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Megafauna Sizes



I couldn't find an image with size comparisons of different Cenozoic animals, so I made one myself :)

So in this chart you'll find one average sized (male):

Homo Sapiens (human)
Indricotherium (Paraceratherium/baluchitherium)
Elasmotherium ("unicorn"..!)
Elotherium (/Entelodon)
Gomphotherium (much like a modern elephant, except it has two extra tusks in the lower jaw)
Panthera Leo Spelaea (You know these! Cave lions ;) )
Smilodon (saber-toothed cat/tiger.)
Dinofelis (like a smilodon, only smaller.)
Canariomys Bravoi (Tenerife Giant Rat, only existed on tenerife, but added it anyways)
Bos Primigenius (Aurochs, the huge ancestor of domestic cattle.)
Equus Ferus (Tarpan, a European Wild horse)
Crocuta Spelaea (Cave Hyana)
Canis Dirus (Dire wolf... I was tempted to draw glowing green eyes, bangs and tribal tattoos on this one...:XD:)
Megaloceros (Irish Elk)
Ursus Spelaea (Cave bear)
Pinguinus Impennis (Great Auk)

---megafauna, huh? Pretty cool :D

Many of these animals didn't live at the same time. For example, elotherium died out about 20 million years before the first cave lion appeared. The Aurochs, Tarpan, Great Auk and Giant rat existed up to modern time and was (relative to the history of evolution) only recently extinct.

There is a lot of neat animals from this time, and not many of them are very known, except smilodon and mammoths... (I haven't included the mammoth in this one, but it's about the same size as the Gomphotherium) Elasmotherium and Indricotherium are just amazing animals, it's strange that they aren't more popular...

Anyways, I needed this for The Shadowtainted. I'm considering being a little more loose on the historical correctness of things, and let there be Indricotheriums and Elotheriums wandering about in the lands of Contineo... I like to have things correct, but -gawd- adding these guys would really add to the setting, wouldn't it? :meow:

Don't focus on the drawings, I pretty much just shamelessly stole and traced those from some innocent google-users. I'm sorry! I wanted to focus on the sizes, 'kay?

My mac also killed it's own battery, which complicates my work slightly... It's annoying, but it won't stop me!

Okay, you're probably tired of reading now. Good night!
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it's a shame that most of these aren't in Far cry Primal! All we got was The Mammoths, Sabertooths, Cave bears and the tall elk.
I wanna hunt that Indricotherium!