa comes up and Disney LOVES to pretend he doesn't exist even going so far as to claim Kion IS Kopa so the fans shut up :( I'll go back to my hole now sorry to bother y'all.
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Stop imagining stuff, the fact that in the 2 is a female (Kiara) is actually a choice of new screenwriter, which is surely said that it would be nice to make a female instead to change and that the story is more interesting.
I explain the real story about Kopa, Kiara and Kion, a story that everyone really understands !:

The Lion King: Six New Adventures is a box set of six books published in 1994 in the United States, to ride the wave of success of The Lion King, released that year. These six stories are located after the end of the film and allow to meet the son of Simba, Kopa, but also to be a pretext for many flashbacks to learn more about the characters that the audience has acclaimed in the film.
When Disney releases a movie in The Lion King in 1998, American fans who know these books expect to see Kopa come to life on screen. But to their surprise, the film begins with the new presentation of a child Simba and Nala, totally different from the one that concludes the first film, and introducing, this time, a girl named Kiara. No official explanation has ever been given by Disney who preferred to bring Kopa into oblivion. Many fans have imagined what may have happened to Kiara's older brother, of whom no mention is made in The Lion King 2: The Honor of the Tribe. Would he be dead? Would he have been killed by Zira, which would explain why she and her people are banished from Simba's Land of Lions? No one will ever know it.
Kopa is the lion cub at the end of the Lion King 1 but Disney to prefer, change scenario and dropped in the forget Kopa.
Disney decided to create only Kiara and Kion and forget about Kopa.
But, in fact, if we forget that Disney no longer wanted Kopa and that he would keep it.
Kopa was the first child of Kiara and Simba, followed by Kiara and Kion. As said in "The Lion Guard" Kiara is Kion's big sister. And never, Kion was born before her and was the lion cub at the end of the lion king.
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I'm not imagining anything, I said everything just how it is.

And this isn't a competition about who explains Kopa's origins better, most of what you said was the same thing I explained but with different words.
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I'm sorry, I got carried away by the debate.
I understand your point of view, each one his own anyway;)
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even now so many people are still salty on the fact that lion-jesus...ahem, Kopa, isn't canon XD it's kind of amusing
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Yep, seems like little Simba Jr will forever be a controversial character in the fandom. It's too bad because there's plenty of sane Kopa fans making amazing stories about him that I enjoy, I even have grown to like him a lot more than, let's say, two years ago, but his rabid fans give Kopa fans a terrible reputation.
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Yeah, I myself am not opposed to seeing when folks draw him with Kiara and Kion as three siblings, or maybe he’s the youngest, things like that, but I still see people giving all the tantrums that Koda is not involved in the Lion agiard and when people try to tell them that he was never official 
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in my universe, he is simba and nala's 3RD child
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Not complaining or anything but Kopa is kind of canon. After Simba defeats Scar and becomes mates with Nala,you can see Kopa at the end of the movie before the credits begin to roll-->… It is not mentioned what happened to Kopa,therefore leaving some to think Zira killed him or something else had happened to him but it is more like another male lion came around and tried to take over the pride as that is what Scar did and other lions could have seen an opprotunity when the Pridelands were recovering from drought and etc.Most people and myself prefer Kiara over both Kion and Kopa because she isn't a gender-fipped version of her father unlike Kopa and Kion.
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The Six New Adventures books have no connection to Simba's Pride or The Lion Guard, it doesn't even matter if the books are canon or not (they are technically semi-canon, though). The point is, we have two alternate continuities here, either Kopa was born OR Kiara and Kion were born, the three cubs do not exist together in the same story.

When Simba's Pride was made, the Disney production team didn't know that the books and Kopa existed, so the story was written without having anything to do with him at all. As for the production of the Lion Guard, at that point they may have known about Kopa's existence thanks to his popularity in the fandom, but Disney still refused to include him in the story. They blatantly stated in one of the trailers that Simba and Nala only have two cubs, Kiara and Kion, and the episode "Lion of the Outlands" clearly mentions that Zira attacked Simba and got herself and her family exiled because of it and nothing else.

Disney may be aware that Kopa exist as a character in the books but they just don't want him in the main canon Lion King story. Until they especifically mentioned him in the series or a future film (if they ever do, that is), we can logically assume Kopa is NOT there at all, at least in Disney's eyes.

Fans can have their own version and mix the books with Simba's Pride and the Lion Guard if they want, and that's where all the "Zira killed Kopa" stories came from. But Disney's version is one thing and the fans versions are another.

Disney's canon version: Kopa does NOT exists. Only Kiara and Kion do.
Disney's semi-canon version: Kopa exists. There's no Kiara, Kion or Outsiders here.
Fandom version: in some stories Kopa exists, in others he doesn't.
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The comment you replied to was my opinion and I didn't ask to be corrected by anyone,not trying to be rude or anything.
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I don't mean to be rude, but when you make a comment on a public site like DA, you have to expect that anyone can read and may want to reply to your comment, especially if the person is the one that did the artwork in which you comment on.

And Kopa's semi-canon status isn't opinion based, it's a fact that the books are a separate continuity from the sequel movie and the series. What you described as your opinion is simply your version of the story, your fanfiction, and it's perfectly fine to have your own, we all have ours, but we have to know the facts before we can make our own interpretation of the events. It's like making a story about elephants without knowing how the real animal look and behave in the first place.

That's all I'm saying.
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