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World Environment Day!
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Yes, let's save the world! Here's a few things you can do:

1. Recycle every object made from recyclable material, such as plastic and paper.

2. Use less fossil fuel by walking or bicycling whenever possible, carpooling, and using less energy, unless you know it's green energy.

3. Use green energy such as solar, wind and geothermal instead of oil, gas and coal.

4. Buy products that are environmentally-sound, and boycott companies that pollute and destroy, as well as products that are made from unnecessarily-destructive practices.

5. Plant some trees, so they'd suck carbon dioxide out of the air, to produce oxygen.

6. Give money to fundraisers and charities that help protect the planet's health, and protest destructive practices, such as pollution, greenhouse gases, deforestation, poaching and overfishing.

We need this planet, for its beauty, food, water, air and resources. If we don't fight to protect it, then we may have signed the death certificate of our species, through our greed, savagery, apathy and ignorance.