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Happy Father's Day
I'll never tell you he was a monster
He was just a man
Who could fault him for that
He was never made to love
And he was never made to live long
Existing as an oppositional force
Pouring white salt on the wounds
And kicking dust in the eyes
Roaming late at night
And twisting in and out of memories
An apparition of a godlike figure
The man behind the curtain
Pulling levers to navigate childhood nightmares
Getting sucked under trains and leaving everything behind
Mothers, daughters, friends
Your absence is relief and pain in one breath
Happy Father's Day
:iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 5 13
There's a lot of pain being wrapped up in you
It stings deep and boils inside my chest
I remember you in those moments before sleep
Dreaming there would be better days
And that those days would be full of you
Yours eyes said you dreamed the same
even if your smoky words wouldn't admit it
That closeness we shared, nose to nose
Isn't an everyday sort of thing
I won't say I'm obsessed, distressed
over you
But I will say that I kinda loved you
And so I'll let you go
:iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 2 15
A Dream by Pandazilla A Dream :iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 0 4 Darwinism! by Pandazilla Darwinism! :iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 0 3
Purple and pink bows hanging on my lymph nodes
I try to blow my nose
And all that comes out are freshly ironed clothes
Hazy daisies singing out the maybe's
Listening to the couch sing hymns about Tracy
Yes I got a fast car
So get us out of here
You said you had a plan, but first you gotta
Deal with your old man.
You're drinking for two
And you've got nothing to lose
Nothing to prove
Shapes of my face show how long I'll live-ia
According to an old lady from Bolivia
Turn me around and take me down town
I'll teach you some more trivia
Just get me some more tea
:iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 3 5
We can twist in the sea
Salt and foam mixing in our fears
The sun licking off our tears
Just you and me
Sailing for hours forever
Building an empire of awkward glances
Some quiet romances
Or I could find you on the pier
Counting down the years
When you and I first met
In your arms
Warming my bones
This is my home
Memories as precious as a pearl
Your heartbeat the waves crashing
Give me a distance smile
Hand in mine and so many things to say
My brain giving way
I forget, fragments of moments I wanted gone
I'll weave them into a song
And if you put your ear to the shell
You can hear it
:iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 5 7
Shut Up by Pandazilla Shut Up :iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 0 3
The Squid
There was once this giant squid that lived in an old lady's aquarium for four years. He was dead inside because he had dreamed of becoming an actor at the age of 3. He was four then and felt like since he missed his chance, he'd never act again. He'd swim around and cry all day and night and eat snails straight from the garden because he had really long tentacles.
LISTEN TO THIS, after he ate a bunch of the snails, the old lady had had enough of the carnage since she was a vegetarian and only ate grass. She threw the squid out and told him to get a job by Monday or she wouldn't take him back. Well, what was he supposed to do? So he did the only thing a squid can do in a tight pickle. He ate her alive. That is just nature. He ate her whole, too, with no breaks. He had had enough also. The only thing he didn't eat were her shining pearls her grand-nephew had gotten her for her two-hundred and thirty-fourth birthday.  
The squid was a monster but he wasn't a monster. Eating some
:iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 5 15
Moon by Pandazilla Moon :iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 0 7 By the Lotus by Pandazilla By the Lotus :iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 3 16
I am golden starlight trapped under the skin
Hovering around the corners of your eyes
Seen the sun shimmering by and by
Clean inside
Twisting around your spine
I love the sound
Tinkling shining flying
Whispers and laughter
Swirling faster
Dusting the outsides
And sinking into
Deeper and darker
With visions of treasures
Hidden and curling like smoke
:iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 2 12
Heading toward Zion I saw a man
Scraggly and old
An apparition of strength
A ghost of his youth
He called me over to the side of the road
His breath smelled like honey and mold
Toothless grin, he said he had a cure
For dust covered lungs and fissured skulls
For hopeless dreams and hearts caked in doubt
I didn't believe the airy way he talked
Every word a whisper, and every syllable dark
But I listened because I was headed toward Zion
Toward home and toward promise
He gave me three wishes trapped in three goats
I had to lead them to pasture he said
So that they would grow
I took the task gladly, seeing as I was a shepherd
For his own flock
He was tired then and died then
I covered him in silk and put stones on his eyes
So that in case he did rise
He wouldn't see he wasn't there
I led the goats behind me
On back toward Zion
They could pasture there
And give me my three wishes
When they were ready of course
These things take time
:iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 4 5
My dearest bread
Thou art my life
Without thee a tear I shed
And I surely live in strife
Thou art the wind beneath mine wings
Thou art the reason the caged bird sings
Soft edges and brown crust
For thee is truly whom I lust
And wouldst the holy firmament crack
If it was thee I did lack?
Aye, forsooth!
It is thee that keeps me whole
It is thee that I lay in my boot!
Bread! Thou art sweetest in a roll!
My love for thee, finest bread
Will stay with me until I am dead
:iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 8 9
Dear Adventurer or To Skyrim with Love
Dear Adventurer,
If you are reading this then that means you are alive unless you are a ghost and I assume that you are not unlike me in the ways of adventuring and taking spoils for yourself. You have come upon me at a most indecent time. For I am dead, or I believe I am by the time anyone reaches me. If you can save me, though, that would be most helpful to me. There is a lot of blood.
Anyhow, I am writing this to warn you of the trials ahead in this horrible dungeon. I understand that there is something of great value at the end but the path there will not be an easy one. For I know this myself as I tried to reach the end myself but then decided against it and tried to turn back.
That was my undoing or is my undoing. I'm not dead yet. Or am I? Well, if I am indecent when you arrive, will you at least make me presentable? I don't mean touch up my war paint or anything but you could wipe my mouth of any blood or vomit? I would greatly appreciate such a notion of camaraderie.
This may
:iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 6 2
Detective Le Cactus: II
Detective Le Cactus: II
There was an eerie feeling to the abandoned factory as Le Cactus pulled up in the cruiser, followed by the Grape squad in their wagon that was being pulled by Spinach.  
Le Cactus looked over his sunglasses at the place, taking in the tulip-py aroma. "Let's do this…" he whispered to no one in particular unless there was a ghost in the car and then it was to the ghost but since ghosts are usually invisible I'll say to no one in particular.
With the cruiser parked, Le Cactus slowly made his way toward the factory, followed by the Grape squad with weapons drawn as well. Spinach stayed by the cruiser in case back up was needed he could call for help on his plant cellphone.
Scanning the area, there was nothing seen but instead heard. Le Cactus heard a cruel laugh erupt from inside. Motioning for the Grape squad to hold position, Le Cactus crept closer, pressing himself against the wall by the opening.
"That dumb broad! Haha! The look on her face was pr
:iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 1 5
Merry Christmas by Pandazilla Merry Christmas :iconpandazilla:Pandazilla 1 2

Random Favourites

Explosive-Vegetation by Chartreusse Explosive-Vegetation :iconchartreusse:Chartreusse 2 1
An Ode To The Important...
An Ode To The Important Little Flying Insect
You drifted in
Like a stranded warrior
Who’s sucked into
A thunderstorm.
In all
Of the ignorant pissed
And the blindly peeved,
I lifted a hand
And struck
Like lightning
That does not burn
But break,
And scatter
Your fragile body
Into the unknown
It rose from.
Yet in death,
You prove resilient,
Staining my newspaper
With your blood
On the word
If you’re going to be
All highlighter marker
On my sheet of a life,
Then let this ode,
Be the last paragraph in yours
You messenger martyr
Of smallest order.
Of utmost importance.
:iconevcfenix:evcfenix 1 30
Short story.
Ready to draw, gun at your side.
Ammunition left on the counter.
It was dawn, the sun was slowly coming up over the mountains drowning the cloud stricken sky with its dim light. I waited, heart pumping fear through my veins, I clenched the revolver's handle as it lay in it's holster by my side. There was a chilled breeze that made the hairs on the back of my neck stick up. Would I make it through this? I've never even handled a gun before, how did I even get into this mess...
I could feel a slight force coming from the ground, and I heard the sound of hooves trotting from the distance. I gulped. This was it, there's no running now. A brown horse came slowly down the old road, with a man clad on it's back. The man had a smug smile on his face as he dismounted his stead, and approached me. An elderly gentleman sitting at the porch of the local bar, unnoticed by me 'til now, raised his eyebrow and said: "Back to back, take six paces forward and, well you know what's after that."
:iconrasukai:Rasukai 1 11
Sunny by CrimsonInHumanBlood Sunny :iconcrimsoninhumanblood:CrimsonInHumanBlood 2 7 Feverus - Cornered by SeveruSeprentine Feverus - Cornered :iconseveruseprentine:SeveruSeprentine 64 45 Pandas and circles by littleraccoondemon Pandas and circles :iconlittleraccoondemon:littleraccoondemon 7 47 John Lennon vectors by choffman36 John Lennon vectors :iconchoffman36:choffman36 384 73
There’s nothing I can do
To help you see this through
Nothing I can say
Can help this go away
Nothing I can do
But keep on holding you
Nothing I can say
Can help you last the day
I’ve got nothing
I’ve got nothing
You picked me up the ground
Turned things right around
Brought me up so high
My fingers scraped the sky
So there’s nothing I can do
To help you see this through
Nothing I can say
Can help this go away
Nothing I can do
But keep on holding you
Nothing I can say
Can help you last the day
I’ve got nothing
Because I’m nothing
Without you.
:iconsirothello:Sirothello 3 7
Fatti Fat Fat Fatti by runeechan Fatti Fat Fat Fatti :iconruneechan:runeechan 1,139 644
The Battle of Day and Night
The stars delicately ornament the skies
Ushered on with angel sighs.
The moon reflected within thine eyes
Leads me into frigid paradise.
Icy fingers that have gripped my heart
And led me to a sacred ark
Where I shall be wed and never part
From the queen of night, arrayed in dark.
But lo, the queen of sacred day
Whose kisses chase the night away
And fury that keeps hell's hounds at bay
Has chosen me, with her, to stay.
No mortal man, could I remain
When goddesses would, their blood to stain
For hopes that my love they would gain,
But alas, my dear, tis all in vain.
Why be trapped in endless night?
Or lasting day, no rest in sight?
When I can love with all my might,
Thy tenderness, my love, my light.
:iconnatyismyhero:natyismyhero 4 23
Buried Alive
"Bury yourself"
She said to me
"Far from their
where they can't see.
Cover yourself,
head to toe.
If they can't find you,
how can they know?
"Bury yourself"
She told me again
"How can you say
who's really a friend?
We're all alone,
don't you know.
No need to fret,
to worry so.
You opened your heart
wore it on a string
And they played with it,
the fragile thing.
"Bury yourself"
She advised me to do
"They think they're much better
much wiser,
than you."
"Ah, do you know?
Know what I feel?
The tears I have tasted,
the pain that they deal?
No natural ties,
no sacred bonds,
to hold us together,
to carry us on.
But how can I give up?
What they mean to me.
With my old, jaded eyes,
they guide me to see."
"Bury yourself"
She continued to say
"They'll hurt you again,
in some other way.
Who knows if they know?
The pain, the tears,
the invisible blows."
But I can't give up, you see.
Because the breath
that they gave me
is too precious
not to breathe.
:iconsirothello:Sirothello 3 9
Beyond reach by ildi Beyond reach :iconildi:ildi 635 109 Severus and Remus sweet kiss by noesumeragi Severus and Remus sweet kiss :iconnoesumeragi:noesumeragi 83 31




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