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Ms Paint Mari the Cutie by pandaserules97 Ms Paint Mari the Cutie :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 3 0 3DS Drawing 53 - Closet Life Mario Cosplay 2 by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 53 - Closet Life Mario Cosplay 2 :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 10 0
When Evil Conquers YT - Chapter 8
Dark, Anti, and their little companions were teleported to a dark street. The sky was dark with no stars or moon visible, the street had debris and cracks all over it, and several of the street lights were flickering. In front of them was a large chain link fence that had two nasty garbage dumps in them. Behind them was an old looking apartment, a large river, a humongous bridge in the back, and Big Ben. From this, they could tell that they’ve been teleported into England.
Timbur: “ what?”
Dark: “First, let me move a bit. The light here’s bothering me.”
Dark wasn’t feeling 100% right, his body kept spazzing and momentarily changing appearance, even glowing red and blue, so he went into a dark corner beside the apartment to calm his mind. Anti and his eyeball companion couldn’t help but snicker.
Dark: “Dafuq are you laughin’ at, dipshit?”
Anti: “Ah, nothin’. It’s
:iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 2 0
When Evil Conquers YT - Chapter 7
Reporter Woman: “Breaking News! Four gaming YouTubers across the globe have been simultaneously taken to their hospitals for a strange symptom. Reports from the YouTubers state that they have been attacked by a ‘black slime’ that came and attacked them, causing them to momentarily turn into ‘evil versions of themselves’ and puking out the substance later and passing out. Also, from recent medical reports, the YouTubers seem to be in average health, except for one concerning thing…half of their hearts, according to x-rays, are missing, yet they’re still functioning like normal.”
A man living in the States was watching the new on his laptop. He was in his mid 30s, had curly dark brown hair and baggy brown eyes, and wore casual clothing. Also, he had a very strong French accent. He quickly shut the laptop off and shuddered at the thought of what he read and saw…
Man: “...This is could this have happened
:iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 0 0
3DS Drawing 52 - Closet Life Mario Cosplay 1 by pandaserules97 3DS Drawing 52 - Closet Life Mario Cosplay 1 :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 11 0
MMC Halloween Fanfic - Chapter 5
October 2
As Lizzy was cooking breakfast, Mari kept laughing at people screaming from FNAF jumpscares while Katie looked worried.
“Alright, breakfast is ready.” Today’s breakfast was...pancakes! In the shape of a jack-o-lantern!
“Ooh, something new!” Mari said with joy.
“Yeah, I got tired of making eggs.”
“Hey, Lizzy! Did you check out any of the costumes?”
“Yes, I did,” Lizzy turned to Mari, “And I actually have a lot to talk about.”
“Did you see Link?” Mari asked, blushing with a big dumb smile on her face.
Lizzy pinched her nose in frustration, a small blush on her face.
“Yes, I did...He was kinda hot...ok, are you happy now?”
“Yep! Can’t wait to see the costumes you’re getting us!”
“I’ll be sure to tell you about them after school today, once I get a chance to open my laptop again.”
Mari ate her food very quickly while Katie didn
:iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 2 0
#EvilYouTuberSquad: GIF Version by pandaserules97 #EvilYouTuberSquad: GIF Version :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 12 0 #EvilYouTuberSquad by pandaserules97 #EvilYouTuberSquad :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 13 2 Closet Life - Prince Leo of Sarasaland by pandaserules97 Closet Life - Prince Leo of Sarasaland :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 7 0
MMC Halloween Fanfic - Chapter 4
(Smol time skip)
After several minutes of arguing that Link was NOT Zelda, and that ZELDA was actually a PRINCESS, the sisters finally got to discussing about what they’re each gonna wear.
“Katie, what are you thinking about dressing up as?” Mari asked excitedly.
“I wanna be Princess Peach!! The only other option I can think of is Kirby…”
“Why? Cuz he’s pink and so kawaii like you?” Mari giggled as she poked her sister’s cheek.
“Ehh, stop it…”
“What about you, Mari?” Lizzy asked, eating a donut.
“ far, I don’t have a lot of ideas...maybe Zelda or something,! I wanna be Zelda this Halloween!”
“Just because Mr. Kaiser’s gonna be Link?”
“Pfft, no!!...yes...but think about it, I’ll look cute as a princess, won’t I?”
“Is there anyone you wanna dress up as this year, Lizzy?” a
:iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 1 0
Mature content
When Evil Conquers YT - Chapter 6 :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 1 0
I'm in control now... by pandaserules97 I'm in control now... :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 3 1
Mature content
When Evil Conquers YT - Chapter 5 :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 2 3
MMC Halloween Fanfic - Chapter 3
(time skip to end of the day)
Lizzy drove up to Mari’s school, and she was so excited to tell her big sister the news.
“Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy!!” Mari looked over and saw Katie, too, full of joy and dashing towards the car.
Once they both got in, the two started screaming and rambling as Lizzy sat there...until…
“Both of you, shut up! I can’t hear any of you when you’re both talking!!”
“...sorry”, they both replied.
“Good,” Lizzy sighed, “Now then, Mari. You go first.”
As Lizzy put the car back to drive, Mari told the sisters everything since she walked in: the decorations put up by the clubs, the cosplay week, and most importantly, the debate on who Levi would dress up as, and what his phrase meant.
“A Hero Chosen by the Gods?” Katie asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah…” Finally in an area with better signal, Mari quickly turned on her phone and googled the phrase.
:iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 1 0
MMC Halloween Fanfic - Chapter 2
(time skip to algebra class)
Mari is sitting down in her classroom, and just before the teacher begins the lesson…
“Attention students! This is a big announcement! As all of you have noticed, the entire building interior has been decorated with Halloween decor, thanks to our amazing clubs! The reason we’re doing this is for a big event! The week of Halloween will be our ‘spooktacular’ week of...drum roll please...costumes! Yes, the week before Halloween will be your time to dress up as anything you long as it’s appropriate and doesn’t disobey school dress code. And teachers, feel free to dress up, too!”
Mari thought to herself, “OMG, we get to dress up?! Yay!! I can wear something that’ll knock the socks off of Levi, most likely get him to finally love me! But I still don’t know what to dress up as...maybe if I can figure out what Levi will dress up as, I can match him!”
“Hey, teach, what are
:iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 1 0
Mature content
When Evil Conquers YT - Chapter 4 :iconpandaserules97:pandaserules97 3 0



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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hey, peeps! I've been thinking about this for a while...I'm thinking of starting commissions. Obviously, I would need to think of a plan for what type of art I'll be doing, the prices of everything, how I'll be paid for it, the types of programs I may or may not use, how long a project will take, how much time I'll be able to work on them with my even crazier schedule, etc. If I am to start doing commissions, it'll most likely be next year in 2019. If I do start commissions, I will definitely have finished all my art requests so I don't have those sitting on the shelves. And now, I ask you peeps...should I start doing commissions? If so, please let me know! If you peeps want me to do commissions, I'll definitely be sure to have all my requests done so my notes box is completely clean. If not, I'll simply re-open requests when I get the chance.
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Ms Paint Mari the Cutie
Well, it's been quite a while since I made fan art like this, but I'm back at it again with that good ol' Microsoft paint, mah peeps! In case any new peeps don't know what I'm talking about, last year I made two fan art pics of Jacksepticeye and Markiplier, using only basic shapes and lines on MS Paint, imitating my usual chibi art style. At the end of September this year...I did it with Kawaii-desu-nya, aka Mari the Cutie on YouTube.

Quick info: Like I said, I made this in late September, using the colors from my 3DS drawing of Mari and her sisters and put it up on Mari's discord. Then, some time passes, and she put it up at the end of her first episode of Season 2's Mari Mari Cutie. Well, I'm posting it again (with a watermark), only now on Deviantart, because I wanted to cheer her up. Basically, she's not going through the best of times right now, and I wanted to do my best to make her feel better, finding any time I can this week to upload any fan art I finished, along with stories and possible fanimations. Mari, I hope this helps, and I'm very sorry about the struggle you're going through!


Ailani Batrony
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey, peeps! Welcome to my page!

I'm 19, female, a Hispanic-American, a piece of trash, hence the "trashy hispanic artist" subtitle that somehow keeps disappearing, and I love to draw.

Often, I draw things traditionally on paper, though I do sometimes draw on digital programs like Photoshop, FireAlpaca, and Disney Art Academy for the 3DS.

The things I draw tend to vary from YouTuber fanart to video game fanart, from original characters to LGBT-related art, etc. I also like to occasionally write stories.

Art requests are closed, but I'll be working on the ones that were already given to me. I might do art trades or art collabs in the future, but I'll need more time for that.

Attitude Stamp by jenepooh Hoops n' Yoyo -STAMP- by CranberryNoodles .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot I'm more anti-social than I seem. by World-Hero21 Opinionated by alaska-is-a-husky Biromantic Pride Stamp by lovemystarfire Updated VenturianTale Stamp by CrystheWaterNinja I Support Jacksepticeye ~ Stamp by RMS-OLYMPIC - Stamp: PrettyGrumpyBear. - by ChicaTH Markiplier Stamp by DestinysGrace ya by Sweetie-Pinkie LGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Gay and Straight Pride by Mintaka-TK Stay strong (stamp) by MarioSonicPeace


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