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A Magnificent Frigatebird cuts through the sky as a clap of thunder sounds off from a nearby storm.
Miophasianus altus
M. altus, the type species of Miophasianus known from various leg and wing bones (a set of tibiotarsus, tarsometatarsus, and carpometacarpus) from the Miocene of eastern Europe. Miophasianus formerly contained four species, M. altus, M. desnoyersi, M. medius and M. maximus, but M. medius at least was reassigned to the genus Palaeoperdix and Miophasianus now only contains M. altus and M. desnoyersi. As far as I'm aware of, this is the first life restoration of this genus. Cheneval, 2000 and Marco, 2006 remarked that it was intermediate both in appearance and taxonomic affinity between the peafowl clade and the typical pheasants and partridges within Phasianidae, so this restoration follows those ideas with the proportions based off the skeletal elements. 
Daspletosaurus torosus
D. torosus based off the mounted skeleton at the Field Museum. I still think it's likely that there was some oral tissue covering the base of the teeth in the style of lips but I've depicted the face as being covered in large scales over the maxilla and the skin overall as being largely scaled except for some sparse filamentous structures and areas of naked skin. Given that Tyrannosaurus and other derived tyrannosaurids had feathered ancestors and were probably secondarily featherless, it might be possible that what appear to be scales in skin impressions are modified feather structures like the reticulae of bird feet. The blue in the skin and scales is the result of some speculative structural coloring. 


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