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The missing party cannon

Before you ask, how did she hide a canon in a piece of paper? well, PINKIE PIE LOGIC.

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At the moment, she knew her flank would be sent to the Moon

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that was hilarious, i love this comic and the pun explosive news and then the cannon goes off. lol 1. never question logic around pinkie because she pinkie that's why. 2. how did no one else here that missing "surprize"? and 3. i love pinkies expressions how it from happy to confused to cant be caught to a child who took all the cookies from a cookie jar and is (horribly) making you think she had nothing to do with that nothing at all. last thing i love how you made the ponies look like they usually do, and you are awesome at making these pictures (and words) for this comic.
yay! 9.5/10 for me.
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Very Lovely art style it's just off show style, Mabey you should do celestia's eyes a lttle bigger, great detail adding spike and rainbow dash to the pile, I think you should lose the sparkle in celestia's mane also if pinkie pie was frowning a party Mabey there could be decorations, fluttershy looks worried if you put her eye brows a little higher she would look happier, amazing detail adding pony vill, cantorlot and all the other stuff in the the window, very orignal made me laugh, any way I hope you find this critique useful, good bye ps awesome comic
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Explosive news.

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Pinkie Pie: Uh, oh.
Spike: Pinkie, did you do what we think you did?
*Princess Celestia teleports in front of Pinkie.*
Princess Celestia: Yes, yes she did.
Pinkie Pie: Bye. *Runs away.*
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And then Princess Celestia starts laughing.
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That's nothing. I once read a story where Pinkie somehow managed to hide one in-between the pages of a book.
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This is Pinkie Pie we're talking about.
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IT's a wonder Pinkie never got into demolition as a career
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I love how there is a column of smoke coming from the tower.
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That was a very explosive letter.
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Paying attention to the word, "Explosive." xD
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I do think Celestia can laugh with it. I really hope we are going to see those confetti cannons again.
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this makes me wonder why the letters don't go through some sort of security check.
this is awesome art. 
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Well that's going the end of one character.
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pinkie-(thinking) good nopony saw that now who shall i pin this on
s sorry
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I think Pinkie will be fine. Princess Celestia has a lot more patience than any other pony! XD

Maybe Celestia will do the same thing with Pinkie since it was powerful enough to blast through the window! XD
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There was probably more than one confetti cannons in the letter........ who knows? :P
Frenchie-Sottises's avatar
Or maybe... a confetti BOMB.
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lol fun idea, I approve 
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I'm a little bit of an mlp fan, but this was funny! :D
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