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Afternoon Stroll: Elias and Chise

Oh man, I can't get over how much I love the Manga "Mahou Tsukai no Yome" (aka The Ancient Magus' Bride).
Elias is adorable and mysterious, and Chise is endearing and a very interesting character. It's such a relaxing and mature read. I HIGHLY recommend you check it out for yourself either online or buying the official translated volumes (there are 2 currently out).
I seriously reread it almost every other month and fall in love with it all over again.

Did some experimenting with the background and painted flowers and such. I was quite fun :) I've also always loved the stone fences found everywhere in Great Britain and Ireland.
Elias and Chise belong to Yamazaki Kore
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I love these two so much. :>

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Really love the colours.

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They're so kawaii when it draws like that esp Elias
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this is so beautiful!! 
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Not familiar with this, but this makes me want to explore the series.
Pandas-R-Us's avatar
You definitely should, it's VERY good :)
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Mahou Tsukai no Yome, or The Ancient Magus' Bride
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Hehe, I like when Elias is drawn like this, he looks like a horse.   Nice art!
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I'm absolutely in love with this beautiful chibi!! You did tons of details here and the piece is absolutely lovely and brings lot of happiness!!
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I absolutely LOVE these two! Added to my OTP list!
Pandas-R-Us's avatar
They are loveable, these two. Can't wait to see how they both will grow as people, and how their relationship will develop :D
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Same! Gah, when will there be another update for the manga?! I NEED it so much!!!
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Chapter 35 came out in Japan on Jan. 5th. The scanlator group Maigo ( is currently working on getting it out. It takes time :)
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Oh that's good, aside from the wait. Then again that just builds up the anticipation/suspense, right?

After all, patience is a virtue...but also the curse of youth. lol
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I feel like this nicely captures the essence of Mahou Tsukai no Yome in this image, a colorful fairy tale adventure. I love it.
Also are you excited for the 3 part ova to come out? I sure am.
Pandas-R-Us's avatar
Thanks :)
And yes, I am looking forward to seeing the OVAs. I just hope they capture the tone and the characters, and with the manga's mangaka as their writer, I have high hopes :) Hopefully subs/dubs will be available soon.
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Love the background with all its details and how cute the Chibis of them are! Well done! :D
Pandas-R-Us's avatar
Thank you. It was really fun working and experimenting with the background.
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I love this cute fanart of the both~ your way to capture Elias and Chise is really great! Uhhh, I can´t wait for the next book!! (>v<) <3
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Thanks! The anticipation of waiting for updates kills me TnT
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