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"With any commission that I complete I will put my best effort in and make sure to keep your character as close to your references/concept as possible (some commission types are more abstract and may need some leniency). I never use traced, even by me, or stolen artwork which means that every piece will be unique.

While will not set a deadline for your artwork, I will give you a lose deadline and update you regularly about your commission. I am currently at uni so I will be as swift as my schedule allows.

You need not worry about bothering me with your notes or comments, I'll answer your queries to the best of my ability with professionalism and ask that you do the same for me."

Types and Prices
$1 = 80 points

While I will attempt any subject matter, other than sex, my skills are strongest with animals and humanoids.

Prices may vary if you have a particularly hard or complex character but I will notify you before hand if this is the case.

My prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Simple Totem: $5
Extra characters: +$4
This will depict one character on a white background with refined pencil line work.

Totem: Rat by pandemoniumfire Totem: Deer by pandemoniumfire

Complex Totem: $6
Extra characters: +$5
A simple totem piece that has added elements to the piece or complex composition.

Totem: Order by pandemoniumfire Totem: Reach by pandemoniumfire Totem: Animals by pandemoniumfire

Lineless: $10 - 20
Simple: $10 (limited detail) | Extra Character: +$5
Complex: $20 (detailed) | Extra Character: +$10
Simple Background: +$5 |Complex Background: +$10 to $20
Totem-like piece digitally coloured and without lines and transparent background. They are very time consuming so they are expensive.

First example is a complex while the second is a simple lineless with complex background.
Totem: Reach Lineless by pandemoniumfire Fictional Biomes: Rainforest by pandemoniumfire

Energy: $10
Extra Character: +$5
Dynamic pose accompanied by energy arrows (min of 3) to accent the piece.

Energy: Flip by pandemoniumfire Energy: Summersault by pandemoniumfire Energy: Dive by pandemoniumfire Energy: Take Off by pandemoniumfire Energy: Prey by pandemoniumfire

Movement: $10
Extra Character: +$4 | Bird Swap: +$5
Dynamic silhouette pose in watercolour accompanied by a minimum of 5 birds. Extra birds will be added at now cost depending on need and you can swap the birds into another simple creature-type.

Birds: Point by pandemoniumfire Birds: Lead by pandemoniumfire

Swarm: $25
Extra species: +$10 | Extra character: +$5
Complex lined illustration refined with pencil or ink with a minimum of 30 small winged, simple creatures. Creatures must all be of the same type or you can add extra species (will give you an additional 10 to the creature total). Characters are an addition on this type. Simple colouring/background will be a bonus and should not be expected (because sometimes the colouring comes out crap)

Continuing On by pandemoniumfire Birds: Explosion by pandemoniumfire Bird Whirlwind by pandemoniumfire Birds: Direction by pandemoniumfire

Flight: $15
Extra Character: +$5 (with 5 poses) | Extra Pose per character: +$1
Sequential lined, illustration with a 5 poses of chosen character and concept. Simple colouring/background will be a bonus and should not be expected (because sometimes the colouring comes out crap)

Birds: Racing by pandemoniumfire Birds: Racing Dawn by pandemoniumfire Birds: Twister by pandemoniumfire Birds: Twister Coloured by pandemoniumfire Birds: Free Fall by pandemoniumfire

Normal Art: $2 - 15
Simple Background: +$5
Character done in a normal style of mine on transparent or blank background.

Rough Sketch: $2 | Extra Character: +$1
30DMC: 1. Harpy by pandemoniumfire Rat Sketches by pandemoniumfire 2012 RES Rat Dump by pandemoniumfire

Refined Sketch: $5 | Extra Character: +$2
ASH: Task 66 sketch by pandemoniumfire Rat Lines by pandemoniumfire Tiger Dragon Sketch by pandemoniumfire

Coloured: $15 | Extra Character: +$5
WoodSplitterLee Prize by pandemoniumfire AKitD God of Fire Design by pandemoniumfire Lucas Coloured by pandemoniumfire
Amelia by pandemoniumfire PDC 40: Ninetales Dimorphism by pandemoniumfire Lady Jill by pandemoniumfire Lady Allegro by pandemoniumfire Lady Jourdan by pandemoniumfire Lady Rosalinde by pandemoniumfire

CSS for Deviantart or Aywas
Coding: $5 to $10 | Layout: +$5 | Images/stock: +$5 to $10
The layout addition is if am not given a set layout (I will talk to you about what you would like to see) and if I have to use my own stock or images that will cost extra.

Aywas Profile 2 by pandemoniumfire - Live view
Aywas Profile by pandemoniumfire - Live view
Bird Paper Base by pandemoniumfire - Live view
Art Tools Profile by pandemoniumfire - Live view
Nightsky Profile by pandemoniumfire - Live view

Payment and Originals

Payment must be through Paypal or points. The point prices are high as they reflect the real money value. I'm not familar with offline payments so I won't offer that option.

If you're on Aywas, I'll also trade Aywas stuff (mainly GP and AD pets) for art.

Due to the fact I live in Australia, this may not be an option for most or may be extremely expensive for some. Please contact with if you would like the original.


I reserve the right to include the image in both my web and print portfolio.

You may print or post you image online as you choose with the exception of sites promoting exploitative, hateful, or discriminatory content.

Any reposting requires linking back to the original picture and full credits to me, as the artist.

You may not sell your rights to the image, or sell copies of the image, or claim credit as the artist.

I won't produce commissioned works of trademarked, canon characters.

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