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This is my first "formal" Critique on the Deviantart, no matter what I am a user for many years, but it has to be done, how I feel. The...

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Person notes (16.01.2018):

When I am about to say myself that I've got no time or not enough time, I must remember that's a bunch of BS. I've got as many hours in the day that had Thomas Jefferson and Leonardo da Vinci. Telling that I've got not enough time in fact closely to the statement that you're a lazy arsehole, and in fact, currently I am one.
Nay, lads, I haven't brought any debts to ya. Aye, I'll get it done. Pardon me for being an arsenal to you.
Okay, here goes my First Status Update. Before I'll flop under my Dream Catcher (hope that thing works) I'm eager sharing my silly thoughts to ya' folks, be warned. Ye' see, I've been thinking for years about making a comic in David Hopkins' style, a grim, dark, even gory story. I've made couple of strips in 2016 though they're still catching dust on my desk. I was thinking to leave it black and white (or gray and white) since I'm "working" with pencil and paper and black ink pens and after colour it with soft-tip pens, though that require many time and results varies. So, next few days I want to start to upload uncoloured pages... well, mostly.
Mr. Bloom
Usually it takes for me take a lot of time to make an artwork, lads and lassies, but this time I think I didn't had enough patience. Should I consider this as sketch, or finished work... or just "call it new technique" BA DUM TSS
Dunwall's Finest

....the City Watch were marching through the dark street under sharp command of their officer with their swords drawn. He saw them with from above and the Heart whispered him all their thoughts and secrets. 
The lower guard private had nothing in this world except his old shoddy uniform. But he was glad to take the streets rather than dying in a prison cell. Sometimes they paid him with coins. Sometimes with bottle.

The sergeant has lost his family during the flood. He is not fast but his sword took many lives. He do not think of the orders he obeying are right or not. They are still orders. Not many dare to confront the Watch.

The officer is proud, brave and disciplined - a dangerous combination. She is a daughter of rich and powerful family. The plague took them all. It's just her now. Only two merits stand between her and another medal. She hopes to earn them today. She coughed with blood twice today. She told to no one.

The Heart told him everything. As the guards passed by below he put away the Heart and pulled his sword and pistol...


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Egor Mikhailovich
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Egor Mikhailovich (Егор Михалыч)

G'day lads, i'm an religious zealot with his own head on the shoulders and one of the milliards of Christians, much obliged to meet you.
Beg your pardon for my English. Even i study it, i probably, will never understood him without a dictionary.

I am standing here and pray to my God and wonder will it be hypocrite before him. A Faith? An Honor? The Justice? Questions, questions...

Long Live The Liberty! Long Live The Fraternity! Long Live Thy Equality!


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President Donald J. Trump JUST SIGNED OFF on Opening the biggest Javelin missile, Weapons Cache in the world to the Ukrainian Military Industrial Complex War effort! (Ala- The United States of America Military Industrial Complex!) {Through the department of Defence})!!!

And the Salt-mine in Moskva is real....

I cnnot believe the level of LITERAL Communist/Liberal-Globalist Tears flooding the Halls of the Kremlin and huilo's office due to the fact that Ukraine IS (FINALLLYYYY) getting the MASSIVE military Help from the land of the Free and Brave, It IS (NOW) gonna get!


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