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Dragon Walk Cycle Template
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Published: August 13, 2013
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Here it is, finally done! The dragon walk cycle template! This was quite the nut to break, but I'm quite pleased with the outcome if I may say so myself! And on this one I used the smoothing-feature my drawing software (it's called FireAlpaca™, it's similar to SAI. but animated in Photoshop.) has, which mean SMOOTH lines! And also the resolution is bigger and BETTER.

The download comes as a .zip-file, containing:
- 1 PSD-file with all frames (arranged and ready for animating)
- 1 folder with all 13 frames as normal .JPG-files
- 1 folder with all 13 frames as transparent .PNG-files

And you can get it all for the ridiculously affordable sum of 300 points!

Don't have enough points? No worries, you can use Paypal! And you get 15% off!


The template consists of 13 frames, and it's recommended that you run it at 12 frames per second for it to look the most natural. It can also be run on 24 fps for a bit hyper pace.
This template is made to be suitable for both male and female dragons, though you are free to change it however you want to make it look more feminine or masculine, or smaller or bigger or fatter or thinner or- whatever you want! once you've bought it, it's yours to do whatever your heart desires :heart:


You can NOT use this for:
- Commissions
- Redistribution (don't sell it or give it to anyone for free, or make it available to people to download for free or for your own earnings)

Q: Can I use it as a base for a gift?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I use it as a base for requests?
A: Yep!

Q: Can I use the animation/still frames from the animation in my comic/series etc., and then sell the series/comic?
A: Yup!

(Just ask me how you want to use it, and I'll let you know if that's okay. Chances are it's okay ;) )

You don't have to give me credit, but I would be veryveryveeeery grateful if you did, so more people get to know about it! :heart: :heart:

Examples of how this template has been used;

Vidraeron (auction over) by Panimated Dead Dragon Walking by Panimated


Thank you for downloading! :la:

Other templates of mine are available here:

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whats the difference between buying and downloading? I'm curious if I can somehow do a walk cycle of my dragon, but have come up empty handed for her type of build. any suggestions?
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PanimatedProfessional Filmographer
In this case downloading doesn't do anything, it just opens the preview-image in another window :P 
Hmm, to figure out how your dragon would move, I would look at the personality of it and how you want to portray her. If you want her to look light-footed and energetic, look at ermines and cats for reference. If you want her to look strong and big, look at big deer, horses and such. Also there are many artist-renditions of dinosaurs that look really believable, and they are probably the most dragon-like animals to ref, right? =P If you go searching on youtube for long enough you're sure to find a walk you find interesting that fits your dragon perfectly :3
DawnblueDragon's avatar
you have no idea how hard it is. XD
been looking for quite a while since I cant draw a walk cycle on my own. but thank you for the advice (even though I'm unsure how to do them sadly)
If you could help me with more advice I'd appreciate it very much. I'm also not very smart as a artist.
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PanimatedProfessional Filmographer
haha, no problem! xD do you have any pictures of your dragon, and maybe just describe what she/he is like? Walk-cycles can be tricky but if you use good references and take your time to make it look good, it will definitely be worth it! Dragon is maybe a tricky place to start if you're just starting, so maybe try practicing some other animals which are easier to research first, like cats, dogs and horses?
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I was thinking  what you said about cats, and looking at a image I did of Djawn earlier. perhaps it would be best if you looked at it and give m a suggestion? its better for me to ask a professional like yourself than muck it up.  here is how she looks:…

I've been looking at some other animals but for some reason I just loose interest :/ but I am looking at cats as much as I can. however, I havnt been able to find a crocodile swim cycle, or any type of serpentine swim cycle to try reference from (trying to do find different motions for her, flying  walking, running, swimming. but walking first)
I have done a walk cycle befor with two characters, both having different ones as a practice. a human walk and a small rodent walk. heres a link if your curious to see it.…

would love to hear back scared.... "the 2nd" 
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PanimatedProfessional Filmographer
hehe, I'm not professional yet, but thanks for putting your trust in me! :D
hmm, your character looks like she'd be quite quick and light, so a cat would be a nice place to start. It might sound a bit weird, but I think maybe primates might be a good reference for a dragon of that physique. obviously they don't have that long tail and neck (or wings..!) , but their way their legs move actually reminds me of a long-limbed dragon. Look at this guy for example: . Baboon-walk is somewhere between a lion and a bear, and when they walk they take really graceful reaching strides, which I think would fit really well. the neck could move like a horse, and the tail maybe like a crocodile or an otter? I'm just throwing out ideas xD 
I've got a book with loads of frame-by-frame references for cats, dogs, baboons, horses, flying bats and birds, and even crocodiles! I could scan some pages and send some to you if you think that might be helpful :)
DawnblueDragon's avatar
it would be more than helpful. you'd be a life saver. is there anything I can do to repay you back for your advice and help?
I feel compelled to.
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PanimatedProfessional Filmographer
No problem at all, this is a good chance to write a book-review in my new blog! Besides, more people have been asking similar questions :)
You don't have to repay me at all! XD If you make any animations in the future you should let me know so I can see though! And if you use any of my tips  in anything you upload I would really appreciate it if you mentioned me in the description or something I guess :P You know.. advertisement and all :XD:

I'm making a blogpost where I "review" the book right now, where I'll be uploading some scans, so check my blog in the near future and look for a new post about "Tezuka School of Animation" =D

Hope that's helpful :meow:
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ScalyPrideHobbyist Digital Artist
that looks awesome walking animation
I look everywhere for this Walking Cycle becuz I am still trying to make my dragon walk
and also can U make a dragon Sits and gets up in front view becuz that is what i am trying to animate
check out my dragons too thx they are drawn on the Nintendo 3DS XL Colours 3D.

I just Love Dragons a lot really want them to come a life in my own imagination
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spyroandcynder3Hobbyist General Artist
I have no points or paypal D:
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PotatoLynxStudent Filmographer
Mein gott! This turned out great! I love all the subtle motions on the wings and the shoulders... and the legs are just so heavy-looking and sexxy @_@ hope people will buy it... b'cus... seriously... it IS ridiculously cheap. 
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PanimatedProfessional Filmographer
YUSS I totally wanted it to be sexy-heavy! AAWww yiSss. I hoep ppl will bai it 2, that wud make a happi in me ;_;
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AFrozenHeartProfessional General Artist
aww this is looking really great :D love how the body bounce when its walking :D
Panimated's avatar
PanimatedProfessional Filmographer
Thank you very much! I think I'm getting better at the bounce-part, yay
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AFrozenHeartProfessional General Artist
welcome :D yay then keep it up!:D
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LouisetheanimatorStudent Filmographer
Great work on this. ^^
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PanimatedProfessional Filmographer
Thanks :meow:
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PanimatedProfessional Filmographer
Thank you! 8D
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This is awesome XD
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PanimatedProfessional Filmographer
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Dragonluvr1Professional Traditional Artist
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PanimatedProfessional Filmographer
Thanks :)
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