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Medli from The Legend Of Zelda - The Wind Waker


I created this image of Medli for the The GA-HQ Community Art Project.
Once I came across this group, I knew it would be a great idea to enter some work of my own, and to be a part of this community.

Check out the project over here:…

I was working on a different version of Medli, and just days before the deadline, realized it just wasn't going to work. So I pulled some all-nighters to finish this one, and I can't say I regret that decision one bit!

I wanted to portray Medli a bit tougher, as she shows that side of her in the game sometimes, but not enough in my opinion. I wanted her to be a stronger female, who doesn't depend on a hero of time to save the day. With her harp modified to work as two axes, she can fend of and take down even the strongest of foes, including this Moblin. Also, I tried to make it look as close to the official artwork style as possible. It's a style I wanted to explore for years now, and I'm glad I finally was able to take a shot at it.

As always, I hope you like it, and you comments are most welcome!
Thanks for watching!



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I keep wondering if she looses feathers, how can she keep flying
Pandarah's avatar
I know right? :P But it sure adds to the visual flair in game :D
bubbles46853's avatar
Awww...I wanna hug that moblin so much!!!  *snuggles*
Pandarah's avatar
Gotta do it fast then, he's about to burst into dust :P
bubbles46853's avatar
Okay!  *runs up to him and hugs gently*  There'll be okay...

(Brief RP?)
Pandarah's avatar
*The hug revived the Moblin, he's now searching for band-aid* :P
bubbles46853's avatar're okay now? you need any help? *notices an band aid and puts it where it hurts*
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Saskle's avatar
Beautiful work! I love how you made her look tougher, it fits pretty well. :nod: And you mimicked the official style brilliantly! :clap:
Pandarah's avatar
Aw thanks! :D Glad you like it
Saskle's avatar
No problem! Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:
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