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The Dragon Guardians - #04 Mountain. (Female)

One of my first digital painting ever back in 2013/14.


I was so happy when I finished this piece !
It took me so long ._. (think it took me about 7 or 8 hours -.-') ... but it was worth it :3

Download it for FULL ViEW ;D

And of course: If you got any critiques, tipps or just want to comment:
This would make me very happy if you can do it below! Hope you guys like this Piece of work!

Can we go NAO Thanks to everyone for more than 5,000 views! Blushing with Heart(16.12.2014)
:faint: Update: Thanks to everyone for more than 10,000 views! :la: (May 2018)
  Heart I really appreciate it! Clapclap YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! :sad:

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Amazing piece!The dark coloring of the dragon against the light back ground is beautiful and detailing is very well done. The only thing i could critique is how the leg looks connected to the wing but for aesthetic, it still looks very well integrated into the creature itself. Very good job! The positioning of the Dragon makes them appear proud, as you should feel of this piece! I also want to point out the rays of shadowing coming from the wings gives a very impressive impact and correlates very well with your other shadowing. The grass on the rock could be detailed a tad bit more but I feel that may take away with the impressive detailing on the dragon itself. Once again, amazing job!
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Thank you so much for this great critique!
You got right with the leg. It Looks a bit "uncomfortable".
Iam very glad that you pay Attention to all the Details, especially the rays of shadowing from the wing :aww:
The grass on the rocks.. yes ^^; haha this was a brush i used when I start with digital painting :nuu: :XD:

Thank you!! :aww:
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Of course! It is such a beautiful piece! The grass really does look good haha, I'm still trying to find a brush to execute grass the way i want it tooSweating a little... I haven't posted any of my current digital art creations yet because i'm getting used to my tablet. I also want to add that your scale work is very beautiful.:happybounce:  
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It's difficult to create a brush which fits my expactations either  - I understand that Problem :XD:
For how Long have you been doing arts? Your space Dragon is very impressive! Tradtitional is so difficult, but you got a high skill Level :aww:
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 I have been practicing since I was extremely little, however I didn't start picking up the brush until about 4 years ago. I wish I had some of my new stuff posted but I gave most of them away as presents to friends and family! Though, I have 4 works in progress, I hope to get those completed and posted soon... however... they are giant. The painting i'm currently working on right now is 2 feet long and 3 1/2 feet wide Waaaah!. And thank you so much, that is a huge compliment coming from some one of your skill level, your entire gallery is completely beautiful and well done! :happybounce: 
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Oh this sounds great! ..great and huge! :wow:
My paintings are pretty small, since I haven't got the Patience to finish a huge canvas :XD:
I am really looking Forward to your paintings. It's just amazing how much time and effort you put into your works and the result is lovely :aww:
Good luck and fun with finishing your works :la:
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Patience is hard when art is already so time consuming! And thank you so much, I will be sure to show you when that painting is finally done! IN the mean time I will continue browsing your works I am a dummy! 
What program do you use for your digital art by the way? 
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Indeed :giggle: But it's always worth to be Patient and give art the time it Needs :aww:

Great to hear :la: Cannot wait for it<3 I am sure it will be amazing.

I am using photoshop. The other programs are so difficult to learn when you alrdy get used to another prog tho :XD:
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What a beautiful woman.
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Welcome. She looks strong.
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yeah definitly! I love strong looking dragons. I shall draw more of them :nuu:
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Surely. Dragons are strong, no matter of good or evil neither their gender.
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Indeed :aww: always very fascinating
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Wieder super schön geworden. Wäre echt was für meine Wand :D
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Vielen Dank freut mich :aww: ist aber ein Werk von 2013 xD
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This is gorgeous! Stupendous job! :D
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