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White Tiger -Scraperboard ACEO


I really like how this came out :D
Scraper board can be really hit and miss

~Scraper board
ACEO = Art Cards, Editions and Originals, 2.5x3.5"
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This really catches the eye. It is such a powerful image :D
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Wow! That's awesome, it looks incredibly realistic. I always find that scraperboard is very difficult to work with, so congrats!
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Thanks! I think the hardest bit with scraperboard is knowing when to stop so you don't remove too much!
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Yeah, that's always the mistake I make I'm afraid. Overworking it never goes well.
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Nice work!

I played with one of these for the first time in probably 20 years not too long ago, and what did I draw? A werewolf of course. *rolls eyes*
Pannya's avatar
Hahaha X3
Well I usually default to cats these days, because cats sell...
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definitely loving the tiger lol! It came out great.
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Amazing work, you picked a good subject to do on scratch/scrap board :)
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Thanks! I think I will do more tigers, they're pretty fun
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This looks very interesting!
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Thanks! Scraper board is really fun @__@
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You found a good use for the scraper board you got, huh? Great looking tiger!
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Thanks a lot! It's getting easier to do things with it now
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wow, amazing detail :)
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Wow it came out like a photo
Pannya's avatar
Haha a pretty weird photo XD But I know what you mean, thanks :)
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You're welcome
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good choice of bg,like this the highlights are really expressive.
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Hehe yeah scraper board is really nice for contrast like this
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wow that's really amazing
awesome job ^_^
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