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Windows Seven M1 Reloaded

Hello friends!! This is the Windows Seven M1 Reloaded Pack, as a successor to my earlier started Windows 7M1 Inspirat ([link]) Visual Style.

Here in this pack I have added 3 visual sub styles - Black, Aero and Basic version.

I have changed the shellstyle as compared with my earlier released version ([link]).

I have also changed the styler skins from my earlier pack. Else everything is the same.

The menubar background isn't black for other windows, eg. while using Internet Explorer or Mozilla.

:pointr:This pack contains:

1) The Visual Style
2) The Styler Skins ( Black to be used with Black and Normal with others).
3) ViOrb
4) Aero Large Cursors

:new:UPDATE: Windows Seven M1 System Properties for XP: [link]
:new:UPDATE: Windows Seven Bootskin for XP:[link]

Though its not a part of my pack but I would recommend to use "ViStart True Aero 8" by fishy-fish [link] for a perfect working Vista Style Start Menu. It matches perfectly with this theme.

:pointr:NOTE: Using the above ViStart is totally optional.
You can download the "ViStart True Aero 8" from here: [link]

Please note that this VS is just a concept, derived as seen from the leaked screenshots of Windows Seven M1 Ultimate (Build 6519).

Hope you all like this...comments are most welcomed.
© 2008 - 2021 pankaj981
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I like the visualstyle . But the taskbar like vista ,please tell me why you choose vista taskbar?
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good job man ^^,
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nice nice nice and again nice!
pula cum al donaldezi???[link]
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your works are always splendid !!
Loved the theme. Is there a way I can get the transparecy effect for the title bars? I don't know how
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so i guess i'm the one who creates the styler theme folder on my hard disk (when copying..) where should i place it? in the windows folder? (and the same thing goes with the viOrb) :confused:
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viorb can be used as a stand alone application, but for styler, u need to have styler toolbar installed on your pc, search google and u will come to know how to use it. once installed, u have to place the styler theme inside the themes folder inside the styler toolbar installation directory, and not the windows folder. viorb folder can be placed anywhere (i prefer program files and creating a shortcut inside the startup folder).
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olaaH eu estou usando esse tema mais tem ele um erro o menu iniciar fica com as letras cortadas,como concertar isso?
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Não, não há erros, e pode postar um screenshot?
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Dude im not sure where to put anything and ok it installs..... then what? O_O Help
How did you do with the bar?
See image...

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Its a free program called as Vista Drive Icon which can be downloaded from
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My Start Menu looks wrong when I'm using this theme - the first letter of the My Computer, Control Panel etc items are cut off. Do you think you could fix this?

Thanks in advance.
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you are probably using the 32px version. try using the 48px version
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I would have, if I could find it. It doesn't seem to be included in the pack offered for download... or am I missing something?
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Hey actually this is the 48px version and i havent made the 32px version
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Please post a screenshot if psbl
this theme is for xp iam using it rit now
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looks cool but its ugly sorry i dont like top bar
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