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A nice place

One week late...I hate school

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Discord's using verbal contradictions here.

this reminded me of that crazy "MLP time loops" collab on FimFiction.

in that story, Twilight, in fact, everyone, are living in a "ground-hog day" style simulation, and this is one of the things that can happen if someone CRASHES the program!

for example, one time Twilight got impatient and used a chainsaw on that crystal chest ( from the tree of harmony)...

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uhm, probobly get something BESIDES WEED, to handle that bullshit
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She needs more than weed to handle those 
TessandraFae's avatar
I agreed with Discord the entire episode. I would have been quite content with this ending.
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hun, you're going to need like 200 pounds of weed for this! 
Midnite-Wolfe's avatar
NOOOOOOOO! I thought I burnt all of them!
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I was thinking if I was there in G3... Hmm...

(((IN MY MIND)))

Me: ........... Send me too discord!

*he send me in G3*

G3 Pony: Hey look! A human that we can play wi-

Me: *charge the machine gun* DIE UGLY PEACE OF TIREK'S S###!!! *shoots*

*10 years later*

Me: and thats how I exterminated all ponies from generation 3 :3

His son: what happened to the generation 4?

Me: Is still showing its alright :3

*In g4, my friend that hate so much mlp keep shooting at them*


*"Me" watches*

Me: oh crap ._.

(((The End)))

......maybe not o_o
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This fits the stereotype XD
fillenbillen1's avatar
G3 isnt that bad, I think its so bad that it is good XD
wickedlimes's avatar

(cool xD)
lightningwolfpup's avatar
G3 cool but NO WAY G3.5!!!!
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dispite the fact that i like g3/3.5 I almost wish they did this joke in the actual all honesty,i'm surprised there aren't other meme's/comics of this. :)
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How do you make the comics?
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And I may have butchered your username by accident. My Bad!
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Hey There! I just wanted to let you know that I did a comic dub of your comic; credit majorly given to you of course.…
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Sorrey for late reply but NOICE!!
HayLenRay's avatar
Thanks, Glad you like it!
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