Bottomless Barrel

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The terrifying dive into trust.
That barrel lost its bottom so much
Can't really stay put anymore,
And the tiniest featherweight stretches the seal
Out spills everything onto the floor.

You weren't supposed to touch me like that.
You were supposed to be my support...

But what is a barrel without rings? and stays?

How could she find words for "no"
When he was to be obeyed?

And yet, his action didn't take all that away.
Her DNA requires her to love you.
Survival depends on her forgiving you,
at least in appearance.
One sickly mistake doesn't null the contract.
Although she wishes it would.
Wipe the slate.
Wipe the memory clean.

Take her fouled soul and wash it clean.

Move on to a new barrel,
One without stain.
One with good sides
and tight

The years haven't taken the shame.
The distance hasn't dissolved the blame.
The fear, the filth, the shudder of revulsion
The nursery rhymes in the dirty child's head
no matter how old she gets

When the trust fell out of the bottom of the barrel...
because she couldn't say no
because she couldn't say stop it

because he stuck his hand below


he made her like it.
rough draft. working it out and working it up. might be disturbing to some. comments welcome--still crafting this one up and could use the input. :D
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