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Zenescope GFT Wonderlan 22



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Zenescope grimm fairy tales wonderlan issue 22

lineart by Paolo Pantalena (me)

for selling

for any details or inquires send an email to 
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Why is she wearing high heels and thigh high boots while swinging an axe? And ouch, her ankles! They look as though they're about the break if not broken already, or atleast give her some serious health issues. Where exactly is her sword attached? What's up with her left arm, is it broken? And woah, having to place it right across her boob has got to be uncomfortable. Her face looks dead, emotionless, without any connection to what she's doing with the rest of her body. Also, her boobs look to be about the same size as her head, so with her head turned down like that and leaning forward with her body, it's a bit unbalanced. It looks like her boobs might just pop out any second, which would be a shame when she's swinging her axe. Goodbye boobie, I'll miss you!

There is no motion in her pose. From her arms I can guess that she is about to swing that mighty axe, but her body and pose tells another story. Why the fudge would she be lookin down at her feet, unless she's worried about her ankles breaking? She should hold her face higher, maybe slightly tilted to the left.

You can't you just simply "swing an axe". You have to swing your whole upper body, not just the arms, or you get no force, no balance, exhaustion and you look stupid.

The concept of this deviation is OK in my idea. Just not the impractical clothing that impairs mobility and exposes major arteries and veins. Or the thing that looks like a hybrid between a corset and a strapless bra, but gives no breast support which may cause them to pop out and may get exposed to injury. I do like the background though, and the thing you did with the hair. The axe itself also looks OK to me, but I'm not an expert. The thing I have a problem with is the anatomy, her face and her clothing. Other than that, nice details.