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Hot pussycatwoman back again

By pant
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She's back in color!

Check the pencil of this piece!
Lady catwoman back again by pant
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Overall i think this is an amazing illustration. The composition is wonderful and the Graphic Design elements are a wonderful ad on to make the focus of the illustration clear. There are a lot of times where an artist will totally knock a piece out of the park but over do it with too many elements. The flat colours don't hinder the illustration in any way, and i like that especially. The line work is dynamic however i feel that both legs are disproportionate due to what i think is a wrong angle especially noticeable on the right. The thigh of the right leg i believe should have been longer and higher.

On the colour rendering though i think you nailed it hands down and the fact that she feels like a cat when you look at her wins me over easily. Great Job <img src="…" width="47" height="16" alt=":headbang:" title="Headbang!"/>
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I loved this piece so much I got it tattooed on me and I just want to say thank you and beautiful art btw
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This is just-WHOA!
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Freaking love this!
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Really dig the coloring
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I love your hair style drawing xDDDDDDD
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That's such an awesome Catwoman. I'm totally going to buy this print today at the AX.
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A wonderfully doen and strong and sexy piece my friend. Catwoman looks awesome!
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Love the perspective on this. Nice work
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Excellent work!
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love the pose and colouring, very sexy :D
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Che sborata immane!
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nice position!
cat cat cat
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that pics is so awesome
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Fantastico, felicissimo di averti preso le stampe a Mantova che mi darà martedi Stefano,ciao!
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Your skills are's TOTALLY AMAZING!!!
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