[CLOSED] Pangon Panorama Free MYO Event

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And the event has concluded, thank you to everyone who participated! ❤

FINAL UPDATE: There will be a 15 minute grace period to get any last-minute entries in, just in case of potential posting issues!
Please let us know if you are having trouble getting your art posted and we will discuss how to handle your submission.

UPDATE AGAIN 04/19/2020:
It has come to my attention that the countdown timer was incorrect! This has been corrected and there is about 3.5 hours left as of this update.

UPDATE 04/19/2020:
Just about 24 hours left as of this update! Please submit your designs to the folder before the deadline (countdown linked below)!
There will be a short grace period in case of submission issues, but once the folder is closed, no further entries will be accepted!

UPDATE 04/14/2020: The event has been extended! The final deadline has been changed from April 15, 2020 to April 19, 2020 to end after the weekend (in PST)!
The countdown timer can be found here, thank you all for the response so far! <3

Myo Banner by dracooties
My goodness, so many Pangons are appearing! An oddly powerful surge of memory is causing an absolute pandemonium of these curious creatures to manifest, creating a great bustle of activity for nearby Pangon settlements to accommodate their new friends.

Since I am more or less satisfied with the workings of the ARPG, it's time to kick off the opening of the :iconpangon-panorama: group with a MYO event! It's been a long behind-the-scenes road leading up to here, and I'm so excited to finally be able to release the species to everyone ;__; 

You can find the species's full information here if you'd like to read through before making a Pangon: pangons.weebly.com/

I have a discord server up and running for the species, and any questions and WIP feedback can be addressed through there! <3
:star: discordapp.com/invite/x5VWqxs :star:

However, if you are not interested in joining the server, your questions and WIP feedback can be answered through the Questions and Answers area!


Early Bird Claim Deadline: March 31, 2020 @ 11:59:59 PM PDT Early Bird claims are now closed.
Final Design Deadline: April 19, 2020 @ 11:59:59 PM PDT 


✦ Read through the Pangon Rules Page! By entering, you are agreeing to follow these rules.
✦ Be a member of the Pangon-Panorama species group (so that you can submit to the folder).
✦ One Pangon MYO per person. 
✦ Pangons made through this event are user-bound, and may not be transferred to another person at any point in the future. This will be noted on their masterlist entry.
✦ Entries must be submitted to the Grand Opening MYO Event folder. Please ensure that you have enough time to upload and submit to the group before the folder closes!
✦ Permission for using your completed design art for the masterlist is required! Your completed Pangon will be certed and uploaded to dracompendium with an assigned ID for proper tracking. 

Entry & Bonuses

✦ To enter the MYO event, you just need to advertise the event by making a new journal, poll, or a status post! This will make you eligible for a default Pangon with one Rank 0 Marking.
✦ All Pangons made through this event can have the :star: Two-Tone Eyes :star: trait applied to them! This is a promotional trait that will no longer be publicly available outside of special sales after this event, so don't miss out!
✧ While you do not have to use the Two-Tone Eyes trait for your MYO, if it is unused it will still be added to your Pangon's masterlist entry as a hidden trait that can resurface later when evolving!
✦ Please provide a link to your advertisement in the description of your design's deviation so that we can verify during approvals.
✧ However, if you make your advertisement post before the Early Bird deadline, you are allowed to add one Rank 1 Marking and an additional palette slot! If you'd rather have a second Rank 0 marking instead of the Rank 1, that's perfectly fine as well.
✧ To qualify for the Early Bird bonus, please comment below with a link to your entry, and I will reply to approve the bonus. Please link your comment thread on your deviation instead of just the advertisement link! 
✧ I will be commenting below to mark the cut-off period for this bonus, so please be mindful of accounting for time for the required comment! I will likely offer a few extra minutes just in case of potential delays, but nothing posted after the comment will be counted.
✧ You do not have to complete the design within the Early Bird deadline; just the advertisement makes you eligible for the bonus!
✧ You can earn a gradient add-on (one gradient color applied to one existing palette slot) if you refer anyone for the event, and they make a Pangon for themselves! Please have them put your username in their Deviation description to denote this, as well you as providing a link to their entry in your MYO deviation description so it can be verified quickly. 
Limit of one per person. More information on how to apply the gradient to a palette slot is located here.

Making a Pangon

✦ Once your advertisement post is made (and/or obtain any other applicable bonuses), you can go make your Pangon! Details on creating a default Pangon are posted on the Making a Pangon page on the weebly.
✦ You may make edits to your Pangon entry if you have obtained a bonus later on in the event, but please limit any mod-required changes (such as masterlist cert re-uploads) to once so things don't get backed up too much. 
✦ In addition to the general art for your Pangon, a palette must be included in the image to show palette slots. The following is an example of how this can be done, but any shapes are fine to use as long as they're clear in their purpose.
✧ I recommend using two smaller shapes to signify the eye and claw colors, to differentiate from the main palette slots. Feel free to display this differently (such as using different shapes, etc.) as long as there is a clear distinction!
[PP] Ost by dracooties
✦ Design art earns your Pangon XP! Please refer to here for calculation details.
✦ You may draw your Pangon traditionally, though the palette slots must still be shown. Please edit this onto your image digitally.

✦ Once your design is finalized and approved, you will be asked to use a template link (also located here) to create your cert image, so that your Pangon can be posted to the masterlist! Please be sure to read and follow the rules provided on the sta.sh link. This will help greatly in alleviating workflow, and is greatly appreciated! There is no official deadline to turn this in, but you won't be able to play the ARPG properly until an official masterlist entry exists for your Pangon.

✧ If you do not have software that can be used for editing your Pangon onto the cert, that's okay! Just let me know and I will cert them for you <3 Please note that I won't be taking specific requests to adjust the background color (I will only hue slide it slightly).


✦ Upon creation of your Pangon, you may claim Trinket #001 to put on your tracker to commemorate the event!
    [PP] Trinket #001: Grand Opening Sticker by dracompendium
✦ Once your Pangon is made official, you can get started with the ARPG! 
✦ You can get started on this month's Pan Panel, which can be found here: March/April Pan Panels 
✦ More information is available on the Pangon site, under the Gameplay tab!

✧ Thank you so much for participating, I'm excited to see how things..... pan out :]


Q: Why aren't there any questions here?
A: Nobody asked anything yet :[
Please feel free to ask about anything in the comments here or in the Pangon Discord
© 2020 - 2021 Pangon-Panorama
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Phanta-Manta's avatar
Uh I haven't made mine yet because my mental health was eating my insides. I know I was able to get a MYO slot though but uh..am I still able to make one? Without the event traits of course.
dracooties's avatar
Unfortunately, the event is closed and a MYO can no longer be made through this event (the advertisement doesn't make an official 'slot' to be used later). However, there will be a way to earn a free MYO through an upcoming Questline (which will soon be announced through the Changelog journal), in addition to official design sales and a MYO slot currently purchasable with in-game currency (Memoria Shop).

I hope things have since gotten better for you in regards to your mental health, though! T__T
Phanta-Manta's avatar
Aw, thanks! I'll keep an eye out for the event for sure. Thankfully I'm doing a bit better now. 
PolarCircus's avatar
hey do you mind I get a day extension?, I only ask as I fear I may wake up when its two hours left of the event, im asking as a just incase ^^"
dracooties's avatar
Just letting you know that the event has been extended until the 19th!
PolarCircus's avatar
hey can I get a phew hours extension? im rn sketching my myo and wanna ask you about simple markings that arnt on the marking sheet 
dracooties's avatar
Hello! Unfortunately I won't be providing a few hours of extension as there has already been a few days extra, but feel free to drop your questions regarding the markings whenever! o/
PolarCircus's avatar
I quickly did my myos colours, is this ok?  Myo by PandaBinn  
dracooties's avatar
Yes, it would! <3
PolarCircus's avatar
okie done, I don't have photoshop so I don't have the template thing  Myo, by PandaBinn  
dracooties's avatar
No problem! Please submit this to the folder and I will run the official approval process and go from there regarding getting this on the template for you <3

(main thing I'm seeing at the moment is that your palette diagram would need to be a slight adjustment to look like: 
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Hello! I have been considering an extension, though I'm unsure of implementing one at this time. However, there is well over 24 hours left in the event (38 hours at time of this comment), with the countdown located here.

There will be an update when an extension is made, though! <3
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Hmm... I'm not good with myos, assistance on design may he needed..., I've even read up on making one, and I still think I lack the skills
dracooties's avatar
While direct assistance with the design itself can't be provided, you may ask for WIP checks in the Questions and Answers area if needed! <3 
dracooties's avatar
General reminder that you do not need to comment here to confirm your MYO eligibility! You can directly link your ad journal/poll/status on your Deviation from this point forward as it is past the deadline for Early Bird bonuses. <3
dracooties's avatar
Hello! Just a reminder that you do not need to post here for general event eligibility now; you can just directly link your ad journal/poll/status on your Deviation <3

Thank you!
dracooties's avatar
Hello! Just a reminder that you do not need to post here for general event eligibility now; you can just directly link your ad journal/poll/status on your Deviation <3

Thank you!
dracooties's avatar
Entries for the Early Bird bonus is closed past this point!
wutshiii's avatar
so,you can only make a normal MYO Pangon now? without Bonus?
dracooties's avatar
Yep! MYOs without the bonus will still be allowed the Two-Tone Eyes trait, but just without the extra color + Rank 1 marking bonus. <:
wutshiii's avatar
alright thanks! ^^
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