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Splatoon X Luigi


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This was originally going to be my Halloween illustration, but since I came up with the idea of doing one at the last minute and this one took some time, I didn't make it. Also, I decided to make some presentation changes. So I'll just sneak this in here now. Shhh, don't tell anyone ;)

I was planning on the next character in this series, and Luigi as one of those characters for quite some time now, so I'm glad I finally got to it. Hopefully this will kick of the revival of this series, since I'm having a lot of fun with it, and I'm learning  a lot from it!

As you can see, Luigi's based on Luigi's mansion. I drew Ghostbusters inspiration from all movies and games for the outfit, including the "BooBuster" logo, and his weapon. The ink colours are based on the green and pink ghostbuster slime from the first 2 movies. I thought it would be nice to have some ghosts around Luigi to fight but I didn't want them to be generic, and they needed to fit with Splatoon as well. And so I came up with these ghost Bloopers, which I think fit well with both franchises. 

Weapon: BlooperGooper 3000
Brand: Gadd Science Inc.
Description: A weapon designed by Gadd Science Incorporated to defeat those inky ghouls. This modified weapon is a combination between a F.L.U.D.D unit and an old Poltergust 5000 prototype. The weapon has a on/off switch, and a gamecube control stick that can be used to adjust the stream and power of the ink spray. This powerful weapon also has a direct connection to the ink-tank due to a shower cord.

Headgear: Beige Plumbing Hat L
Brand: Plunge
Description: A very sturdy but lightweight hat, custom made for Luigi, protects him from enemy ink without slowing him down.

Clothing: Green BooBuster Sweater
Brand: Plunge
Description: A comfortable, breathing, warm sweater that's perfect for those cold, dark mansions. Awesome BooBuster patches included!

Clothing: BooBuster Overalls
Brand: Plunge
Description: As sturdy as the hat, complete with elbow and knee protection, Luigi's ready to bust! A nice addition is the metal BooBuster belt buckle, and the stylish but functional retroreflective strips. Oh, and don't forget the free hand pads!

Shoes: Safety Boots
Brand: Plunge x Gadd Science Inc.
Description: Very comfortable boots that help prevent sore feet. Professor E. Gadd said some functions aren't working yet, but Luigi could take them out for a spin anyway. He wouldn't say what the functions where though..

Gadd Science Inc.
Description: Gadd Science Inc. is a company run by Professor E. Gadd. He decided to help out his friends with their new gushing quests. And who knows, he might decide to jump into the fray himself one day. But for now, he sticks to building the best gear he can create to get the job done on the battlefield.

Brand: Plunge
Description: Plunge is a real worker-class brand, creating durable, strong clothing and footwear for all kinds of rough situations. They'll endure the hardest battles, guaranteed!

I have a next character in mind already, and to switch things up, this character has nothing to do with Nintendo. So I hope you like this one, make sure to view it full-sized for details, and I'm looking forward to share the next one with you guys. Feels good to be back!

Stay Fresh!


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A triple crossover! Neato.
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for my 2ds anyways-
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I would SO purchase this game and play the heck out of it! A combo of two of my favorite franchises!
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Well you never know with Nintendo (or the modding community)!
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Nice triple mashup!
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Excellent :) ! Love the Blopper ghost
And the Inkling-like mustache for Luigi is so great ^^
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Who you gonna call?
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I ain’t afraid of no bloopers
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I really like your work! I love Splatoon. Please vote for my design-…
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This is my kind of stuff
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Great job! Hey, do you think we could see Pit and Ness?
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Hi! Sorry for the super late reply, haven't been on DA for a long time.. Not sure when I'll be getting back on this series, but I made sure to put it in my notes for safekeeping! Thanks for the comment!
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Let's splash away the bloopers!
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So cool! Great job!
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Super impressive man. I could look at this for hours.
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Thanks a lot for the motivating comment! :D I'll try to top this with my next one!
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I'm looking forward to it! Oh yeah, do you mind if I ask how long it takes to make one of these?
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