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Toa Okoto - Bionicle 2015

As if the nostalgia for Bionicle couldn't get any bigger with the 2015 reboot, here's the remake of the original poster that swept us of our feet in the first place!  For those of you too young to remember the very beginning of Bionicle back in 2001, I'm talking about this:

A bit of a change from the MNOG style drawings those of you watching me are used to, this has been joyful (though no less time consuming) to create.  It's really nice to see Tahu, Pohatu, Kopaka, Lewa, Gali, and last but by far not least, Onua, all together in one picture.

I'd like to give a shout out to "Metru Nui Legacy" who has done some magnificent time lapse videos on YouTube of each of the new Masters based on their 2001 counterparts canister covers/posters.  They were truly inspiring and I learnt a lot from them which helped me make this piece in the same style.

So there we are! I hope you like it as much as I do.  There's a full sized copy you can download if you're interested.  Feel free to leave a comment. I love reading them!

May the Great Spirit, Mata Nui, Guide you in your journey
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have them all

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sorry about using your picture without permission. 
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Didn't realize you had. Thanks for letting me know. You now have my permission to use my picture (unless you're passing it off as your own or profiting from it, obviously)
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Bionicle Sentai Toaranger by yugimans

yo, did you give this person any permission to use your picture? he didn't give you any credit.
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I didn't but they apologized for it now. Thanks!
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that's a really Cool legacy for G1.
they are Awesome!
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I created my own Toa heroes!! Tell me what you think. Don't forget to put a comment on them! Click on >>…
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Six Heroes, One Destiny...
That slogan is still pretty awesome.
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Very good, my friend! Nostalgia is a Hell of a thing.
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What a great homage.
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Good job!

You know, now that I think about it, that held tilt Tahu has doesn't make sense for his character; and I mean that for the original G1 picture as well. XD
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I born in 2001, but i had, has i remember, 2 Bionicles when i was a kid <3

This is very cool!
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New wallpaper = FOUND. =D
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Glad you like!
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Awesome Toa Okoto, I think I like it.
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Glad you like it ;-)
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Good point about the background. Lewa's weapon is actually reflecting just really bright; I can't trim the weapon down without deleting some of the brick. I've changed the lighting on it a lot already, but that's as natural as it can look without becoming too distorted
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