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All Are Not Hunters - Page 67


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Oh boy
Joc, seriously, you already made your point.

Next page will be delayed by a week due to unforeseen circumstances. Sorry about this - I'll catch up soon enough though, don't worry!

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Haha, she'll get what she deserves, wait and see! ;)

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ok too far but damn, holy shit. Maybe deserved if she kept being racist.

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That's three times in a row she's "sucker-punched" someone (and once before she could even get up)... Not honorable at all.

I mean, I know Liv definitely insulted Joc, but to be fair, the whole time she's only been reacting defensively to Joc's aggressiveness. After all, Joc comes in, breaks their stuff, insults them (leading to Liv's first retaliating insult); then she insults their future leader, calls her own kind more suited to rule (leading to Liv's second insult in defense of Novo), and then blind-sides Liv three times because Liv said something mean to express that she's pissed off about being pushed around by Joc... 

I actually feel bad for the Liv character at this point...
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No, I disagree! Here goes another comic on hiatus.
Sad Woot Plz 
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It's not on hiatus, two pages were posted two hours ago. 

But even if it was you just have to be patient. 
ClaraCheetahWolf's avatar
Oh! Really!? YAS!!!!

She made 2! Must be why it took time...
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Its been well over. Week
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Life can get in the way of things sometimes, just be patient. It'll come. 
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And the Sabor's friends do nothing. They're nothing more than bystanders, no wonder she has no bounders

TheOddPack's avatar

Well, Joc IS the one at fault here, so they wouldn't really stand up for her.

TheHappyGamer's avatar

that may be so, however it doesn't excuse them from not acting

TheOddPack's avatar

In my opinion, they should act against Joc, and stop her from injuring anybody. Either way, I agree they should do something, rather than just making comments.

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I never get tired of reading and rereading this comic! Please, continue it, it's very good!
StormStrick's avatar
Okay the Sabertooth needs to be bitch slapped
RikaStormfeldthefox's avatar
I mean, if you're going to be rude and also use your claws on someone with a foul temper who has claws that are far bigger than kinda have to accept that you had it coming.
Wolfateacatagain's avatar
I don't side with either party but I can respect Joc for waiting for her to get up before attacking her
KittyBirdDrawz's avatar
That cheetah is adorable ;0
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I love the antagonist plot goig on here but that saber pisses me off so hard for being the bully lol
Oh well I love character development though, imagine if princeboi attacked her now though. That'd be rip
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And Joc escalates the situation once again.
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Jocundra: Joc, yes!
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