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Undertaker and Paul Bearer

By PandaPawPaw
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'Boooooonnnnng Boooooonnnnng' (Or something like that :))

I remember hearing that sound when I was younger and I used to get real excited as I knew the Deadman was coming!

I loved the old Deadman version of the Undertaker so I used that styling and I wanted it to be a bit tongue in cheek so I added a Chibi version of Paul Bearer drawing the Undertaker towards the Urn. :D

It was a tough picture for me as I did stuff I had not done before and had no real idea how to do it (like the gravestones, Moon and smoke) and the WWF Eagle Belt was a first for me too but I think that is my favourite part of the drawing.

The tattoos were very hard to do as I found getting reference images to his actual tattoos in decent quality a tad tough but I did my best and I am quite pleased with the results.

Rest in Peace. 'Boooooonnnnng Boooooonnnnng' :D
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It's great seeing the "Goth" Undertaker again. In retrospect, maybe he should have stayed that way. Of course, I'm 36 years old and only started watching wrestling in my 20s, so I'm much more familiar with the "biker" and "steampunk" versions of 'Taker from more recent eras. I think the tattoos on his left arm are my favorite part of your drawing; kudos for making them look like real tattoos, not too cartoony.

Have you done Bray Wyatt yet? You should. I've been holding out hope that he'll eventually become this era's version of the Undertaker, but so far it seems that WWE has been unsure of what to do with him. So far he seems to be nothing more than a bearded Max Cady giving Reverend Powell speeches about "morality" (way to hook fans under 80 there, WWE). They should be doing him as more of a Jim Jones/David Koresh pastiche, perhaps also with elements of THE WICKER MAN. If you draw him, you should attempt to invoke his current feud with Finn Bálor in some way. 
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Thanks again. :D

Those tattoos were a real pain to do so I'm happy you like them. :)

Nah not a fan of Wyatt at all. His promos put me to sleep.

I prefer deadman/Goth taker but bikertaker wasn't bad.
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if you hear that ceremonial bell you have one option RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D LOL
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After running, I'd buy a plane ticket for anywhere the Undertaker isn't! :D
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but he might teleport dun dun dun
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Did you hear that paul's in the hall of fame
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Yeah I did. Glad he's going in. :)
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I wonder who is going to induct him
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don't worry espada'll will be a WORLD CHAMPION
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I'm not sure what you mean but Thank You anyway. :D
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awww so cute and RIP Paul
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Thank you very much. :)
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Thank you for that. :)

RIP William Moody, aka Paul Bearer. :(
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are we allowed to remember this far back as wrestling fans?
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No as it means it'll show up how bad WWE is these days. ;P
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Hey at least they got a camara and ring right :)
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I hope when the Undertaker comes back, he is like the OLD deadman and not like the poor version he currently is.
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I hope jersey shore gets cancelled but we can only wait and pray.
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awesome really impressive
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