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Because dark and light coexist

By PandaSennin
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Nothing more and nothing less. Where there's some good there will be some bad and vice versa. The good might be little or the bad might be big but there will always be a opposite to that. At least in my opinion
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DanTEHMan2001 Traditional Artist
I tend to stick with the good side of a fandom and avoid the bad side.
Too bad people think their fandoms are perfect.

NEWS FLASH! They aren't
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the problem is keeping the bad part low
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Rylade475Hobbyist General Artist
Oh boy, one fandom that needs to understand this is the JoJo fandom. They think all their fans are good, when really a lot of their fans are becoming just as annoying by denouncing other anime or people that don't include JoJo in anime lists. Plus, must everything be made into a JoJo reference?! Look at the comments in Killer Queen or Another One Bites the Dust--instead of seeing comments like "Love this song!" you see JoJo references because the song's name is also the Stand's name. They also gotta understand that not everyone likes JoJo. I'm admittedly not a fan of JoJo. I think it's a good show, but I just don't care about it at all (plus, I think the artstyle is ugly as hell)--and the fandom really keeps me away from this show. I know it's stupid to blame a fandom for that, but in this case they always treat it like it's the Second Coming of Christ, and I'm just sitting here thinking it's not that special. It's also hard to tell whether the majority of the fans actually like JoJo or if it's out of irony. I don't care if it's influential or that it's over 30 years old, those aren't gonna make me like it as much as the fandom does.
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No fandom is perfect.

People are gonna prevent a kid's franchise from spawning a separate franchise for older audiences by whining about what the fans does.
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EmilyIsRandomHobbyist Artist
yeah,in my opinion,undertale is AWESOME.The thing that ruins it is all the cancerous fans who break the awesomeness due to making friggin fetish art with the characters.
But i still loaf undertale :3
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That's true.
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this goes to the undertale haters who hates undertale because of the fandom not the game
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ICreepinYouOutHobbyist General Artist
amen brother ben
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Yes! Exactly, even I admit it; my fandom has bad fans as well! Why not face the truth instead of denying it and making it worse?
Yes, Harry Potter has bad fans, as I might have kept saying in my comments! Don't get me wrong, I love Harry Potter very much and it's my favorite book series, but I don't like the rabid fans. Why do people deny this, I don't understand, because it makes us just as worse if we lie about it.
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XexeonHobbyist Digital Artist
so true
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Clap YES! 
The bad part on my favorite show (RC9GN) is the disgusting jokes that Howard makes (i do not hate Howard,i'm only neutral)
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BobClampettFan164Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so true.
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BrollixHobbyist General Artist
In the Milky Chance fandom (that is a band) someone made a fanfic about raping the lead singer and the back ground vocalist...
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BrollixHobbyist General Artist
So yeah every fandom is evil.
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NinjaWoodpeckers91Hobbyist Digital Artist
No matter what fandom your are on whether you're on Marvel, DC, MLP, Angry Birds, Sonic, Ben 10, Transformers, Pokemon, Super Mario Bros, Disney, or TMNT. They're always have fanbrats and annoying jerks in that fandoms.
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Yep they do 
No fandom is better than another
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OctobooHobbyist General Artist
In all fandoms is bad and good...
But mostly is the good stuff unseen and everyone thinks there is only bad stuff. .-.
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Exactly. It's just a shame that the bad side shows itself more prominently in some fandoms.
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True like for example...

Examples of Fandoms that there is good and bad
my little pony
five nights at freddy's
mario bros
teenage mutant ninja turtles

and so on...There is always that good side in the fandom or franchise then there is always a very bad and ugly side 
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Just-Call-Me-JProfessional General Artist
The good, the bad, and the target demographic.
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Clap Very true.+fav 
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NekozRuleMeHobbyist Digital Artist
I hear a lot of comments across the net saying "X has the worst fanbase because [trait of minority in fanbase that exists in every other fanbase everywhere]." I don't believe in the worst fanbase; pretty much every one of them have loose bolts, from the nostalgia-blinded whiners to the rule-34 abusers to the force-it-on-everyone-else crowd. And every one of them also have the rational fans who are part of a fanbase just because they have an interest and like to find others who share it.
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True, but in some cases it has to be kept in check, one wouldn't want the bad side to be more visible, right?
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