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Vista Home Shell for XP

Shell Style for XP

leosss made a similar shell style wwaaayyyyy before me: [link]
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why is this forbidden when i try to download it?
and plz can anyone help me how to place a new vistart?
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How do you apply it, i have tried putting it everywhere in the themes folder...
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inside the themes folder, go inside ur fav theme folder, inside there might be a shellstyle folder, paste this inside tht folder, be sure to backup ur previous shellstyle.dll file before replacing with this one.
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OMG This is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. I cannot believe how picky I am but this really topped off my system. You are awesome.
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Hey 6205, all I see is that Lustmusket3000 has thanked leosss in all his shell mod versions for his help. They have worked together for a better result. Team working is better than saying peoples are "full of shit". You can speak loud but I just can see that you've hidden all your shares while pakaj981 is sharing his work with us. What do you think is the most interesting for newbies who just want to customize their OS appearence ? Great private hidden works or "full of shit" public shares ?

Thanks for sharing this great "shit" pankaj981 !
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hey dude...the above works are totally different from leosss deviations!!
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those shellstyles are very similar, so he was not first a he allways says. changing 1-3 makes little difference dude...but i am sure he is the greatest skinner on the planet and all 40+ mil. deviations here have ripped something from him :-)
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hey leosss...both are almost same...only the text is different, but that doesn't make much of a difference.
i downloaded it from another website and edited it...may be someone may have put your work on that website.
anyways this is similar to your work and you made it wwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy before you deserve the applaud....i m removing this file in 2 days.
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Somebody here is again full of shit...[link] [link] [link]
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what is the diference with this one ? [link]
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Thank you very much, this is useful for me.
How to install?
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Replace with the current shellstyle.dll on your resource folder on Windows.

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