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Axis Jet fighter Highpoly

Highpoly model of the Axis Jet fighter
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Horten HO-229 upgraded?

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Wow that is good!
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Wow! This is truly awesome :) Love the detail and the lighting :)
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Damn, that is absolutely beautiful.
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Hey, can you please do its American, Northrop counterpart?
This is not too far from the monster that could have been during WWII.  Nice work!
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Quick Question Can It Fly Though Underwater
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love it, i've recently modelled a horton. Love the idea of this one tho - did your concept artist give you a concept for it, or was it basicly a one shot idea?
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This is beautiful, HO229 is a wonderful plane, but this advanced vers. you made takes the cake. ^^
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Respect to you, man! It's very epic models for wonderful game! 
Will you post the model of six-engined allied planes? (that we can see at the beginning of the game)
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As if the Horton wasn't already advanced enough.
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I just played through the game and I absolutely loved it (it is, however, a shame that I was playing a next-gen game on an Xbox 360). I admire how the game was not afraid to explore Nazi atrocities to the point of letting you experience them first-hand (i.e. the Holocaust, forced labour camps, human experimentation, and a blatant disregard for human rights in general). It really is refreshing to see a game that shows you exactly why the Nazi regime was evil and why you should be fighting them.

I really enjoyed the visual design to the game as well. Once you see a couple of Hortons buzzing by you, you are immediately aware that something, somewhere in world history has gone terribly wrong. I was also struck by the attention to detail and the amount of research that must have went into creating the game. 

The only real downside to the game: I was really looking forward to defeating mecha-Hitler again. >_>
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That's one over-pimped Horton :D
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Wasn't the original HO 229 mean as a bomber? Wasn't this supposed to have been the 'Amerika Bomber'? I saw a documentary about it once, but it's been awhile.
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No, the Horten229 was meant as a fighter/light bomber, fighter being first. 

It's true Horten wanted to make something giant, that could carry 1000Kg of bombs at speeds up to 1000Kph, which would have been devastating.
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In fact there was a bigger version that was designed to be a bomber
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Yup, there was a plan for it to be able to carry bombs.
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I had once planned to do some fan fic of the Fallout universe where the HO 229 still existed, deep deep down in some bunker protected from the bombs. But that was like just one part of it, like one quest in the game. It's sorta like the Flying Fortress at the bottom of Lake Mead in Fallout New Vegas...but this one is intact. I don't buy for a moment they could have put float bags on that thing and got it in one piece to the surface, let alone flying it again. We're talking a metal plane at the bottom of a lake for 250 years.
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