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Giant slayer village


the war between humans and the Giants is over,
and at human conquest, they place a giant corpse on a giant spear in a village,
as a sign of the end of the giant's power.

Credits and Stock Reference :
A Knight and His Sword Stock by  Ghost-Rebel-Stock Australia Zoo - Rhinoceros by  AmoretteRose Castle II by  dlambeaut Cloture en rondin by  Jean52 Deer PNG by  Jean52 Frozen land by  digitalbird06 Impaled Skeletons Stock by  ImaginaryRosseArt Medieval Hut A-2, PNG by fumar-porros  Medieval Hut A-4, PNG by fumar-porros  Winter Magical Tree by  feainne-stock
rest is paint

Commission : available

Please get in touch directly for questions regarding my work, commissions or project proposals. I look forward to connecting.

© 2020 PANJOOOLAll rights reserved.
My work doesn't belong to the public domain, don't claim my work as your own. 
It can not be reproduced, copied, edited, transmitted, plagiarism
 or sold without my permission.

I am very grateful if anyone criticized my work ,I am also very grateful if there is a favorite and support my work

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© 2020 - 2021 panjoool
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mas mohon izin minta gambarnya buat latuhan saya

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This is wonderful, great job!

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Very disturbing work and excellently done as always :clap:

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Thank you for the use of my stock! As I said before, you're amazingly talented. It is an honor to have my stock used by you :D

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Have you ever been within ten miles downwind of a whale’s rotting carcass? Can you imagine ANYONE being capable of living around them during the VERY long time it takes for them to rot? Not to mention many thousands of the dangerous or just annoying scavengers they would attract.
Just imagine when their bloated bowel ligaments finally gave way, spilling out of them all at once under that tremendous weight. This scenario just doesn’t make sense, impressive as the aftermath is.
More likely, they would have butchered them to remove as much flesh as possible as soon as possible after the execution, feed as much to countryside dogs as they could feast on, then burn the rest of the meat before it could get too rotten, strip the skin, maybe make leather from it, then smoke rest on the bones before propping them up like this, but that would give them a more charred and chunky appearance than this, like moldy old barbecue. Still have literally tons of crow shit everywhere, but would prevent the worst of it, not to mention the pestilence all those flies and maggots could spread. Re-Smoke them periodically to dry them out and drive away the flies, until quite a bit of residual muscle has turned to foul jerky on the bone.
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Very interesting composition, details, colors and scene :clap:
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This is haunting, it’s so captivating. Wow
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I love this great work!

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Amazing work! :clap: However, I am noticing a lot of artifacting in the black branches near the top. It's a bit distracting, for me, since everything else looks so clean and polished. Just thought I'd bring that up. :hug:

Damb that’s cool

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Good job. I love the way you combine resources that I would pass as uninteresting to me. The scene is impressive.

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Cool scenery. I just did one with rhinos too...ha,ha.
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Is that christoff and sven? I thought the skeletons were guarding the town but then... You amaze pan. This is great.

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Spectacular job!! 
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Attack on Titan!
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Wauww Amazing work Panji!!!Love it...Love 
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giant skeletons :wow: impressive artwork mate!
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Pffft :D :D :D :D
How do you always know the right color to use?? Teach me! :D
Once again and as always, amazing work.

One thing I see is the light from the fallen tree seems to come from the wrong side. Not fully cause it's also coming from below but hm, looks a bit strange. 
Not that I would've known exactly how to paint it in either. =P
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The most aesthetic drawing I've seen recently, good work

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So well done and original ❤️
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What a lot there is to look at in this piece :)
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