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Ronin Wolverine



Another commission done.
Ronin Wolverine

for pre-show commission send a mail to:
price starts from 275$ for something like that.


check it out other cover and commission works I did recenlty, and don't forget to add me in your watchlist for future works
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It's a great piece and is very hard to critique. It's better than I could do, but after looking at it for a while I've tried to pick out a few small things.
Some lines could be thicker, mostly between pieces of armor and the cloth. Like in his armpit, and tassels. Maybe even showing some more mid-tones to give an appearance of different colors.
You can see both swords sheaths, but They appear to be the same size. A samurai has a Katana and a Wakazashi. one should be shorter.
If his clawed arm was in another pose (maybe across his chest), you could show both swords clearly, and it might give a stronger presence.
the design on his knees should match his gauntlet and his chest-piece, For unity.
I can't tell where the wisping cloth comes from, it looks cool, but doesn't need to be so bold.
Still, it's amazing work. It's hard to pick apart something done so well, so I can see why you requested critique.