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Art Summary 2017 by Panolli Art Summary 2017 by Panolli
I saw someone do this and I thought to do it as well because seeing improvement is just awesome.
But wow, a whole year has gone by... crazy.

I think overall I've improved?? Especially on drawing people because holy heck there was a time I refused to draw them, and now it's the main thing I've drawn lol I joined Twitter back in June, so that's where it began. Just even comparing some of the things I drew in June to December, I can definitely see the improvement. I know there are a few that have the same characters, but I think I'll keep it that way because you can just see the improvement between that.

Obviously there are still some things I need to improve on, like backgrounds, shading, perspective, and also lineart surprisingly. I'll admit for a long time now I haven't been too satisfied with it? I love how my lineless style has developed, but lineart is something I was to get better at. Maybe I just need to mess with some brush settings, I dunno. I glanced back at the 2016 Art Summary and I can see a huge improvement between then and now, so I'm so happy to see that.

I guess goals for the future is just to get better. I want to do more, like animations and whatnot, but I just need to push myself to do these things. I'm not sure what next year will bring me. I'll be heading off to college because I want to do something related to art because this is a part of me. Geez this turned to like some New Year's resolution lmao

Anyways, what a year it has been.

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Last year:

Art Summary 2016 by Panolli 

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Here's the blank version:

2017 Summary of Art BLANK by DustBunnyThumper
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