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'Distant Mountains' - Ayertesk/Vyest Spaceport by PanSpec 'Distant Mountains' - Ayertesk/Vyest Spaceport :iconpanspec:PanSpec 3 0 Moto-ko by PanSpec
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Moto-ko :iconpanspec:PanSpec 5 0
Amaxeno, p.11 - Mission 2 by PanSpec Amaxeno, p.11 - Mission 2 :iconpanspec:PanSpec 1 0 Amaxeno p.10, Mission 1 by PanSpec Amaxeno p.10, Mission 1 :iconpanspec:PanSpec 3 0 Amaxeno p.08-09, Evaluation cont. by PanSpec Amaxeno p.08-09, Evaluation cont. :iconpanspec:PanSpec 1 0 Michaels Clerk by PanSpec Michaels Clerk :iconpanspec:PanSpec 1 0 Amaxeno, p.07: Evaluation by PanSpec Amaxeno, p.07: Evaluation :iconpanspec:PanSpec 1 0 Amaxeno p.06, Rw'na by PanSpec
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Amaxeno p.06, Rw'na :iconpanspec:PanSpec 2 0
Amaxeno p.05, Gl'xh by PanSpec Amaxeno p.05, Gl'xh :iconpanspec:PanSpec 2 0 Amaxeno, p.04 by PanSpec Amaxeno, p.04 :iconpanspec:PanSpec 2 2 Amaxeno, p.02 by PanSpec Amaxeno, p.02 :iconpanspec:PanSpec 2 0 Amaxeno, p.03 by PanSpec Amaxeno, p.03 :iconpanspec:PanSpec 4 0 Amaxeno p.01, Prologue by PanSpec Amaxeno p.01, Prologue :iconpanspec:PanSpec 3 3 Amaxeno, cover v.2 by PanSpec Amaxeno, cover v.2 :iconpanspec:PanSpec 3 0
Amaxeno: Welcome
Amaxeno: Gynesis
Amaxeno is about a futuristic version of humanity faced with the prospect of "Adam's Curse", a theoretical event where humanity's genome has its XY chromosomes dropped, eventually leading to a humanity without males at all, and subsequent extinction. A segment of future humanity realized this might happen, and planned to survive by genetically engineering themselves into a species that were primarily women for most of their lives, and become males in the latter stages of life.
The resultant proto-species, the Amaxen, were reviled by the rest of humanity. War and pogroms were committed, forcing the nascent Amaxen to leave and find a new home, but making them xenophobic toward a humanity who resent their existence.
My story takes place several thousand years after their exile, in a time where the origins of the Amaxen are buried beneath  the rigid conditioning of a powerful coven of priestesses who hold sway over how the Amaxen reproduce, through co
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Pilot Femme #9 by PanSpec Pilot Femme #9 :iconpanspec:PanSpec 10 2



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Artist | Professional | Varied
Emergent Freelancer, hoping to specialize in original Graphic Novels.
Over the next little while, I will be posting portraits of characters from my novel "Vale of Odin."  Like many writers interested in fantasy and sci-fi, I have a pile of writing that awaits the golden treatment of being published and presented in print form to masses of adoring fans. Since this is unlikely to happen, I decided to use their concepts to illustrate my art portfolio.

"Vale of Odin" is about the inhabitants of a low-key Viking settlement fighting off raids by a corrupt sorceror and his dark-fertility goddess worshipping cult. A pastiche of Robert E Howard style fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, Norse history/mythology and a dash of H.P. Lovecraft myth-making.  Like a lot of fantasy novels in this day and age, it was based on a Dungeons & Dragons 4e campaign that I ran back in 2008, when the new edition was brand new and "fresh". In the novel, I essentially transcribed the story of the campaign and expanded it toward servicing a trilogy/series of books, which I'm still writing off and on.

The novel takes place in an alternate world that is mostly similar to ours, set shortly after what would be described as the "Viking Age" in the "Vale of Odin" a large island that is basically Iceland, but with more pine and yew forests.  The characters are unassuming people leading normal nordic lives, only to be forced to fight for the lives against a potent fertility cult that has made pacts with the chiefs of the island clans for his own nefarious purposes. Enter his cronies of cannibal warriors, otherworldly elemental beings, dark gods of ancient yore, and the idea that the enemy desires to lay waste to the entire world of course, by bringing those dark gods back to this world.  At this point you can chuck in the elves, dwarves, kobolds, dragons, trolls and what else you like from D&D.

My goal when I wrote the initial D&D campaign was to challenge my experienced players with things they wouldn't expect, so it wasn't just "another starting adventure" with new rules.  I wanted them to come up against any and every monster, ally, enemy, magic item, with a sense that whatever they thought it was, it likely wasn't and to second guess themselves. The novel went the same way, hopefully subverting expectations whenever possible, and alienating them at times so they discard their expectations, just like the characters are, and have to look toward the "everyman/woman" characters for safety.

Is it good? I'm not going to say. At this point, it just is.
  • Listening to: Magic Sword Vol.1, Melechesh, The Sword
  • Reading: D&D 5e rulebooks
  • Watching: Farscape season 3
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  • Eating: my own soul and RRSP plan.
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TOgether by PanSpec
Thankfully its not everyday that Canada sees violence like this, and I hope we don't see any more. All it takes it one person to be incredibly selfish and take their rage out on others, likely unconnected to that person's internal pain. Its senseless, it accomplishes nothing, yet it happens everywhere.
Going to be switching gears from SF/sci-fi for a bit and focussing on some more "viking fantasy" style paintings, unofficially as part of my "Vale of Odin" project.  

Grendel's Passage by PanSpec  is not really part of Vale of Odin - aside from its mention in the runes - but is sort of the thing you can expect in the near future.
Concentrating on some digital painting projects and just trying to survive the year...


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