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Mature content
Zan and Blaire :iconpansexualdoodles:pansexualdoodles 0 0
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Poppy doodle
I decided to get procreate and try it out, (mostly for its gif feature) and here’s a little test doodle I did. Super excited to work with it more😊
Chibi fanarts part 3
‪I’ve made a bunch of gang art for some super cute characters! I’ve taken a few from Instagram but I hope you all like them! ‬
‪(@ZaskiaHARNNY meru_nyaa MintsWish HareMadness @wafflebealovesyou @_honeybeest_ @Ichiigoneko lotte_pop @wafflebealovesyou HareMadness) 😊💜‬
90s kid show plushies OTA
‪I have an ass ton of designs to put out. But here’s some cute plushie kids show themed adopts! ‬
‪They’re all OTAs so you can offer what you want 😊 art, money,etc. ‬
‪the shows in order are Blues clues, Bear and the big blue house,rugrats,Arthur ,Barney and Clifford. ‬
Precious Fluffy Sheep
‪I drew a little WooLoo. I love this little bean so much! I think it would be cool if you could give them a special berry or something and change the color of their braids. Pokémon, get on that shit! 🐑💜‬
Pride doodle
Happy pride month everyone! I hope everyone’s month goes well and know that you’re loved and welcomed by me 😊 if you’re not out, still/can’t transition, questioning or an ally you’re valid💜 I’m Pan if it isn’t obvious enough and I’m just here to love everyone! But anyway HAPPY PRIDEEEEE 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🌈🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
In the mermaid world, there are three classes.
The Saltwaters: they are the royalty of the mer-world.
The Freshwaters: the middle class of the met-world and work closely with the Saltwaters
The Leftovers: they are the outcasts of the mermaid world and they are shunned from the rest of the mermaid world.
The Leftovers have been shunned for centuries due to the Saltwaters wanting to keep the ocean a pure-bred place. The Leftovers hinder that plan since they are the reminants of a free aquatic world where mer-people of all types could live freely . The Leftovers all are some sort of mixed breeds of fish/aquatic life due to the free lives of their ancestors.  The Leftovers now live in the small and squaller ponds of the world, isolated from the rest of the mer-world.
Mel is a Leftover mermaid who lives off in a small pond with her family and her only friend, a small snail. She is very shy and dreams of a free world but is too scared to do anything about it. When she is accidentally overheard talking about rebellion with her snail friend, she gets dragged on an adventure to The Saltwater's territory. On the way, Mel gets swept away during a storm. Injured and lost she washes up on a beach and is rescued by a girl named Irene.
Irene is a struggling musician and is trying to make her way in the Industry. She's not getting very far though since she's stuck in a dead end job and no hits on her small EP. She meets Mel and instantly her world is turned upside down. After rescuing the mermaid and nursing her back to health, she and Mel plan to confront The Saltwaters. As they plan out how to confront them and rescue Mel's mer-friends. They start to catch feelings for each other. As they come up with plans and fall and love , The Saltwaters have been planning as well.  The food sources in the ocean are dwindling and the middle class isn't able to make enough food to feed both classes. Since they need to feed their people. They decide to take food from The Leftovers. But the Leftovers also have a dwindling food source since there's more Leftovers and less space in their ponds from them breeding. So The Saltwaters resort to the next best thing, eating the Leftovers.
Mel and Irene start on their journey to confront the Saltwaters and when they get there .. they are shocked to find all the Leftovers trapped in The Saltwaters' territory.
Will Mel and Irene be able to rescue The Leftovers? Will Mel ever get home? What will happen to Mel and Irene's relationship? Find out when I either make a webcomic or finally make a cartoon out of it!


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Im an awkward loser that loves animation, cats, cacti and coffee!


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