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This Old Farmhouse

This old farmhouse had seen better days.

Another photograph from my archive, circa July 2006, using my father's Minolta DiMage 7. The lot this abandoned farmhouse sat upon had been surveyed and marked for demolition and construction of some townhomes.

Shot not far from where I grew up in Prior Lake, Minnesota. It weirds me out thinking about how the school bus used to take me past this place when I was little and yet I hadn't ever noticed it, I got a few shots of it when I was much older and now it's gone.
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you lived in PL me too well still do
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i love old houses like this, their so creepy but yet beautiful too.
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I have a few photographs from inside and around the property. The place was absolutely a shambles but I wish I could have gone back and shot a whole bunch more frames. There were barns in various states of falling down, intact barns with weird junk strewn about inside them and lots of industrial refuse that just littered the lawn. It was at once both eerie and beautiful, mostly because you got to see what would happen if everybody just up and vanished one day.

I wonder about that, too. What happened to the people who built that house and lived there? Why was it as if they had just left one day?
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yeah, ive ran across a few houses like this. its odd. we have an old poorhouse/asylum out in the country falling in. the county owns it and wont do anything about it to clean it. but its very haunting place, like most abandoned places. great shot though.