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About Varied / Hobbyist David Dalziel23/Male/Canada Recent Activity
Deviant for 8 Years
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Midori Fukumori - Robyn's Newest Employee by PantaroParatroopa Midori Fukumori - Robyn's Newest Employee :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 7 2 Swordfish Mermaid by PantaroParatroopa Swordfish Mermaid :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 2 0 Lord BoxGhost (OK K.O./Danny Phantom Mashup) by PantaroParatroopa Lord BoxGhost (OK K.O./Danny Phantom Mashup) :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 14 0 The Dephillinator Twins - Plastic Surgeons by PantaroParatroopa The Dephillinator Twins - Plastic Surgeons :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 3 0 The Evolution of The Dephillinator Horde (fake) by PantaroParatroopa The Evolution of The Dephillinator Horde (fake) :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 4 0 The Evolution of The Dephillinator Twins (real) by PantaroParatroopa The Evolution of The Dephillinator Twins (real) :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 3 0 Rewind Clock - kcoT kciT kcoT kciT by PantaroParatroopa Rewind Clock - kcoT kciT kcoT kciT :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 4 0 Natrite is on a Frozen kick by PantaroParatroopa Natrite is on a Frozen kick :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 2 0 Doctor Century - Weatherman of the Demon Tide by PantaroParatroopa Doctor Century - Weatherman of the Demon Tide :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 4 1 'Third Eye' Jenny Tresolhos - Master of Energy by PantaroParatroopa 'Third Eye' Jenny Tresolhos - Master of Energy :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 2 0 'Jolly' Holly Taylor - Buddy to Almost Everyone by PantaroParatroopa 'Jolly' Holly Taylor - Buddy to Almost Everyone :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 5 1 Natrite Sweylise: Part-Time Fangirl by PantaroParatroopa Natrite Sweylise: Part-Time Fangirl :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 8 0 Cinnatron McGee - The Second Triplet by PantaroParatroopa Cinnatron McGee - The Second Triplet :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 2 0 Diana Monday Jr. - Batalla Contra un Titere by PantaroParatroopa Diana Monday Jr. - Batalla Contra un Titere :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 2 0 The Evolution of Maria Fann / Marguerite Fannigan by PantaroParatroopa The Evolution of Maria Fann / Marguerite Fannigan :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 2 0 Marguerite Fannigan - New Hat, New Name, Same Girl by PantaroParatroopa Marguerite Fannigan - New Hat, New Name, Same Girl :iconpantaroparatroopa:PantaroParatroopa 5 2
The most recent works of mine, usually my doodles.

:iconspaceplz::iconspaceplz::iconspaceplz::iconcommentplz:and watch too plz.

Random Favourites

Cyber Road - Curvy Strength by Dragon-FangX Cyber Road - Curvy Strength :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 58 14 squawks by gelasticat squawks :icongelasticat:gelasticat 108 5 Alolan Koffing and Weezing by Phatmon Alolan Koffing and Weezing :iconphatmon:Phatmon 212 15 A long overdue request by Thumbtack-of-Ichan A long overdue request :iconthumbtack-of-ichan:Thumbtack-of-Ichan 12 26 Log.In Concept: Emulator girl (not yet named) by Silbird Log.In Concept: Emulator girl (not yet named) :iconsilbird:Silbird 77 42 Alolan Bellossom Punk Style (2/4) by gimbo-gp Alolan Bellossom Punk Style (2/4) :icongimbo-gp:gimbo-gp 87 5 Voltar by rongs1234 Voltar :iconrongs1234:rongs1234 259 50 DP: The Evil Trio (Genderbend) by Amethyst-Ocean DP: The Evil Trio (Genderbend) :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 1,208 62 Laura Knightwell: Here There Be Witches by nerdsman567 Laura Knightwell: Here There Be Witches :iconnerdsman567:nerdsman567 263 149 Galaxys InGame Battle by Esepibe Galaxys InGame Battle :iconesepibe:Esepibe 212 89 Legends by Esepibe Legends :iconesepibe:Esepibe 5,069 1,459 OMG I found it..and colored it by Esepibe OMG I found it..and colored it :iconesepibe:Esepibe 299 97 I was bored... by Esepibe I was bored... :iconesepibe:Esepibe 254 61 SG: Ducktales by Akili-Amethyst SG: Ducktales :iconakili-amethyst:Akili-Amethyst 409 24 Epilogue - Feel the Noise by Mr-DNA Epilogue - Feel the Noise :iconmr-dna:Mr-DNA 113 32
I like thing!

And I never use the plural for thing anymore.
  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?
About 6 years.
  • What does your username mean?
Pantaro is the name of a Panther Chameleon I used to have. The Paratroopa part is because I used to be part of the MarioWiki community.
  • Describe yourself in three words.
Brilliant, caring, lazy.
  • Are you left or right handed?
Right hand.
  • What was your first deviation?
Cutron by PantaroParatroopa
My oldest OC.
  • What is your favourite type of art to create?
  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Butch Hartman style. I want to render Ludmilla in a fashion that suits her biggest fandom.
  • What was your first favourite?
Sonic Billiard Adventure part1 by UltraTheHedgetoaster
A silly Sonic flash movie. And then TF2 crossed with Homestar Runner.
  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Stuff with long-haired ladies, I guess.
  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I'm no good at picking favourites, that's why I have 300 pages of them.
  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
:iconyugicoralinefan:, duh!
  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
  • What are your preferred tools to create art?
Pen, Paper, Scanner, GIMP.
  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
I don't know, I draw inspiration from everywhere.
  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Whenever my OCs get Fanart, and that time Kaylee fended off some cyberbullies.
  • Watching: Destination Imagination


Midori Fukumori - Robyn's Newest Employee
Don't worry, she's okay. Those flowers do her no harm. They do her plenty of good, actually. And mild hallucinations.
  • Name: Midori Fukumori
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 19
  • Weapon of Choice: Gardening Shears
  • Secondary Weapon of Choice: Golf Clubs
  • Profession: Manager of the Indoor Mini-Golf Course at Robyn’s Nest Arcade
  • Relations: Robyn Pivg (boss), Ingred Albertston (co-worker) Dencava Scopmir (spoilers)
  • Abilities: Mini-Golf Mastery, ability to mutate parasitic fairy flowers into being symbiotic.
  • Abilities (via flowers): Photosynthesis to the point she doesn’t need to eat on a really sunny day, Indestructible hair that’s permanently clean, Slightly slowed aging, High pain tolerance, Resistance to many diseases.
  • Side-effects of the flowers: Mild hallucinations, Forgetfulness, Being nearly perpetually mellow.
  • Likes: Flowers, Mini-Golf, Plants, Cute guys, Peace, Love, Beef Burritos, The colour Green, The Beatles, Yoko Ono, Woodstock, Arcade games, Regular Golf (but not as much as Mini-Golf)

Midori is the newest employee at the Robyn’s Nest Arcade. She’s a very easygoing girl, and while she might be spaced out most of the time, she’s very focused when it matters most. And despite her hippie-like appearance, she isn’t a vegetarian. She often gets a hankering for Beef Burritos.

As for the elephant in the room, the flowers in her hair that baffle botanists and concern conjurers, well…

Fairies exist in the world of Storm Warning, but not all of them are friendly. Some of them like to pull lethal pranks on humans/humanoids, often in the form of gifts that do more harm than good.

One of their pranks is to give a special flower to women, with the promise it’ll make them beautiful for the rest of their lives. The flower then takes root in the woman’s hair, sprouting more flowers at the cost of the woman’s vitality, and enchanting the hair so that it’s unbreakable, making the flowers impossible to remove. All the while, the victims seem eerily calm about the magic flowers that are killing them.

However, something about Midori caused the flowers to undergo a sudden mutation, turning them from parasitic to symbiotic, and making them bolster her vitality instead of sapping it. And a good thing too, under normal circumstances, these flowers kill in only a couple of months at the longest. Midori’s had her mutant flowers for three years.

Tumblr link:…

Swordfish Mermaid
What? You'd think I'm gonna miss MerMay? No MerWay!

For her, I decided to go with a limited palette. She largely consists of the same shades of dark blue, pale blue, and bluish silver. And admittedly, I screwed up with the chest area. I made her arm armor first, and didn't know what to do, because I was winging it with the armor. No original drawing to trace over.
Lord BoxGhost (OK K.O./Danny Phantom Mashup)

What's this? Non-OC art from me? I know, I'm surprised too.

I'm a big sucker for mashups and character fusions. Why, I reblogged a bunch of old hexafusions on my main Tumblr last night. So I decided to fuse Lord Boxman and the Box Ghost. The reasons why are spoilers for the Season Finale, but it's been about two weeks, so...


So earlier this month, I watched the Season Finale of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. I swear, that show is after my own heart. Anyway, the season ended with Darrell betraying Lord Boxman and getting him fired. Out of a cannon. Into the sun. And like a fool, I assumed "Welp, he's dead. If he's appearing in Season 2, he's probably a ghost. Or survived being on the sun." And that's when I got the idea of Lord BoxGhost, breaking free of the sun (and breaking the sun's sunglasses) out of sheer rage, tearing a hole through the clouds, and getting ready to get even with Lord Cowboy Darrell, who I forgot to make cowboy clothes for.

Then Cartoon Network uploaded onto YouTube some Season 2 clips that rendered this whole idea moot. I should have figured this is the kind of show where being fired into the sun is survivable.

Still, I'm quite proud of this picture. I've struggled a bit with perspective, but I think I did a good job with it here.
The Dephillinator Twins - Plastic Surgeons
And by "Plastic Surgeons", I mean I replaced their metal coating with white plastic. It was literally plastic surgery.

Now that the Aprilfoolery (sister of Tomfoolery) is over, let's meet these two all over again.

Name: Dephillinator Positive and Dephillinator Negative
AKA: Poz and Neggy, Deph
Species: Robot
Gender: Male (Positive) Female (Negative)
Age: Operational for 5 years, their AI has been operational for 3 years, but behave like 12-to-14-year-old organics.

Weapon of Choice: High-voltage electrical paddle
Secondary Weapon of Choice: Surgical tools

Profession: Actors, Licensed doctors, Pro-Vaccination Advocates

Relations: Eachother (siblings), Ashley Meliae (teacher of magic-based healing techniques), unnamed roommate (Fellow actor and roommate), Addelaide and Su Twinseltown (biggest fans, and a fellow robotic defibrillator)

Abilities: Acting, Health Scanning, Electricity Generation, Defibrillation, Surgery, Double jumping, Magic-based healing, Encyclopedic medical knowledge and they have a hammerspace so well stocked with medical supplies and supplements it might as well be a pharmacy.

Likes (Positive, heavily abridged): Yes
Likes (Negative, slightly abridged): Yes, but to a much lesser extent.

Hates: Anti-Vaxxers, Corrupt Charities, Alternative Medicine and other Quackery being taken seriously, the dismissal of science-based healing in favor of said quackery

Weaknesses: Not too creative

Made to heal, but cast as a prop in a medical drama before their AI was installed, they stuck around the acting scene in hopes they would achieve stardom outside of the hospital scene. June 2020 rolls around, and those hopes are beginning to fade from even Positive's sight. And that's when they decided to get a whole new lease on life. Try something out aside from acting. Maybe Adventuring is more their style.

And that's when opportunity knocked. Knocked with the fists of a thousand easily-destroyed low-ranking demons. Low ranking demons that could potentially wipe Siren City off the face of the Earth in a matter of days if not stopped at the source, thanks to a foretold production of an exceptionally strong and extremely dangerous subspecies.

As for their redesign, I changed their main colour from silver to white to make them look more distinct from Cutron, palette-wise. And white is a stark colour, good for a medical aesthetic. I also changed their base from a triangular prism-like shape to a hexagon-based nearly-heptahedral shape with no proper name to give their body better balance. I say nearly-heptahedral because I added a thin rectangular area for their necks to connect to the body. I guess their body shape is really more of a decahedron. Not completely visible, but they also have six wheels now.

You might notice the base is off-center from the picture. This is because I positioned the heads to display body language with the necks.


David Dalziel
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I have big goals hampered by big problems.



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