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FF11 Taru plush commission

This is a commission for :iconmajeev:
(Thank you sooo much for your patience btw~! :hug: )

It's a Taru from Final Fantasy XI 11.. however you want to do it.

She stands a total of 25 inches tall!
Click here for size comparison [link]

Hat stand alone shot here [link]

She's made out of flannel, moleskin, a nice thick cotton/rayon blend, wire, gold woven trim, gold bias tape, gold decorative trim, gold embossing foil, Jewelry stuff etc..

She took approx 3 months to complete!
Most definitely my biggest and most complicated plush yet.

The hat and Jacket are removable, also the belt but it should only be removed for washing as the jewelry is kind of fragile for washing.

I'm most proud of the hat though :) It's hand painted and will actually fit my head :o So that should be fun for them!

Body of the plush was altered from :iconbabylondonstar:'s chibi pattern.

If you are interested in commissioning a plush like this or any other custom plush, please check out my FAQ [link] first and feel free to note me. Due to the nature of custom plush, I do not discuss pricing etc in comments. Thank you very much!
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Wrote something on my blog about your plushie. =)


Again, thanks for the great plushie. It's definitely a plushie with intrinsic value to me than just another toy :D ^^
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Wow~! 25 inches is a large plush. You can see the effort and it pays off!! I love all the golden details <333 Your best plushie yet =D

As for the hat, I can imagine that it would be so much fun to wear >w<
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25 inches... isn't that almost real-size for a Taru?

Crazy attention to detail, by the way. :o
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I thought so? I don't play but I kept joking with my husband that it's life sized :XD:
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Very beautiful! I love all the detail that went into this. :giggle:
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Thank you very much! :heart:
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