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No time like the old time


this work collaborates with:

hazel is a genius and talented artist, besides being talented she also has a good personality, you can see her amazing emotional works, I am passionate about collaborating with her, adding to my experience and this is very fun collaborating with her.
Visit some of her amazing works here:heart::

Support her version too here
No Time Like The Old Time by WhimsicalBlue

When your heart cries... by WhimsicalBlue  Shadows of Silence by WhimsicalBlue  Music of Loneliness... by WhimsicalBlue

Story :

Why do I always wander alone in the crowd, searching for old times and old memories?
Walking along the road, my wandering thoughts reminiscing about things that were once, the sound of the carriage as the horse's hoafs beat on the cobble stoned laid road, all but now a dimmed echo from the past, the sweet chiming of the clock in the distant as people pass by. Now just forgotten I feel the heat of the soot wafting from the chimneys, my face beautifully grimed with the dirt of old times. The sight, sound and smell all deeply ingrained within my nostaglic soul, wishing for the times that once was because there are my good times like the old times.

And didication to my friend birthday, 
:iconlora-vysotskaya: :iconmshellee:
happybirthday wish you all the best :party:

Credit and Stock Thanks :

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rest is paint 

© 2019 PANJOOOLAll rights reserved.
My work doesn't belong to the public domain, don't claim my work as your own. 
It can not be reproduced, copied, edited, transmitted, plagiarism
 or sold without my permission.

I am very grateful if anyone criticized my work ,I am also very grateful if there is a favorite and support my work

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An awesome work. I love this a ton- the depth and detail really draw your eyes, you know? I feel like I’ve seen some very similar pictures before (assassin’s creed, et.) but otherwise this is a very unique piece of work. It’s not every day that you get to see a full on city block on DeviantArt. My only complaint is that the image is somewhat low definition, so it appears blurry when you zoom in. Otherwise, though, A fantastic composition. I’ll be sure to watch for further art!

I need more words so I’m going to type this part out.
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Wow, so much is going here. This is really amazing work!
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Thank you very much dear for your beautiful compliment  :hug:
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This is excellent piece!

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Thank you very much dear for your beautiful compliment  :hug:
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great use of perspective and such a beautiful detailed piece of art
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Thank you very much dear for your beautiful compliment  :hug:
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Congratulations Panji! and Hazel Clap Clap Love Heart 

 A great collaboration, very imaginative and atmospheric. love1 by VDragosPhotography

                                                   So much ingenuity you have to own first, just awesome!



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detailnya keren om Panji !! :clap:
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Love the prospective, beautifully done!:rose:
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Wonderful my friends :hug: 
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Amazing landcape piece. You created a real masterpiece. Your arte is homework for me. I realy like to analize all.
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thank you so much for this great work, its superClap Clap 
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I’d love to see G.K. Chesterton, absentmindedly reading the Suma Theologica while walking down Fleet Street, taking up have the sidewalk space that passers by can barely maneuver around, but are all polite to their favorite eccentric journalist.
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this is legit. reminds my of assassins creed syndicate
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Fantastic work both of you! :clap:
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The light the color the perspective in this work... all are wonderful :clap:
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That's incredible!! Very nice done!!
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Great recreation of that time. You both have done a great work! :D 
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thank you so much dear amaranta :hug:
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My pleasure, dear Panji :hug:
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Man Panji, that's really awesome - I can't figure out how you are able to have such a high output of excellent artworks :) (Smile)
Great collaboration with Hazel. It needs a lot of imagination skills to put such a complex scene together!
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