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3DS Drawing 12 - Blue Squeakers by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 12 - Blue Squeakers :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 4 0 3DS Drawing 11/dA Request 10 - Chris and Tifa Hug by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 11/dA Request 10 - Chris and Tifa Hug :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 5 0 3DS Drawing 10 - Yoshi by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 10 - Yoshi :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 10 2 3DS Drawing 9 - 3D Kirby by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 9 - 3D Kirby :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 25 5 3DS Drawing 8 - Snow White as Amalthea by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 8 - Snow White as Amalthea :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 5 0 I got my driver's license yesterday!! by pandaserules97 I got my driver's license yesterday!! :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 2 10 3DS Drawing 7 - Tiana as Mettaton Ex by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 7 - Tiana as Mettaton Ex :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 7 0 3DS Drawing 6 - Frisk in Waterfall by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 6 - Frisk in Waterfall :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 7 3 3DS Drawing 5 - Cuphead and Mugman Cartoon Intros by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 5 - Cuphead and Mugman Cartoon Intros :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 5 0 3DS Drawing 4 - Paper Luigi by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 4 - Paper Luigi :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 9 2 3DS Drawing 3 - Jigglypuff's Lullaby by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 3 - Jigglypuff's Lullaby :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 9 3 3DS Drawing 2 - Cappy by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 2 - Cappy :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 11 0 3DS Drawing 1 - Kirby and Prince Fluff by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 1 - Kirby and Prince Fluff :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 41 0 2018 Pride Month, Day 11 - Michael by pandaserules97 2018 Pride Month, Day 11 - Michael :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 9 0
Cameron and Dakota's Backstory, Part 1
Even before I was born, my parents seemed to have confusion and a bit of doubt about me. How do I know this? Well, let's just say I had lots of talks with the two about this stuff. Through my ultrasound pictures, the doctors were having a hard time identifying my sex.
I didn't bother with trying to compare my pictures with boy and girl ultrasounds online, because they all look too similar in terms of bluriness...Anyways, the doctors used to say that usually, it's hard to tell the sex of the fetus until about 18 weeks (4.14 months) into the pregnancy.
I wasn't scanned until I was 22 weeks (5.06 months) old...the doctors still couldn't tell my sex. From there, they made 2 predictions: "we'll have to wait and see until they're born" and "this fetus might be a hermaphrodite". Ugh, that word..."hermaphrodite"...something about it sounds...wrong...
Mom and Dad went through some name searching for names that had both boy and girl meaning, just in case I was either, and their favorite choice w
:iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 0 6
Stanielle's Backstory, Part 1
When I was born, I was a boy, and my name was Stanley. Growing up, I mostly lived with females, and the only other male was my dad. There was my mom and my two older sisters, Sasha and Susan. Basically, the house was run by the ladies, which I didn't mind.
However, there was always one thing that didn't suit with me...having to be taught boy things by my dad. While he wasn't a total masculine jerk, he wasn't very fond of me hanging out with my mom and sisters more than him. Whenever they had to go shopping for clothes, me and Dad always went to separate stores. Our family's thing seemed to revolve around clothing, since Mom worked as a clothing designer, and Dad worked as a cashier at a local dry cleaning store.
It was always a rare opportunity to go with my mom and sisters, and I was always amazed with what I would find there. Whenever I asked to try on some of the dresses and jewelry, they all thought I was joking, and they always told me "but you're a boy, Stan". Since I was young,
:iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 0 0


EarthBound by Starman-Jr EarthBound :iconstarman-jr:Starman-Jr 32 2 SSB: The Worst Show on TV by The9Lord SSB: The Worst Show on TV :iconthe9lord:The9Lord 31 33 Mother May! Days 1-4 by Rickz0r Mother May! Days 1-4 :iconrickz0r:Rickz0r 189 4 PK StarStorming by Chapurin-Kororado PK StarStorming :iconchapurin-kororado:Chapurin-Kororado 16 5 Kirbysaur by YoshiHQDA Kirbysaur :iconyoshihqda:YoshiHQDA 20 25 crystal ref // timeline kittydog by kittydogcrystal crystal ref // timeline kittydog :iconkittydogcrystal:kittydogcrystal 1,248 186 This is a fun mini game by StrangeMakesArt This is a fun mini game :iconstrangemakesart:StrangeMakesArt 70 4 Workout Princesses by Shining-Tatsu Workout Princesses :iconshining-tatsu:Shining-Tatsu 167 32 Barbie - Island Princess by Persinette-Rose Barbie - Island Princess :iconpersinette-rose:Persinette-Rose 39 27 The Island Princess by LMColver The Island Princess :iconlmcolver:LMColver 235 52 Ice Cream by rianbowart Ice Cream :iconrianbowart:rianbowart 672 39 #drawthisinyourstyle 1 by nbekkaliev #drawthisinyourstyle 1 :iconnbekkaliev:nbekkaliev 178 6 Ninja Turtles Origin Story by ArtofTu Ninja Turtles Origin Story :iconartoftu:ArtofTu 159 9 Draw your OC [MEME] by Kwitchi Draw your OC [MEME] :iconkwitchi:Kwitchi 60 23 Sonic Couples by GothNebula Sonic Couples :icongothnebula:GothNebula 31 47 (SFM)Ness and Lucas by hassy521 (SFM)Ness and Lucas :iconhassy521:hassy521 4 5



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Ness and Lucas Drawing Process (BTD 10)
Hey, peeps! Got another drawing process post, this time with the two striped boys from the Mother series and Smash Bros franchise: Ness and Lucas! I've just gotten into EarthBound, but apart from AVGN, I haven't seen much gameplay of it yet, because I'm planning on playing it myself, I just need to either play it on the SNES Fun Pack or find a good emulator.

I had a lot of fun drawing these two, and I can't wait to post the final drawing! However, it'll be very different from my other 3DS posts...I won't say why, but it should be...eye-grabbing... ;)

Quick info on how I drew this:
1. I drew the bases on the middle layer with the pencil tool (I actually redrew it, since the first version was drawn without refs)
2. I drew the body parts with darker colors, along with the clothing
3. I switched to the top layer and traced over the pencil lines with the black pen tool
4. I erased the middle layer and fixed mistakes on the pen linework
5. I went to the bottom layer and added all the colors, including the blushing; I had to look at sprites from the Mother games and models from Smash Bros Brawl and Wii U to find the right colors for the boys. For the basic colors, I used the marker. For Lucas' hair highlights and shadows, I used a tampered pen. For the blush, I used an airbrush.
3DS Drawing 12 - Blue Squeakers
3DS Drawing info here

Hey, peeps! Back with more Kirby fanart again, because why not? This time, instead of simply Kirby, I chose specific characters, the Squeakers from "Kirby: Squeak Squad". In all honesty, this was my all-time favorite DS game from my childhood, but looking back, it's not the most complex Kirby game, considering it has simple gameplay and re-used assets from the GBA games. That's not to say the game is bad, but after playing and finishing "Team Clash Deluxe" a few weeks ago, "Squeak Squad" feels like a very easy game...except for when it came to finding all the treasure chests.

Anyways, enough about my experience with the game, time to discuss the drawing! Like I mentioned, this game is a childhood favorite of mine, and I played it a lot. For those who haven't played it, or seen any gameplay, do not let these cute little squishy mice balls fool you, especially the blue ones;these little butts throw bombs twice the size of their bodies, and they're a real pain in the ass!

...(ahem) Like the Yoshi drawing, this picture was taken back in October 19 last year, and I was attempting to replicate the style of the Squeak Squad artwork (main ref here). Granted, looking at the reference picture again, it makes my drawing look deflated, but hey, I did my best,

I honestly don't remember how I drew this, since it's been quite a while, but I'm assuming I did the same method I did when I drew Kirby and Prince Fluff, where I drew the lines on the top layer, with different blue markers, colored the base on the bottom layer, and used both the middle and bottom layers for shading.
3DS Drawing 11/dA Request 10 - Chris and Tifa Hug
3DS Drawing info here

Oh boy, a triple combo in one! A 3DS drawing, a crossover drawing, AND a Deviantart request! A lovely Deviant, by the name of, heroicsonnyjim, requested me to draw Chris Thorndyke and Tifa Lockart hugging, as if they were mother and son. I also posted my process yesterday (link here) on how I drew this; it was a very complicated process for several reasons, but I made it work in the end.

(No, I don't know jack squat about the main Sonic X story, aside from the fact that Sonic characters are in it, or the Final Fantasy franchise)

If anyone wants to make a request to me, feel free to, as long as it's not fetish-related, complicated to draw for me, or NSFW! Just know that it may take a while for me to complete it, since I'm also doing college searching.
Chris and Tifa Drawing Process (BTD 9)
This is actually my first time doing this, showing step-by-step on how I drew an upcoming picture. It's also my first time drawing in this method on the 3DS, since I usually just wing it. And yes, my recent 3DS drawings will be in this style.

The final picture will be out tomorrow, but for now, I wanted to demonstrate how I drew Chris Thorndyke and Tifa Lockhart, which was a request made by heroicsonnyjim. If anyone wants to request me something to draw, I'd greatly accept that, as long as it's not NSFW or fetish-related, but do know that it might take me a while to finish it, since I'm still applying for colleges at the moment. Anyways, I compiled all the pictures together and wrote down all the things I did, just in case.

1. First, I started off with the basic shapes of the bodies, with pencil tools on the middle layer, and I used a google pic for pose reference

2. Next, I drew in the curves of their bodies and facial features with darker colors to make it easier for me

3. Afterwards, I erased the lighter pencil marks so I can see the body shapes without the extra lines; I also redrew Chris' legs, because he didn't look like he was standing upright

4. Then, I used red, gray, and purple lines to distinguish the characters' hair, clothes, eye shapes, nose shapes, and other little details, erasing off extra lines afterwards; I looked for a lot of references of these two to know how they look so my drawing is easily identifiable. I added Tifa's other hand and fixed Chris' face a bit as well. You probably noticed a little star I added on the top; well, it's a little symbol I've been using, since September 2017, to represent non-romantic relationships.

5. Soon after, I went to the top layer and switched to the black pen, tracing over the pencil lines, adding and/or fixing any mistakes I made on the middle layer (for example, I made Chris' hair more spiky than wavy).

6. Once I was done, I cleared the middle layer, since I'll be using it again later, and fixed any line art I couldn't see with all the colors there.

7. Talk about trial and error here. I was trying to find the right color palettes, including the main shading color, and I only make up to 15 custom colors (don't get me started on Chris). Also, coloring in between the lines on my small 3DS was a hassle. I always had to double check to make sure there wasn't any blank spaces or any "leakage", which meant having to change the color of the background whenever necessary, but I made it work.

8. Finally, going back to the middle layer, I used a very dark purple marker at 50% opacity for most of the shading, and a bit of black for Tifa's hair, pants, and belt (the purple looked ugly on those parts). The way I shaded it is to be similar to the typical anime shading (basically, no soft edges, so no airbrush); it was easy for Chris, since that's the way he's shaded in Sonic X, but for Tifa, since the 2D art I could find of her had more complex shading, I had to improvise a bit. I also added Tifa's lip color on the bottom layer, since my dumbass forgot to do that, and I used some white for Tifa's highlights. On the same layer, I shaded their eyes and added the pupils and highlights. Fun Fact, I didn't work on the shading in a week, because I was busy with personal things...and I was getting lazy XD, but I finally got it done yesterday...even though I got it finished today (probably gotta fix the time again)...
3DS Drawing 10 - Yoshi
3DS Drawing info here

Hey, peeps! I'm here with another test drawing I did (from October 19); I wanted to draw Yoshi in the art style of Yoshi's Island, which meant having to outline and shade everything with the sparse pastel tool instead of the pen and spray can. I still used marker for the base so the color was still clear.

The reference I used is Yoshi Head by teh-yoshi, since the head was the best ref I could find of Yoshi without having to crop out the body.
Template by xXSweeneyLovettXx

1. Answer as your character.
2. The interview can be answered by any type of character (original, fan-made e.t.c).
3. Feel free to answer the optional questions below within the interview.

Hello, Jordan.

How are you doing?
Doin' fine.

Let's begin.

1. Who is your partner? Tell us a bit about them.

The love of my life is Catori, a Native American. Technically, my partner's female, but she's a Two-Spirit, meaning that she changes her gender from boy to girl, meaning that her girl name is her birth name, Catori, and her boy name is Kiche.

2. How did you meet, and how did you get together?

Funny thing, before I went off to college with my good friend Stanielle, she took me to a pride parade to get my spirits up. Being a trans boy in a conservative household, needless to say, made my joy and sanity nearly kill itself. Anyways, as we were there, I found a lot of pretty girls and feminine guys; I'm attracted to femininity, regardless of the gender.

As we were walking around with our trans flags, I noticed a small stage where a performer was doing an interpretive dancing with a rainbow flag that had feathers on it. Out of curiosity, we walked over to see the performance, and that lady was the best woman I've seen there, yet I was way
too nervous to talk to her. Stan tried to get me to talk to her, but I always ran off.

Fast forward to when we're a few weeks into college, I found that exact same lady in our library. I was looking for a book and I saw her right next to me, and I tried to turn away whenever she looked at me. She had the book I was looking for, so I mustered up the courage to talk to her and ask if I could borrow the book. She let me see it, and we eventually went from discussing the book to greeting each other. Later on, she kept coming over to our dorm, and with Stan and her friend Zayn, we all formed a friendship group.

3. What is your partner's best physical feature?

Now, the average person may talk trash about Catori's appearance, since she's a very big person; in my eyes, that's what makes her cuter, and it makes it fun poking her on the chubby areas to tease her, like her belly and nose.

4. Name one hobby or passion of theirs.

Like I said earlier, when I first saw Catori, she was doing an interpretive dance. She loves to dance and is really great at it, too. Catori says that she learned it from "pow wows", which is a Native American festival that usually happens in the fall, if I remember correctly. From watching different dancers, she was able to imitate, and create, the dance moves, giving it her own feel.

5. Name one thing you like about their personality.

She's very open-minded and often does her best to find an alternative to a bad situation.

6. Name one thing you dislike about their personality.

She does tend to occasionally get a bit cocky over certain things, especially when she tries to prove someone wrong. Funny for me to say, since I, myself, am a bit arrogant when it comes to winning everything, but it's less expected to come out of Catori.

7. What is something you absolutely love about them?

Being a genderqueer person, she understands my struggles whenever I talk about my sad stories that involve misgendering, dysphoria, suicidal thoughts, etc. Basically, she's one of the people I often talk with to discuss my problems, and she's a really good listener.

8. What is something you absolutely cannot stand about them?

Whenever I'm acting out of hand, or just plain pissed off, she does tend to get mad as well, but usually at me. Why? Well, since I'm a "young adult", she tries to tell me to "calm the hell down" and "act mature". In fact, those are the same things my parents, and even Stanielle, say to me whenever I'm particularly pissed at something. When this happens, it makes me feel like I'm the one who did something wrong, even if it clearly wasn't.

9. Is your partner the romantic type? Do you want them to be?

Most of the time, yes. Whenever she's with me, she often finds funny ways to flirt with me, and I can't help but smile at her antics. Occasionally, she does tend to take the flirting to a sexual level, and this is often when we're alone in my room; it catches me by surprise at first, but I then fall into the trap. And no, we don't do any hardcore stuff in bed.

10. What makes them special to you personally?

Hmm, this is a hard one, especially since I already stated almost all the things I love about'd have to say...her heritage. I don't mean it in a "ooh, I'm dating a non-white person, diversity!" I actually mean that, since the history of Native Americans, when you look past the books and movies, isn't very well known, yet very unique. Whenever I ask her about certain topics, Catori seems to have an answer about her people's history, why people continue to believe stereotypes, and her own stories of growing up and how it must have been completely different back then. Something sad, in my opinion, is that many of the people who were born here, including myself, doesn't know much about their family history, especially if one is white, like myself. However, families like Catori's seem to keep track and tells a story from beginning to end, giving old ideas with new twists. In all, Catori is encyclopedia with human emotions. 

11. How much do you think your partner loves you?

She's there for me, she listens to me, and she's supports me whenever I want to make myself a better person or when I'm down in the dumps. If that doesn't indicate how much she loves me, I don't know what does. Oh, and not to brag, but I caught her staring at my bod countless times.

12. Do you want to be with them for the rest of your life? Do you think you will be?

Of course! She's the only person who I not only love, but she also loves me back. In the past, if I even looked at a girl with some sort of awe, I was always called a "dyke" by jackasses around me; add the fact that there were never any feminine boys around me growing up, so I didn't even know that it wasn't just girls I liked. And sure, the both of us may still have some problems to go through, not just relationship-wise but also domestic-wise, we'll stick work together to make it work and run through the storm to reach the sun.

Thank for taking this interview, Jordan.
No prob, laters.
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