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Hello, everyone!!

A really long ago I hadn't wrote a journal here. I usually wrote journals about my experiences at cons, you know I'm always trying to share positive messages and experiences and this time is not an exception.

First of all, I really hope you're having a good time regardless the crazy year we've lived, I've also had a really hard year, but overcoming every situation. I wish all of you the best.

I miss seeing friends, I miss conventions, I know virtual conventions are not the same experience that face-to-face ones, but we're trying our best, and I think NordicFuzzCon at home is doing so great. Maybe some of you know very well that NordicFuzzCon is my personal favorite furry convention, and I didn't want to miss the chance to participate on the virtual edition. Also I'm so grateful that they invited me on many things as well.

NordicFuzzCon at Home is not only one weekend event, it is happening during all the month of March 2021, especially during weekends but also there are many activities during weekdays, check out their schedule:

I'm doing an advertising of this convention here because I'm participating on many events during this. I already participated on the Doodles for Charity on the first weekend of March, we collected really lot of money which was awesome, I did a video about it:

Also I designed the stage for the Baxxter & Burr concert in collaboration with Koidel Coyote. I did some animations for the front view and designed the sketch, Koidel did all the other views and motion graphics of the stage, it was a really cool concert, I really hope they share the video sometime and I'm gladly will provide you the link of it. It was a great cheese party!!

And this is not all, I'm participating in two more events that are going to happen this week, first one is "Paco Streams for Charity", so I'll take 10 slots that will be donated completely to the "Odsherred Zoo Rescue", this will happen next Thursday, March 18th, at 16:00 CST (or 23:00 CET) on Picarto:

100% of funds will be donated to the Odsherred Zoo Rescue, a rescue center for exotic animals in Denmark, you can check more about this campaign here:

Tomorrow, March 17th, at 13:00 CST (20:00 CET) I will post the link on my Telegram channel of where you can submit for a slot.

You will need to donate to this charity $50usd or more to get a slot by me, but you can donate anything you want, the important here is to save animals!

Remember this will be first come first serve, and there will be only 10 slots, so get prepared your reference link (SFW)

This will be a sketch with color of single characters, if you want more than one character in your picture, you will need to donate twice. I'm keeping it simple because I want to finish 10 sketches in less than 6 hours as part of the event.

The other event is Fursuits Charades, this next Saturday, March 20th at 13:00 CST (or 20:00 CET), it is going to be really fun, definitely you can't miss it out, we'll be many fursuiters trying to do our best at performing some random phrases while the audience is trying to guess what the heck we are doing, there will be many modes of game so it will be really fun!!

And...that's not all, donating to charity at NordicFuzzCon is algo giving you chances to win some awesome prizes that they will giveaway in their closing ceremonies, and they have milestones to unlock so they can give more and more prizes, one of them is the chance to get a picture by me completely free, but this if they reach $8,200. I really hope they reach it because I really want to do this. So help them and get a chance to get one of the many awesome prices they're going to raffle:

I really hope to see you there!! It will be very exciting, I can't wait for these upcoming events. I only told you the events where I'm being part of, but check their whole schedule:

Thanks so much for reading this journal, honk in the comments if you read it complete.

And I hope some day I will write journals about physical conventions again.

*loves and bamboo for everyone*


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Despite the warnings for the virus that is scaring all the world, I decided to take my fursuit, take my luggage, and complete that trip that I had planned months ago. First stop: Malmö, Sweden, for NordicFuzzCon; a short second stop was Brooklyn, USA; and last one: Dallas, USA, for Texas Furry Fiesta.
I need to thank in advance to everyone who read my journals, I usually write all these for myself, these help me to keep all the adventures I live in my memory, like studying and double checking them, so I can’t forget them, but I would lie if I say that is my only motivation, because knowing that many people read my adventures pushes me to keep doing these reports.
As feedback of my friend Yaps, I’m gonna add dates this time.


Saturday, February 15, 2020

For getting to Malmö, Sweden, I had to spend almost 2 entire days from home to there. My first layover was Mexico City, where I was going to take a flight for my second stop: John F Kennedy airport in New York City. I want to tell you something interesting that happened during my waiting at Mexico City’s airport.
I arrived to the Aeromexico check-in, and there were a big crowd of young people together (around 18-23 yo), I got in the queue in the middle of that big group, all of them talking each other, excited for their upcoming trip, and checking around, I could notice who were the adults in charge of that group, they were using some polo shirts with the logo of my university.
I need to pause the story here and tell you that I could get the American visa thanks to a trip I made with my university in 2014, they were organizing a trip to New York City and Chicago, I was interested to join that trip because that was going to be the easiest way to get the visa (and be able to attend American fur cons), and I went for first time to USA with my college.
I realized that group was exactly that same trip, they were going to New York City, I was in the needing of telling at least one of them that I was graduated from their same University, but I was too shy to talk with any of them, besides all of them were into their own conversation.
The queue kept moving, and I could see even more people from that tour, including one of my teachers in college, I tried to remember her name, but it was very difficult, I had to check it on internet, because my memory was failing. I could swear anyway that she was not going to remember me, she has had way too many students to remember one from many years ago. But as soon as we made eye contact, she smiled and said my name “Francisco! How are you?”. Oh wow, I had to research on internet her name because I couldn’t recall it, and she could remember my name at the exact instant she saw me, that’s a really good memory (or maybe I was a good student according her, who knows).
She asked me where I was going, and if I was going for work or for vacations. My mistake was telling her I was going for work, because of course she asked me, excited, what kind of work and why to Sweden. I had to say I was going to exhibit my art (which was not a lie), and she was even more interested, and she called to another teacher, introducing me as an outstanding graduated student who was now going to exhibit his artwork to Sweden, OMG… that’s not how I wanted to carry out this conversation, because now the other teacher started asking me lots of questions, and she concluded that she was going to invite me to the college so I can tell the students, on a panel, about a graduated from the university can succeed in life. No!! Well…honestly, I really feel like I’m succeeding, even if most of people out the fandom would see the opposite. And I can’t imagine telling the students. “Hi, I’m Paco, I was working on an animation studio, like most of you want to do after graduating, but I quit because I discovered that my life is happier drawing cute animals for the furry fandom and pretending I’m a panda bear”. I’m not sure that’s what they want to hear, not the students nor the teachers.
I hope they had a lot of fun on their trip on New York City, and they forget they saw me before their trip.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Arriving to JFK airport, I was going to have 8 hours before my next flight, by Finnair from NYC to Helsinki (Yeah, my European layover was further away my destination). Crossing customs was easy and fast, so I thought I could have time to explore around NYC a little bit. Even if NYC is ugly and dirty, I enjoy a lot being there, I always have something to do and to see in that huge crowded city. But what I was not counting with, is that the Finnair desk was closed, and I couldn’t check my luggage until 3 hours before the flight, so very sadly, I had to wait at the airport, because of course I didn’t want to be moving all my luggage on the subway, and carrying with it in whatever I wanted to explore.

Nothing interesting happened on my flight from NYC to Helsinki, I tried to sleep but they were interrupting very often giving food, coffee, cookies, and more services, of course I didn’t want to miss all those services, I rather be awake to eat cookies and coffee.

Monday, February 17, 2020

When I arrived to my last flight destination, Copenhagen, it was very easy to spot where the train to Malmö was, and while I was waiting for it, I spotted some guys who evidently were furries, so I got close by, asked them if they were also going to NordicFuzzCon, they said yes, and we boarded together the train. Well, they were only speaking each other in German, so practically I was alone again in the train, now I know how it feels when a friend who only speaks English is around my other Mexican friends and we are only speaking Spanish, I’m trying to avoid that and speak in English even if I’m talking with them when we’re in the same room with a non-Spanish speaker.
I can’t complain, the train was very smooth, I loved seeing the panorama of the bridge crossing the ocean, which was faster than I thought, I think we crossed the sea in 2 minutes and we were already in Sweden.

My friend :iconshortydragon:Shorty told me he was going to pick me up to the Malmö station, and I just left the train and I saw him, when I was hugging him, he told me “Oh, there is also Cornwall”, I looked back, and yes, Cornwall, a mutual friend of us from Canada, was also on the same train than me. And we went together to the hotel. It was Monday and we were already many furries in the hotel. Which is not strange since the convention starts on Tuesday (officially on Wednesday, but there are already many events on Tuesday).

When I thought I had fought the jetlag, I passed out just touching my bed, it was only a nap, but when I woke up, it was already dark outside, and the things of my second roomie :iconyamavu:Yamavu were already in the room. I explored the hotel and the convention center, noticing the place was like a labyrinth: too many stairs with no logic repetition, and many balconies, it is a very interesting place, and I found a little corner that looked like a grandma’s living room in the convention center, it was a very weird place, and I thought it could be a nice spot for taking some fursuit pictures. When I was exploring the place, I found Yamavu, who I think he was doing the same, or… I was not sure what he was looking for, but he was trying to figure out where was a specific room, then, I lost him because, that place was a real maze, but I found my friend Skippy, who I’ve been meeting him at almost every convention I attend, no matter if it is in Mexico, United States, or even Sweden, we will meet each other. He was also tired and I was still very jet lagged, and he came with a very great idea “What if we go in fursuit now?” And we did! How a good way to start a long and tiring trip than being in fursuit? We found that Sparky was also fursuiting, and we took a picture together, were we were representing the North-American furs arriving early to NordicFuzzCon: Mexico, United States and Canada.

As fursuiters, we tried to cheer the staff who was working on registration, who seemed very stressed because things were not going how they wanted, we failed in that task, they were too stressed to give a smile to some silly fuzzes.


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Oh yeah, I already wrote more than an average person would be able to read on internet, and until this point of this report, the convention is just starting. And how a convention always starts? With a long reg-line! Registration was crazy, a very long queue that was not moving, but I saw Iris, one of the lovely mascots of NordicFuzzCon, wandering around the people, as same as Brainfreeze, cheering the attendees who were waiting to pick up their badge. I wanted my badge that soon because I had booked the tour of Malmö, and it was going to start at noon that day. But I couldn’t pick up my badge at that moment, someone from the staff announced that if we had booked the tour of Malmö, we had to go at that moment to the buses outside the hotel.

Waiting to board the buses, someone greeted me in Spanish, something I didn’t expect, he was Richard, a guy from Colombia who had made the last minute decision to attend NordicFuzzCon, it was awesome to meet someone from South America. Sadly, we couldn’t be in the same buses.

The tour of Malmö was the perfect excuse to know the city I was, and not only going to Sweden for the convention, plus the tour was going to be among furries, which was great. Our tour guide had a funny accent, sometimes I couldn’t get what he was saying, but also I could notice English was not his best. Most of Swedish people I’ve met, have a really good level of English, and it is very easy to talk with them, even when I go to stores or to restaurants, it is like everyone speaks very good English, except our tour guide. There were times he was not completing his sentences, or he got lost on whatever he was telling us. “This street on your right, I like it, because… is beautiful… (finish of the sentence)”. And it was so funny how he tried to tell us about a very famous Swedish person that he was sure all of us were going to know about, of course I don’t remember the name of this character but when he mentioned his name, nobody knew about him…. “No? Nobody know him? He has played on the Manchester, Barcelona…(insert more soccer teams here)… Now do you remember him? No? Oh! Does anyone here like football soccer? No? Well, I will tell you some facts about him anyway”. It seems he had no idea the kind of interest or disinterests of furries.
And probably one of the most incredible coincidences ever have happened, he was telling us about the neighborhood we were which was very friendly and safe, at the moment he said that, the bus turned right and we could see how some cops were arresting a person. “Oh, I promise you this is the first time I’m seeing this in Malmö”, the tour guide said.

The tour made several stops, one of them was to a buffet of meatballs which were supreme, very delicious, and the best is that was already included. Another stop was in a very interesting museum about disgusting food. A place where they keep together many gastronomic delights from around the world, that for the difference of cultures, we can consider gross. Of course many of the items shown looked very gross, a collection of stinky cheeses, urine of cow, the infamous surströming, frog juice, bat soup (on the display of this soup, a bat furry left his card with a drawing of his fursona where it could be read “Let’s be friends”). Displayed were also food from USA and Mexico. It’s funny that most of the disgusting food they had from USA, I consider it indeed gross, like root beer, jelly salad, and twinkys, they also had PopTarts but I personally like them. The food from Mexico was food that for me was not disgusting and, indeed, I like them. They had Menudo, Escamoles and Huitlacoche. I like menudo, I can’t say it is my favorite but I like it. In my family, when we know there is a special occasion, we eat Escamoles, that is ant eggs, it may sound gross but it is delicious, it tastes like butter and corn. My personal favorite quesadillas are with Huitlacoche, that is the mushroom of the corn.
At the end of the museum, they gave you some tries, of course I tried almost everything, I tried beetles, warms, crickets, many insects, all of them delicious (nothing new for me, I already like crickets a lot), but the problem was on the drinks, they gave me a fermented drink that tasted like cabbage tea, and of course I didn’t want to try again the surströming or the caviar in tube, last year in my trip to Stockholm I had that experience and I didn’t want to have that taste in my mouth for the rest of the day again.

Next stop was in the castle of Malmö, something I was looking forward, but it seems like in the castle, there are all kind of museums, there is an aquarium, a natural history museum, and… I’m not sure what was the other one about, I think it was about the castle itself, but that section was only in Swedish, so I could understand very few, the environment was more like a haunted house, there were all kind of noises and ghosts projected on the windows, I was not completely sure what I was seeing. Also in the Natural History one, there were some sections that were completely dark, so I could imagine that was like part of a horror movie, where you were in a museum when it was already closed, and dissected animals came alive.

The whole tour was longer than I expected it was going to be, which was good, honestly, because I felt like what I paid for it was the fair, of course I arrived so tired, but I could finally get my badge without waiting in line. And I went with Skippy to do one of the most traditional things to do in Sweden, we went to Max Burger for dinner. We were talking about our adventures, our thoughts, our feelings, and suddenly, I hear Spanish behind us, it was this guy from Colombia, Richard, with another guy from Spain, Mike. They joined us.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

First official day of NordicFuzzCon, and I found at breakfast many of my friends I had made last year in Stockholm, including :iconhenrieke:Henrieke and :iconkarpour:Karpour, who I had seen them a month before at Further Confusion. It was so nice to meet again all those guys, who personally I had missed so much, like Ekorren, Mag, Procyon, Yotie, Tabbie… and some new guys I met at this edition like :iconxinonhyena:Chiros and Renée. Uff, sometimes is hard for me to mention names because I know I will forget someone and I will feel so bad later.

After breakfast, it was the time to go to watch Sonic the movie, as part of the program of NordicFuzzCon, we had to follow a caravan of furries who were heading to the movie theater, that it was about 10 blocks away.
We filled the lobby of the theater, people with ears, tails, or even some in full fursuits. Something that people who decided to go to the movies on a quiet morning of Wednesday didn’t expect to find, who seemed very concerned where they have arrived to.
In the theater room, it was projected in big screen the drawing I did for the projection, of course my egometer increased and made me feel good. Before the featured film, they shown a silly shortfilm about Trax and Mausie who were hanging out in their living room to watch a movie, and getting some troubles with snacks. And then, the movie, without trailers or cinema advertisings, just directly to the film. The movie was in English but it had Swedish subtitles.
I had very low expectations of the movie, but I really liked it, it was so much better than I expected, which was really good. Also Sonic was cute, the story gave us too many fan services, and.... no spoilers (surely all of you already watched it, and if not, is because you were not interested to watch it, but I won’t spoil anything, anyways) …the post credit scene made me fanboy scream.

In the way back to the hotel, I remembered that I have something I hate about myself, being so shy, quiet, and insecure of myself, there were many people who wanted to talk with me while we were walking back, but it is one of those times I never know what to say back, and I just stay quiet. Wish I could be more talkative and interesting.

Coming back to the convention, opening ceremonies started. Probably it is the opening ceremony at a convention that most of people is interested to attend, most of attendees know very well that it is a really good one. And of course, it was not disappointing, it was so good as expected. A spectacular show where they presented 4 fake countries representing a song contest battle, as parody of the European show Eurovision. I highly recommend you to check them out because they are terribly funny. My favorite was, of course, the song by Mausie (not biased, well, yeah, what the heck, I was very biased, Mausie is so cute!)…
It was one of those moments that I was thinking “I’m so glad to be here”. I know it doesn’t mean anything for most of people, or even for most of furries, but personally it was one of those moments that I will never forget and I’m so glad to have presence that with my own eyes.

One of the first fursuiters I saw after the ceremonies was Pico, the red dragon, a new fursuit who his premiere was NordicFuzzCon, and I can tell he’s one of my new crushes (not really a crush, that’s how I always call my most favorite fursuiters). He’s so cute, and he acts so good, I love the little tic he has that constantly he’s saying “Beep” while he makes a little hop. I could spend some time with him, I was also in fursuit, so it was so perfect.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

My first day vending at NordicFuzzCon, I was sitting in a table outside the main dealers den room, I thought it was going to be very bad, like, we were not integrated to the rest of vendors, so maybe people will have no clue we were also selling stuff, or maybe we could have been very hidden from the eyes of most of attendees, but it was not that way, actually the entrance for the dealers den room was exactly on the same hall that we were, so people stopped first on our tables before going in the big room. I had a very cool neighbor of sales, she was Dexi, who I admire a lot, her style is so unique. And of course I wanted to be one of the first ones who took a commission slot by her, I wanted to see how my panda looked in her style, I was shy at first because she mentioned she wanted to advance some works she had to do, but after some hours, I was decided to ask her, she did a sketch extremely beautiful of my panda. I love it so much.

At the time of the Artist Alley, it was the candy exchange in somewhere else at the convention, I wanted to attend it because last year that was so interesting, to try many candies and snacks from all over the world. But I need to thank Yamavu a lot because he got me a cup filled with many of the candies, so I could try them. My most favorite one was the chocolate filled with strawberry yogurt cream, and of course, my least favorite was that chocolate that looks delicious, but inside it has black liquorice candy, such monsters!

That night, I should have asked to my friends what was the plan, because I did my plans wrong. I went out in fursuit, and nobody was in fursuit, everyone was doing something else, and I could see my friends art-jamming in the artist lounge, good thing of that moment was when I found Brainfreeze and I played with him in the ball pit, I went to the dances and they were playing very strange and undanceable music, but I played a little bit on the bouncy castle that was in the end of the room, it was the same bouncy castle than last year, the giant furry head that closes its maw. I got very tired so I went back to my room to de-suit, picking up my art materials and go where all the artists were drawing, but oh surprise! Nobody was there anymore, now all my friends were in fursuit, and they were dancing and playing on the bouncy castle, ah and they had really good music now. I should have asked them what was their plan.

A parenthesis for talking about a thought about that. I don’t know if you have read my previous journals. In the one about BLFC, I had said that I’m a very solitary person during conventions, and I don’t feel like that is something bad, of course I have many friends (something I’m so grateful with this community), but I’m never attached to any specific group of people, most of times you see me wandering around the convention by my own, I can play as fursuiter with other fursuiters, or I can have a nice conversation with someone who stops me and want to chat with me, but I never keep following them, or expecting what my group of friends want to do so I can follow them, I’m kind of independent with my own plans and allow that other friends attach to my plans. But only at NordicFuzzCon, since last year, that was a little different, I could feel very integrated to this group of people, most of them artists, all of them toon lovers, but it was because I enjoyed a lot their company, extremely much, and I still feel very independent with my own plans among them, they don’t take personal or pay too much importance if I want to do something else, if I don’t show up to their plans because I wanted to be somewhere else, if I don’t get lunch or breakfast specifically with them, those kind of things make me feel free, and those kind of allowances make me want to be more time with them, and there is something in them that make me feel like if I knew them from really long time ago, even if this was just the second (some of them only the third) time I was seeing them. It was kind of shocking for me when they mentioned “we just met Paco last year”, because, they were right, for me, a year ago they were not more like entities who existed only in internet and I was wishing I could meet someday, it was only in my dreams that one day I was going to be really good friends with them. But after I befriend them, I feel like we have lived too many things together. So yeah, that was one of the few times I felt in the needing of follow their plans and being in fursuit as the same time as them. Something rare in my usual convention plans.

Friday, February 21, 2020

It was my free day, I decided to not work, because that day there were many things to do at the convention that I didn’t want to miss. Missing cool things is what make me have PCD (I had PCD after NordicFuzzCon anyway, even if I was attending another one just after).

It was the only moment I could check Dealers Den, I went with Karpour, Henrieke and Skippy, there we found Keke Flipnote, and even if we had talked with him last year, when he was Guest of Honor, I saw that I was not the only one who was very nervous to talk with him, also Henrieke didn’t know how to start a conversation with him, but we did in the end.

It was also the only time I could check the Art Show, it was very funny that in one of the walls, they made a parody of the expensive piece of a banana stick with a piece of duct tape, and they set a price for it. I offered for three pieces, one of them was the cassette of the new album of Baxxter & Burrs, signed and offered for charity, and I also offered for two pieces that I liked a lot, one of a raccoon and other of a wolf in a desk, I wanted so bad the one of the raccoon, and I regret so much to not have written who was the artist, because now I forgot, I couldn’t get any of the pieces but the cassette of Baxxter & Burrs, that, btw, the cover is a picture by me, so it was kind of funny for the guy who charged me for my winning item, he said “Are you buying a piece by you?”, haha, it seemed like I was doing that, but we shouldn’t judge the content for its cover.

Getting ready for the fursuit parade, I was waiting for the elevator, when it opened, I got a surprise Mausie pounce who was inside that evelator, he carried me, making me live a very nice moment. I could see how many people were taking photos and even video about that moment (footages that I haven’t seen yet, even if I offered a reward for getting them).

I arrived to the parade at the same moment than Mausie, it seemed that they were waiting for him to take the group picture, so I was lucky to be following him. As soon as they took the picture, the parade started, it was an outdoor parade around the streets of Malmö, there was a weird path we had to cross, next to a river, the floor was wet and muddy, nobody was seeing the parade from there, so we were just a long line of fursuiters walking it just because, I think they have to plan better where is gonna be the path of the parade for next year. Later, I knew some fursuiters preferred to not cross it, just skipping that part and joining the parade at some other further point, I should have done that.
After the parade, we were hundreds of fursuiters playing outside the hotel, many families with kids were taking pictures with us, or even playing with us, there was a moment I was walking, and suddenly Mausie and Iris made me “sandwich”, I finally got pictures of that moment, yay!

An event that I didn’t want to miss at all was the Baxxter & Burr concert, it was their very first time performing in live, how I could miss that moment? I think I’m one of the very few fans of that band in this world. I could have fangirl scream when they started the concert with “Go NFC Go”, the first song I was so obsessed with by them, but nobody was even singing, I’m not sure if I was really the only one who was singing all their songs (except the new ones, of course, because I don’t know them yet, I listened them for first time there in live). The closed with their classic “Cheese Party”, the only song I could hear the audience was singing.
If you don’t know this band and want to listen them, check them out on Spotify:… or support them on Bandcamp:

I wanted to attend the event Cats in Boxes, I remember watching that event on Youtube before I attenden NFC, when that convention was only a dream for me, but… for second consecutive year, I couldn’t attend it, not in fursuit, but I was there, they moved it forward, I was contemplating to be in fursuit again at 8pm, but they moved it at 6pm, and I knew only because I was walking through and I saw they were about to start. Imagine a big shenanigans of cats playing (and then destroying) a bunch of boxes. I’m not 100% a cat, but I always have my justification that why I could fit among felines, panda in Chinese is Xiong Mao, that means Bear Cat.

Taco Friday!! Something that I haven’t mentioned about NordicFuzzCon is that they had a special restaurant on the second floor of the hotel, where they served a daily buffet specialized in a specific cuisine, and more nights you attended it, more discount you received on your next visit. And for being a buffet, it was very affordable. Well, that Friday was going to be a Taco buffet. That was something I didn’t want to miss. Even if I’m Mexican, it is always interesting for me how other countries interprets Mexican food.
It was not 100% authentic (and honestly, I was not looking for something completely authentic, that’s always the interesting part), but it was very tasty. Big flour tortillas, chicken fajitas, guacamole, red salsa, pico de gallo, onion, nachos, everything was very delicious. But the funny part was looking how people were trying to prepare their tacos. For me, it is more than obvious how a taco is and that you can fill your tortilla with anything you want, but it was not that logic for all the people, I could see how people were serving the fajitas as a dish, putting their tortillas in pieces, so they were creating like a salad; or some people who filled their tortilla with chicken, wrap it, but over the wrapped tortilla they were adding the guacamole, cream, and salsa; or even I saw they were using the tortilla like a casserole, or even creating a lasagna with tortillas. It was funny and interesting seeing all that, of course I didn’t want to correct anyone, that is completely cultural, but there was a guy who decided to ask me “Paco, what am I supposed to do with the bread?” I have no idea what he was referring with bread, I tried to look around and spotted there was bread in one of the tables, and told him “No, well, the bread is for something else, I guess”, and he said “No, I mean, with the flat bread”. It is the first time in my life I hear someone call bread to tortillas, I would have never even related that a tortilla is something similar than a bread.

I met another artist at the restaurant, Dakka, and I invited him to join our art jams, he showed up and I could make an art trade with him. Something very cool I tried with Karpour during that art jam, was sketching something, and the other was was going to ink it. The result was very interesting, because both drawings were like a perfect fusion between both styles of Karpour and mine:…
I could make several art trades before going back to my room to convert myself in a panda again.

While I was fursuiting I met Steel, a red panda with lot of energy, who seems to enjoy performing a lot, he was with all his gang and I joined them for a congo line. Then I went to the inflatable meet & greet, where the owners were extremely strict of how to care their toys, I don’t blame them, I also own some of those toys and I know they are very expensive, I also take care a lot of them, but as soon as Baseball, Yotie and Tabbie shown up, the owners were watching us like if we were going to pop their toys at any moment, it stopped being fun when they yelled at us for not being serious among the toys, and we decided to leave the place, it was a shame because I really love playing with inflatable toys, I know very well how to take care of them, one of those panels is not precisely an exhibition of toys, if that were the case, I’d prefer to see them in pictures on internet. I don’t know how the owners of those toys would react if their toys were in the inflatable panel at TFF, when lots of kids show up and play with those toys like if they were in a playground, throwing them, jumping on them, using them as weapons… I remember watching horrified how bad all those kids were playing with the inflatable toys at TFF 2019, and how the owners were doing nothing.

A very nice moment of that evening was when we found Brok the badger, mascot of Confuzzled, wandering around the convention. We were with Tabbie, and I had no idea he was the creator of that mascot, and that he had never seen Brok in person until that moment.
Another highlight of that evening was joining Brainfreeze and Eddie for a Mausie hunt, it was Brainfreeze with a GoPro camera filming his quest. We didn’t find Mausie that evening, sadly, and I tried to show Brainfreeze that Grandma’s living room I had found that first day in the convention center, surprisingly I couldn’t find it again, even when I was very sure it was in that spot I was looking for. Funny thing is that I found it back when the convention was over, so my theory is that is a place you can’t find if you are looking for it, if you are not looking for it, it will show up.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Second day of Artist Alley, and Pico, that cute dragon, visits me, we took some pictures of him in front of my table, wearing the team badges, each one on their respective place. Maws Team on his mouth, Tails team on his tail, Paws team on his paw, Tummies team on his tummy.
That day I received too many gifts, especially candies and chocolates (Thank you!).
When I was unpacking, Steel, that mischievous red panda from the other day, visited me and took my suitcase away, there’s a video about it:…

After the artist alley, I wanted to go outside to eat something, oh yes, that is always my problem when I’m at the artist alley, when I’m done of the day, all my friends already had dinner, it is very difficult to search for someone to eat with when the day on the alley is over, so I always end up eating alone, haha I sound very dramatic, nah, it is okay. But the funny part of that day is that I wanted to go outside, and people have warned that we shouldn’t go outside that day because it was windy. They needed to exaggerate with an even greater adjective about how windy was that day, it was like a hurricane was happening outside, it was impossible to even walk the streets. So I ended up eating, again, at the buffet restaurant, when I found Paco Wolf, my namesake from Germany, who I have been saying hi many times during the con, but it was the first time I could talk with him.

That night, refusing to go to sleep, even if it was late and I was getting sleepy, I found my group of friends playing the game Fake Artist Goes to New York, which I found terribly fun, and when I was in a Target, back to USA, I found it and bought it, because I want to play it with the group of artists in Guadalajara, I know they will find it fun as well.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Why NordicFuzzCon is getting over, noooooo!!!!
Why can’t it be like the rest of conventions that Sunday is still a complete day that it doesn’t get over until very late? Oh wait, because the rest of conventions doesn’t start on Tuesday.
Closing ceremonies were at 1pm, I didn’t mention this but main stage was huge, a double decker auditorium and the illumination was just amazing, for closing I got to be in the second floor. Of course I didn’t want to miss the closing ceremonies, Trax had told me that I was going to love the theme for next year. It was revealed, and yeah, indeed I love it, it is Toy Town. It will be like getting back those ages of Toys R Us, with that big and incredible toy store in Time Square that sadly doesn’t exist anymore.
I could see how Brainfreeze had his dose of Mausie, when he noticed him and he even recorded him during the ceremonies.

After ceremonies, I got to have some lasts art trades, with Yamavu and the adorable ArtWah. And it was time to get ready for Doodle for Charity, participating there for second time at NFC, and my 6th time participating in general. Before getting in my table for the doodles, I could see Baseball doodling, so I requested him a picture. He had already drawn my panda like 5 times, so this time I wanted to have a Mausie drawn by him, I gave 100 Swedish kronas and he drew me a very lovely Mausie in a cheese. Behind me was Brainfreeze, he was complaining that he wanted some doodles but he was in fursuit and with no money, so I gave him 100 kronas so he could spend in any artist, he chose Baseball, and he drew a Brainfreeze with a Mausie in his mouth. Too many Mausie requests and suddenly, we had a real Mausie just behind us, we showed him the pieces we had just gotten by Baseball. I was not sure if he was okay with giving him the drawing so he could keep it, as I’ve done with the Disney characters at Disney World, because he has very big and clumsy hands, and I’m sure he was going to keep wandering around his convention and playing with other fursuiters to be taking care of a piece of paper with him, so I just took a picture of him with it, and also took many pictures of him with Brainfreeze, I could notice how that colorful shepherd was very happy for that experience with him, he also loves Mausie a lot. Thanks, Mausie, for making us very happy, there’s a lot of magic on you.

I transformed myself in a panda, took my big pencil, and went down back to the charity booth to start doodling and saving kitties!!
It was so much fun, I had a line of people waiting for their turn for me to drawing them, but next to me was Pointed Fox, guest of honor of this year. He was very concentrated doing his doodles, but I was joking with the people I was drawing, talking with them, commenting my drawings, and even joking with Pointed Fox, he seemed to ignore me but I could see it was because he was very concentrated, he was really putting a lot of effort on each one of his doodles. The time of Pointed Fox was over, he stands up, so I did the same to hug him and say bye, and when I did that, he noticed me “Oh, Paco, you were here!”. So he was not even paying attention of all the stupid things I was saying, hehe. When he’s focused, he’s really focused! Also, I had no idea he knew about me *blushes*. Senpai noticed me.
Next one to sit next to me was Keke Flipnote, so both of NFC Guest of honor were sitting next to me while I was doing stupid doodles for 100 kronas (helping kitties), at least he was paying more attention to all the silly things I was saying, but he was also kind of nervous for doing doodles.
My time on the charity booth was over, I was also very tired, being drawing with a big pencil is exhausting, especially on the wrist, but I remained in fursuit, playing with some fursuiters. There was one whom I was saying many stupid things and playing with him, but he just wanted a hug, so I hugged him, and while I was hugging him, I kept talking with him, don’t remember what I was telling him, but surely were not wise things, he was acting very happily because he got a hug by me, and I kept saying things, I read his badge “Werefox” and behind his name he was wearing another badge which said “Deaf”. Oh! So he was not even noticing I was talking with him, I was wearing my fursuit head so not even a chance he could read my lips. I found him again in the fursuit lounge, both of use were headless (animal headless, of course), and he wrote me a note that said “I’m deaf, thank you for the hug” he kept writing were he wrote me “I wanted a drawing by you”, well, don’t remember how exactly it was his phrase, but he was telling me he missed the chance to get a drawing by me, so I took his pen and made a quick doodle of me hugging him. I could notice a smile in his face when he saw the drawing. It was not a good drawing, honestly, wish I could do better doodles, I see artists who can make really cool drawings in just few lines, I’m not one of them, but I’m glad I could paint a smile, at least that’s something that my very only silly talent can do.…

Oh yes, I remained in fursuit, I went out, after that moment in the fursuit lounge with Werefox, and I found Vin Fox, both of us were playing with the sad red panda Shade. The personality of that panda is being sad and slow, so Vin and I wanted to cheer him up, we wanted to dance with him, and Vin found that he could move the Shade’s arms like if he were a puppet, we danced La Macarena, Baby Shark, and the Chicken song with him.
If I could turn back in time, or at least talk with the Me from the past, I would come back to that time and tell myself “Hey, Paco, you’re forgetting your big pencil in the fursuit lounge!”. It was the very last day, so the Lost and Found of the con didn’t exist anymore. I realized I had forgotten it when I was with Werefox in the fursuit lounge, because that was the last time I remember having it, and when I was playing with Vin and Shade, I didn’t have it anymore. Boo, I liked that pencil so much, I will buy another one, but I had very good memories with that specific one.

It was like I had done too many things that day, but that was not the end of the day, when I was out of suit, we went to Karpour and Henrieke’s room to play Jackbox Party, it was so much fun, even if I’m not very creative in those games, I always have a good time playing them. At many games, Henrieke was not playing, she was preferring to draw, and when she revealed what she was drawing, it was a really awesome surprise, she was drawing the fursonas of each one in the room by memory, every single one was so beautiful, and it was so funny that we wanted to take a picture of her sketchbook, but we thought that at the same time, and suddenly we were like paparazzis taking pictures to her sketchbook.

Then we went downstairs to the lobby once again, we were supposed to play more board games but we ended up doing more art trades, I think we are kind of addicted to it, I can’t complain, and even less if it is Karpour who wants to make one more art trade with me. He did something so beautiful that I almost cried, and even more because after the drawing he was telling me many nice compliments, something that I never know how to respond, but plus…imagine that someone who you have admired for many years, that you thought was unreachable, suddenly becomes your friend and he’s telling you nice things, things that are exactly what you’ve always thought about him. Oh shush Paco, you know that he’s gonna read this journal, he always does >///<

Monday, February 24, 2020

That morning, before going to sleep, I had to organize all my luggage. When I woke up, I tried to do it as earliest as possible, because I didn’t want to miss the free breakfast of the hotel, so I barely slept few hours. And the premium breakfast went back, because I remember only the morning of Tuesday we had a table with premium cheeses and salmon, something that disappeared every breakfast during the convention. Something that I love and I always miss from European hotels is that they include breakfast, and not any shitty breakfast, they are extremely good.
It was the time to say goodbye to my friends, of course I cried a little bit, I couldn’t help it. When I was completely alone in the hotel, I went out to make some shopping, I love those cheeses in tubes that Swedish markets sell, and I also bought some of those disgusting candies (salt liquorice candies, chocolate filled with black liquorice, and gummy bears with liquorice), all of them are for pranks, more because I like them. Actually it was Shorty who asked me that why I had bought those candies if he knew I don’t like them, hehe, those are not for me, are for my local friends. It is always nice when somebody who traveled to a specific part of the world if you want to try their candies and chocolates, anyone say yes, but almost anyone knows how crazy taste Nordic people have.
I also explored the city by my own, walking around streets I hadn’t walked yet. Malmö is very beautiful, every corner I was walking it was amazing, people is very friendly, and I’m glad everyone speaks English and are very helpful if there’s something you don’t understand.

That night, I was completely torn in two of where I was going to sleep. Originally I had booked my room of that last night with Boltee, who was very excited to see me and he had even prepared my bed with balloons. But Shorty had managed the rooms so I could remain in the same one, so I didn’t have to move all my stuff. So I visited Boltee at night, I was with him while it was time to sleep, I slept in that room for plenty of hours, and 2 hours before departing, I went to my original room where all my luggage was storage, and I slept 1 more hour.

This was getting over. I’m feeling sad again writing this. What I can tell you is that NordicFuzzCon is the best furry convention in the world.

If you want to see the pictures I took during NordicFuzzCon:…


Tuesday, February 25,2020

Waking up, I picked my stuff up, and heading very early morning to the train station, which is a very short walking from the hotel. And some minutes later, I was back to Copenhagen’s airport, going to New York City, traveling back in time.

During the flight, I was having a terrible PCD, and I was checking all my pictures on my phone, realizing that I had taken way so many, as much as during my first furry convention. So I wanted to draw the guys I was hanging out at this last NordicFuzzCon. Usually I don’t like doing that, because I know I will miss drawing people and they may feel bad, but I had already started, and I wanted to draw as many as possible during the entire flight, pausing when they served food and coffee, because of course, I never say no to food.

Arriving to United States, crossing customs was even easier than the last time, they just asked me where I was coming from, I said Sweden, and the officer immediately stamped my passport and let me in. But now I had to wait, again, at the JFK airport because my friend whom I was staying in his department in Brooklyn, :iconneonoirex:Yoshi Azul, was not at home yet, so I waited there until it was time to order an Uber. But I failed horribly, setting the address of his old house, currently his parents’ house, good thing is the driver allowed me to remain in the same ride, before he ended the service, and he could take me to his current address. It was so stupid from me, because even I had told Yoshi a comment about his street, that reminded it me a song by Yellowcard, and not even with that comment I could notice that the first address had something wrong. I can’t imagine going to that other house, knocking the door, and telling them “Hey, I’m Paco, I’m a furry friend of your son”.

Yoshi was an excellent host, he took me to the laundry, prepared me dinner and breakfast, set me a very comfortable inflatable bed, and gave me some gifts from my birthday that happened a month before. Thanks, Yoshi!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Yoshi and I took an Uber from his place to La Guardia Airport, it was my first time traveling with Southwest Airline, so I was very confused about how we were supposed to board the plane or where our sit was, so it seems to be first come first serve, and it depends on the group you were selected.

We arrived to Dallas, going directly to the Hyatt, where Texas Furry Fiesta was going to be held. That first day there were few furries around, something weird comparing to NordicFuzzCon when on Wednesday it was already the convention and all the furries were already there. But I could hang out with some furs who I knew, including Suka, who was very nice to give me a very nice badge, which had a NFC chip, so whoever touches my badge with their phone, could access to my Twitter profile, technology is arriving to furry badges.


Thursday, February 27, 2020

Our breakfast plan was simple, we were going to Cindi’s (a breakfast restaurant that is 2 blocks away the hotel), and then going to the supermarket to buy supplies for the convention. But in our way to the exit of the hotel, we found many people we knew, who were wanting to go out for breakfast, and they joined us, we ended up being a long table with lot of people.
Of course we went to the supermarket after it, and in our way back, we could see a leaning tower, and a big crane trying to demolish it, for us, that was weird, we were discussing that if those big buildings were not supposed to be demolished with explosives, and how weird that it was leaned, that could be dangerous. And then, we read on the news: “Failed building demolition creates the 'leaning tower of Dallas'”, and pictures of the exact building we were seeing, haha.

Thursday was not the official day for the convention to be started, yet, but we could pick our badges if we had pre-registered. I was missing a lot to make an art jam, but I know very few artists in America, of course I have artist friends, but most of people I know from USA is engineer, and I had very few friends who are artists that were attending TFF. Fortunately, I found :iconricochetwolf:Ricochet, a friend from Alaska, and I could make an art trade with him, his part of the trade was beautiful.

I also found that day my new fursuit crush: Pique, the bunny. I had drawn him some years ago but he finally got his fursuit, and it was incredibly cute, every time I saw him I had to hug him, fortunately he was out very often, and I could take many pictures of him and with him.

Friday, February 28. 2020

We had to wake up very early for signing up for the Artist Alley lottery, this year the place was very packed, so we had to be lucky to get a spot for the day. Yes, Texas Furry Fiesta’s artist alley is by lottery, so we need to be lucky. I was lucky, and I was happy about it because I was planning only to be in the Artist Alley during Friday, and no other day, so I was really wishing to have a spot that day. Sadly, my friend Koidel didn’t get one, and he was planning to be the three days of the con. Fortunately, he had better luck the day after.

I received some cute visits during my time on the Artist Alley, including Ringo Raccoon, an old friend who always make me very happy to see, and it was funny that this convention, I never saw him a single moment out of suit, he always was a raccoon. At this TFF, he was a sith, wearing a black tunic and a red lightsaber. Oh no! He joined the dark side, they gave him cookies.

TFF have gotten permission of the Reunion Tower to allow fursuits up the tower for 3 years now, and I haven’t gotten the chance to go there, reasons always happened that prevented me to be there, but this time I finally could. I went up in fursuit, I met many other fursuiters up there, like Scuffles, Keliff, Ventron, Nesheph, KP… and sorry if I forget someone.

Saturday, February 29. 2020

Yay, February has 29 days this year! So one more day for this year.

It was the Fursuit Parade day, something I always look forward to, I’m not sure if I’m a minority of those who really enjoy fursuit parades, probably not because otherwise not many fursuiters would attend it. This one at TFF was very funny because there was a line for entering to the room for the photo group and lining up, so it was a line for the line, and it was looking like an actual pre-fursuit parade, people were even already taking us pictures.

It happened that I decided to go to the Dance Competition, something that, honestly, I almost never attend, it is always crowded, but I had a little time to waste around the convention so I entered the room, and just when I was taking seat, it was finishing a performance of a dancer, when suddenly, in the microphone someone was saying, repeatedly, the word “Testicles”, I was not getting what exactly was happening, if I was listening wrong, if it was an inside joke on the event that I had missed for getting there late, or if it was part of the performance. But then I noticed that everyone was very confused: the dancer, the judges, JD Pup who was the host, and everyone in the audience. I knew later it was a very weird mistake with the microphones and someone trying to test a microphone somewhere else, and then, that moment turned in a meme of this edition of TFF.

Another fun thing of that Saturday was going to the Inflatable panel, this time we were more than permitted to play with the inflatable toys, as the opposite than the one at NFC.

I don’t remember when exactly happened this, but I remember something very funny with Taebyn, that he was trying to tell about when I was in his panel at Further Confusion, and I gave him a drawing, but he’s so distracted that he was rambling a lot before getting to the point of his story. Uhm, this anecdote doesn’t sound really funny when I write it, but I want to include it on my report so I don’t forget about this.

Sunday, March 1. 2020

Before closing ceremonies, I went with :icondomin-omega:Targus, Koidel, Flurrabell and :icondahanc:Dahan to eat on the food trucks.

I was in fursuit for doodles for charity, but before arriving to the tables to start drawing, I found Sunny Dingo, Taebyn, Tiger the Meerkat and Cosmic, such lovely guys.
Also I found Tealeaf, Riff and Asyx, as Keto. I just mention this because I’m always happy to see all of them, just their existence makes me happy and I feel so lucky they’re also glad to see me, or at least that’s my impression, hehe.

Closing ceremonies was a blast, I could have the chance to enter on the first batch of people, because Sponsor (I almost never take advantage of the Sponsor benefits, this time I didn’t even took one of the Sponsor ribbons to stick it on my badge). But instead taking a preferential seat, I started playing with the audience, I love this because it reminds me of my very old ages of being a mascot back in high school, also I loved that Taebyn and other fursuiter joined me on that task, and we were kind of dancing (if we can call “dance” to whatever we were doing) and playing together, it was more like a show for the audience for their waiting for closing ceremonies, I was having so much fun that this time I considered it was a very short time of waiting for the ceremonies to start. Awroo, I always save a clean balaclava with me in a pocket in the fursuit, so I can change it if I take so long in fursuit, and I don’t want to keep using a gross wet one, and during closing ceremonies I lost it at some point with my keycard. Fortunately, the hotel helped me with the keycard without ruining the magic, and they even gave me one of the TFF cards again, instead a regular boring one, but I didn’t recover my balaclava, and it was a new one, I had just bought it at that con.

That evening, I didn’t want to sleep early, and I was wanting to do some art jams again, I found Hoodie Fox (or I always knew him as Kitsune Zero) drawing in a table, and I did an art trade with him. I slept that night around 5 am, and not even going to a party or anything, just drawing, because I’m such a nerd.

Monday, March 2. 2020

The very last day of the trip, I don’t know what to report on this last day, we went to have breakfast again at Cindi’s, and again many guys joined us, I could say goodbye to some folks, and then we took an Uber to the airport. I was not alone this time, Targus was going to be in my same flight and we could have seats together. I arrived to Guadalajara, Roni picked me up at the airport, and just arriving home, I slept for hours, I think I slept for 13 hours, my body was claiming me to recover those non-sleeping hours of the trip.

If you want to see the pictures from Texas Furry Fiesta I took:…

Now that I’m back to my regular life, I’ve gotten very obsessed with the new EP album of Baxxter & Burrs and all the new songs of NordicFuzzCon, I can’t stop listening to them, and some of them make me have really good memories of this unforgettable trip.
It’s so surprising for me that every trip I do, I come back with new friends, learning new things, and with many new fresh things in my head. This fandom changed my life for good and I’m so grateful with this big family. Thanks for reading my journal, I know this time was really long, and probably most of people who started reading it, didn’t get to this point (comment mew mew if you did), or didn’t read it complete, but I don’t blame you, it’s not as fun as some other novels. This took 15 pages of Word, it was really like a short novel. Hope you enjoyed reading it as I did writing it.

See you next con! 

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22 min read

I need to introduce this journal saying this was an amazing trip, it was spectacularly better than I expected, and I really had too many expectations about this.

The trip was getting closer, and I was, as always, very busy finishing many drawings with deadlines and getting ready for my two weeks’ absence at home, and it was when I found I had bought my tickets in a very weird way. I purchased the flight tickets way before and I’m not sure if I was not completely conscious or why I did take the decision to take a flight from Mexico City to Tijuana (I’m from Guadalajara, Mexico City is 7 hours driving away from me), so I had to figure out how to get to Mexico City, usually I take flights, but there were no flights that could fit in the time for getting that next one, so I had to take a nocturnal bus. And that’s not all, the flight had a layover in Hermosillo, the capital city of Sonora, but still a little town, with the smallest airport I’ve ever been. And my destination was not Tijuana, I chose to arrive there because I could easily cross the border from the airport to get in San Diego, California.


After more than 12 hours traveling, immediately arriving to San Diego, I was picked by my friend Kazan, and his human roomie Joseph. (Well, I waited for them for an hour). We had Dim Sum for breakfast, and they drove me to a little town that is one hour away San Diego: Julian, where we went to a tour around an old gold mine, where the tour guide made a birthday ritual for me in the dark of the mine. Haha, that sounds so wrong but it was fine, but it was during a demonstration of how dark was the mine for the miners who had to be working with the light of candles, and he asked who was going to celebrate their birthday, and mine was a week ahead, so the tour sung for me the American birthday song while we were in the dark.
Out the mines, we met my friend OtherOtter, who I hadn’t seen him since 2017, and he took a session of pictures around the mines to Kazan and me in fursuit. Pictures that I haven’t seen, yet. Hopefully soon.

Another thing we knew about Julian, CA. other than their gold mines and how old western the place looks, was that the town is famous for their apple pie, and they were right, we went to a restaurant of pies, I tried the classic apple pie with a coffee and it was delicious. After it we went to have dinner to a place which looked like taken from a Western movie, and we ordered hot apple cider, which were huge, American size!

Next day, and my last complete day in San Diego, Kazan took me to the Safari Park. It was my second time in San Diego, and I had already visited the San Diego zoo, when it already had their pandas (main reason I wanted to go to San Diego back then), but this time was time for the Safari Park, another extension of the San Diego Zoo. It took us a big part of the day, and it was a nice experience, I never say no to go to zoos, I love seeing animals and taking them pictures, the nicest thing on that zoo was getting the chance to see a cheetah running. Going out the zoo, we went to have dinner to a Korean BBQ, which was not all you can eat, sadly, but it was also very nice. And the day ended with a nice board game: Betrayal at House on the Hill. I’m usually more of very classic mainstream board games like Monopoly, Life or Trouble, but that one was a really fun one and very easy to understand.

I only planned to stay 2 days in San Diego, from there going to San José, CA by train, but train was expensive and according the webpage, it didn’t allow to passengers to carry too much luggage, and I was carrying with two big suitcases, a carry on and a big backpack, it was like if I were moving, but nop, just a silly furry carrying with two fursuits. So I found a cheaper option that was taking a Greyhound bus. It was not enough my first (horrible) experience taking a bus of that line two years ago, I had to repeat it. A toilet smelling bus with lot of people who some of them didn’t take a shower in days, with no curtains, the sun through the window with no mercy, and definitely no AC, for 11 hours. But I always see the Brightside, I was crossing many nice landscapes, I could see for first time the Hollywood sign, and… even if I’m not of playing games on the mobile, I installed a game for the iPad: Papers please, which got me very addicted for hours, so the trip was faster than it was.

If you want to check my pictures of my San Diego trip:…


Sometimes I’m so shy to ask over and over again my friend Croc to crash at his place when I’m in San Jose, I worry that I’m a nuisance for him and/or his mates, but he’s one of my best friends and I enjoy spending time with him and his partners. This time I had a better reason to visit him, and it was that :iconhenrieke: Henrieke and :iconkarpour:Karpour were also visiting them. They are two of my most favorite artists, I just met them a year ago during NordicFuzzCon, and I became friend of them, they told me they were coming to America for Further Confusion, and spending time around the area before the convention, and they offered me to be with them.

The first day was very well-timed that I needed to go to a postal office; Karpour and Henrieke needed to go to a mall for buying a SIM card, and the mall that we went had also a postal office. We ate at Red Robins, ordering a tower of onion rings for the three of us, and the size of that tower reminded us that we were in United States. I finally tried the Cream Soda that my friend Shorty had recommended me to try, and it was delicious. At that mall, we also went to an arcade, where Karpour found a dancing game that, according him, it was only in Japan, and he was wanting to play it, I also danced one game and I was not so terrible (it was on easy mode, of course). I also played Mario and Sonic at Olympic games, and Mario Kart, with Henrieke. Then we went to a Mexican supermarket, we bought some Jarritos, and I was surprised they have the Mamut cookies for sale, with the illustrations I did almost 6 years ago. They bought a box of those.

The next day, Croc, Bacon, Yippee, Henrieke, Karpour and I, went to Sierra Vista, some hills that have a wonderful view to San Jose, that look like coming from a Windows XP wallpaper, we went during golden hour, so the view and the lighting was amazing, especially for pictures. We rewarded ourselves with a coffee in Starbucks and then a delicious dinner of deep dish pizza, where we had to wait more than 30 minutes, but that time went so fast since we were drawing and chatting, I did an art trade with Karpour.

Check my pics of this part of the trip here:…


One awesome plan I was kind of shy to have sticked with Karpour, Henrieke and SlyCat, was going to San Francisco. I was embarrassed to be part of that plan because they had planned that the three of them, and I decided to join to it some weeks before, when they already have a room booked, but they were nice to me and welcomed me in the plan. I was wanting to go back to San Francisco, last time I was there, I only be there less than a day and I thought it was a very nice city. We stayed in a historical hostel on the Fort Mason, it was a very cool place but for a moment I was missing the amenities of a hotel, I was sharing room with a guy who seemed dangerous, I found a knife on the drawer that supposed to correspond to my bed, I was about to report it because I thought a previous guest had left it there and I didn’t want them to think that was mine, but it was from that guy, besides him it was a guy who hadn’t taken a shower for days, his scent was very powerful, we had to share the shower, and the water was very cold, it was that moment that I would have preferred to pay some extra dollars per night to stay in a comfortable hotel, but that feeling was over very fast, I thought it was part of the adventure, and it was something I would remember as part of the experience.

Our first day on San Francisco, Tachi was our local tour guide, we walked on the Salesforce park, then he took us to the Japanese Town and a place full of Pinball machines, to end the day at Tachi’s place, where we ate pizza and enjoyed the amazing view he has on his terrace to the San Francisco skyline and the SF-Oakland bridge.

Next day we walked around Pier 39, having some coffee while seeing (and smelling) the sea lions lying around the pier (I will never forget that Majira, two years ago back in Mexico, thought that “Malecon” was about a convention of males, but that’s the Spanish word for Pier). And that day it happened one of the things I never thought I could do, and it was visiting the Pixar Animation Studios. Thanks to Henrieke, who has the right contacts and she had befriended Jeff Pidgeon, one of the animators and voice actors of Pixar, and he could invite us to the studios. It was like a dream come true to be in that place, with me, being a big fan of Pixar for most part of my life (my obsession for Pixar started with Finding Nemo, and realizing I had loved all the movies they had done). I was fanboying inside while Jeff was giving us the tour and explaining how was the art process of Toy Story 4.

We wanted to see the sunset in San Francisco, and we went to the Coit Tower to see it, but it was unfortunate that the tower was closed before sunset, so we just watched it on the hill where the tower is, and from there we walked through Lombard street to see the famous serpentine street, it was also an experience to walk those steep streets of San Francisco. Even when part of our group was tired, we walked to Pier 45 to check the Musée Mécanique to check and to spend many quarters on those old coin machines, it was very fun.

Our last day in San Francisco, before coming back to San José for Further Confusion, we divided the group, because some of us wanted to go to the Walt Disney Family Museum, but others had visited it yet and they wanted to do other things, it was a great museum, I would have loved to check it with calm and read absolute everything about the life of Walt Disney, at first I thought 2 hours were going to be enough to check all the museum but it was not, we had to rush a little bit. That part of the day was very rushing, but in a fun way, we had to meet together again and catch the train back to San José, we barely had time to eat something so we bought some slices of pizza. We run to the train, and we ate our pizza slices in our way back to San José.

I took too many pictures of this part of the trip, if you want to check them, are here:…


Two years ago, I attended Further Confusion for first time, I have too many friends from the bay area, and all of them attend FC year by year, so even if it is a very bad time of the year for me to travel (many expenses to pay for the beginning of the year, Roni’s and my birthday, and, for some reason, not very cheap flight tickets from Guadalajara to San Jose (but the other way back, are very cheap) ), I wanted to attend, and I’m not sure what happened back then. The trip before the convention was amazing, I visited too many friends in San Diego and San Jose as this year, and they wanted to take me to many places, it was very nice, but the convention, FC 2018, was so boring for me, it was like all my friends were busy, and there were many moments I had no idea what else to do, so I had decided to not come again to Further Confusion, it was not a bad convention, but I felt it was not for me.

But suddenly, an invitation for Further Confusion 2020 came out some months ago, :iconshortydragon:Shorty, Henrieke and Karpour were wanting me to attend, and I couldn’t say no to them, so it was time to give FC another chance. And oh boy, what a change, it turned in one of my favorite conventions I’ve ever been, so definitely no regrets, and I’m so glad I could give this event a second chance. Unfortunately, Shorty couldn’t come in the end, and I was supposed to room with him, so I had to be squeezed in the Henrieke and Karpour’s room, with :iconeligecos:Eligecos and his brother Byte, so yeah, I was the 5th person in the room, I had to sleep on the floor, which was not as bad as I thought.

Another reason I usually don’t consider Further Confusion in my list of conventions to attend, is because it is during my birthday, and I’m very used to celebrate my birthday with :iconronithedog:Roni’s (my boyfriend), whose birthday is two days before mine; and FC is always during the weekend of our birthdays, and nop, Roni is not able to travel to USA, yet, so I can’t take him with me. But since this year I wanted to see again these friends who were coming from Europe, I made an exception, and Roni told me it was very okay. So for first time, I celebrated my birthday at a furry convention, which was on Sunday January 19. I will tell you later how was this day, I want to start telling you what happened the first day, on Friday.

It was a working day at the artist alley, but it was fine, I filled up my queue of commissions very fast as always, and I was working on them while I was visited by some friends and some fluffy cute big animals. The dealers den was closed at 6 and I wanted to see the Taebyn’s panel that started at 7, and many people were asking me what were my plans for dinner, but if I went for dinner at that time, I was going to miss the Bedtime stories of Taebyn, so I decided to say no to all of the invitations and getting dinner by my own later, but it was very nice from Koidel who bought me a burrito. I don’t regret of missing many dinner invitations because Taebyn’s panel was very funny. And I have that thing that I cannot just listen, I always need to be doing something, and that happened to me since I was in school, and even did that during college, so I needed to be drawing. I did the same while Taebyn was reading the story books, and I decided to draw Taebyn, I gave him that drawing at the end of the panel and I think he got very excited for it.

In the end of that day, it was time for an Art Jam with many toon artists, I was very blessed being around many people I admire a lot. While we were drawing, two big polar bears appeared running to us, one of them was :iconmatrices:Matrices, and she offered me if I wanted to be in one of those inflatable polar bear suits, of course I accepted. Wish there could be more people around to interact with while I was a polar bear, but it was hilarious anyway.

I decided to make this convention a very relaxing one, so I only requested the artist alley for one single day, and I could enjoy the rest of the convention, I’m very tempted to do that same movement from now and then, because it was so relaxing to be enjoying the rest of the weekend. That second day I saw Ringo and :iconredwulf:Redwulf, and check the dealers den with them when they just opened it. Then I could be, for first time in the year, the panda, and it was for the Fursuit Parade, that how I love fursuit parades, I’m kind of sad when some conventions decide to not do the parade anymore, or they change it for the festivals where everyone is wandering around, I think I’m getting kind of old school. I still remember with lot of love my first furry convention (Anthrocon 2015) and how amazing was participating on that parade.

After the parade, I could be in my panda form for some couple of hours more and to spend time with Suka, who was asking me for getting dinner with me since Thursday I arrived to the hotel and we couldn’t arrange it yet, until then, also Tonya and Koidel joined to the plan.

Something new that Further Confusion introduced was the Night Market, I was curious to know what was that about, but we had to make a long line of about 30 minutes to get in, which honestly was the most exciting of that event, because during the line, I could met :iconfurryjay:Jay Folfsky, who was very excited to meet me, but really, I feel like I’m just one furry more, wish I could be as special as some people think I am, but I really think I’m a boring guy, hehe well, I won’t talk about my inferiority complexes on this journal, but it was great to have met him, I even did a very quick doodle to him, he almost cried and even he was exaggerating saying he was going to turn that doodle in a tattoo, I really hope he was joking because that was not even a good doodle. The time we were in the Night market…well, I was not even sure what exactly I was expecting, I think what it made me go was the sensationalism, but definitely it was not my thing. Later that day I went to a party that I really enjoyed, I’m not a big party boy, I usually don’t like parties, they make me feel very overwhelmed, those usually have loud music and I’m partially deaf, so I’m very unable to communicate with people around me; I don’t drink alcohol, and the point of many parties is for drinking, I had bad experiences, not sure if it is only a Mexican culture, when they feel offended if you are not drinking in a party as all of them, and they make you drink, there are many reasons why I avoid parties. But as I said, I enjoyed that party I attended that day, because it was not like the others, some people were drinking, of course, but that was not the point of it, the room was like a fort of blankets and lots of pillows, some were watching cartoons on the TV, others were playing card games, others were just chatting, there were some fursuiters, including me, I was there in fursuit, and I enjoyed watching some Tiny Toones, Animaniacs and Rugrats episodes, and then talking with some friends, like Panda. I couldn’t realize where the time went that suddenly it was 2 in the morning.

And finally, the Birthday!! As I said just before, I’m not a party boy, and I’m not very patient anymore organizing going outs during conventions. So I didn’t plan anything special, I just wanted to move according the flow of the day, but…spoiler: it turned in one of my favorite birthdays ever.

The only goal I had that day was being a panda as much time as possible, and being surrounded by many other animal people, that sounded like an awesome plan that I always wanted to live during a birthday of me. If I could tell the teenager Paco of 15 years old that one of my birthdays was going to be like that, he would be as same as happy as I was at this current age.
First of all, I wanted to finish a commission, then I went to have some lunch with my friend Jordan. Just after that was when I could be a panda, first thing I did was going to the inflatable panel and play around with other fursuiters, there I could see Baseball the bat and Koidel Coyote.
For surprise of many people, I was on stage for the Talent Show (FA: Unleashed), but helping Cassidy on her act, she was singing and dancing an original song, in the middle of the song, Koidel and I showed up as backup dancers to finish the act. It was a fun experience and definitely would repeat it (If I had any other talent…than just drawing, but really, I’m completely empty of any other talent). You can see the act here:

Just after the show, LepKitty, Adilor and :iconjordanrinehart:Jordan was waiting for me with a surprise box for my birthday, it was a chocolate cake!! So in the end, I had a cake for my birthday, I was about to cry of happiness, that was so sweet of them (also the cake was so sweet). It was a big cake, so I was offering some people, even if I didn’t know them, those who were getting close to me to say happy birthday, to take a slice of cake, there was enough for everyone.

Oh yeah, and I got many cool birthday gifts, from Gab Shiba, Hobby Panda, :iconfoxfan1992:Jake Shepherd, KK, and more that I don’t remember, aaaah, I’m so terrible!

To finish that day, I went to the Art Jam table once again, got some final trades with very cool artists (Henrieke, :icongeekfox:Geek Fox, Tachi, Scruff..), and just in the end of the day, Baseball the Bat showed up to the table, carrying a big pencil with him, ready for drawing with us, and in that moment, they turned off the lights of the convention center, announcing the day was over, I was feeling so bad for Baseball because he was very excited to join us, and we knew that they did that every night, to announce we should go to the rooms, but I don’t know what happened that suddenly they turned on the lights back, and we could continue drawing and chilling around, trying to make that last night of the con lasting until the very last second. And yes, I got another picture by Baseball, as those I got at NordicFuzzCon last year, I was very happy for it. Now he knows, because I said it in front of him, but otherwise I would very shy to say this because there is a big chance he’s gonna read this journal…. But if I could make a top 10 best fursuiters, Baseball the Bat would definitely be in that list.

Some hours later (yeah, I didn’t sleep a lot) I took a direct flight back home.
Oh, and of course I took pictures during Further Confusion, if you want to check them, are here:…

As I said, I’m so glad I decided to come back to FC, to give it a second chance, I could collect many new gold unforgettable memories that I will keep with me forever. Thank you to everyone who attended FC, who gave me a hug, who took a picture of my silly monochromatic fursona, who wished me a happy birthday, and all who are making this community more and more awesome.

Also thanks to you for reading my journal, comment bark bark even if you are not a dog if you read until here (I’m not a dog either, but I like dogs). My next convention is NordicFuzzCon, in Malmö, Sweden. My next American convention is TexasFurryFiesta. If you are attending any of those, see you there!!

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26 min read

ESPAÑOL (English below)

Confuror 2019 se ha convertido en una de mis convenciones favoritas, y no tuve que viajar muy lejos para poder vivir tal experiencia, únicamente unos 20 minutos de mi casa.
No es la única convención en la que soy staff, pero sí es a la que más participo siendo staff, con cosas que van más allá únicamente de arte. Por lo que ver que en lo que estuve trabajando de a gratis por horas, y ver los resultados tan magníficos, donde toda la gente se divirtió, tuvo el tiempo de su vida, conocieron a tantas nuevas personas, y se la pasaron tiempos que recordarán por el resto de su vida… se vuelve realmente satisfactorio.

Antes de que Confuror ocurriera, una semana antes, vinieron a visitarme Kazan y Polaris Beaver. A quienes llevamos a turistearlos :iconronithedog:Roni y yo por los alrededores de Guadalajara, fuimos a Tlaquepaque, a Chapala y a Ajijic. También recogimos del aeropuerto a Skippy Fox y Kitt, y a todos ellos los llevamos a que conocieran el centro de Guadalajara, un día particularmente bonito, y hasta les tocó ver un poco de la romería, una celebración que se le hace a la virgen de Zapopan. De igual forma recogimos a Pepper Coyote, Gnaw y a Tony Bear del aeropuerto. En fin, que ha sido la vez que más veces hemos ido al aeropuerto en tan pocos días.

El jueves llegamos al hotel, nuestra idea era pasar al registro por nuestro badge, ir al super a comprar insumos para el fin de semana, y después ir a cenar. Pero todos los planes cambiaron y se revolvieron cuando tuvimos que esperar como 2 horas para que nuestros compañeros recogieran su badge, y a nosotros nos dieron un badge temporal porque no les habían llegado aún las badges de todos los del staff. (De hecho, las recibimos hasta el sábado en la noche). Definitivamente se tiene que hacer algo al respecto para resolver las filas tan largas en los registros para los siguientes años.

Esa noche, le celebramos el cumpleaños a Kazan, con un pastel de tres leches y flan (¡muy rico!). Solo había llevado platos y servilletas, pero nunca se me ocurrió que necesitaríamos cubiertos, y vaya que, con un pastel tan aguado, los necesitábamos. Roni tuvo la gran idea de improvisar algunos cubiertos, recortando una botella de plástico. (Life hacks)

Fueron mis últimos momentos de tranquilidad y de poder darme el lujo de no hacer nada durante la convención, porque desde el día 1, no descansaba hasta que llegaba la hora de dormir (como a eso de las 3 o 4am)

Día 1: viernes 13 de octubre

Viernes y Sábado tenía que estar en el Artist Alley, como muchos pudieron darse cuenta, estuve muy poco tiempo ahí, fue más Roni quien me estuvo ayudando vendiendo productos míos, muchas gracias a quienes pasaron a saludarlo y a pedirle autógrafos, yo sentía feo de que él estuviera ahí sentado mientras ocurría gran parte de la convención (que es como casi siempre ocurre conmigo en otras convenciones, aunque yo me la paso bien, porque estoy vendiendo mis propios productos), pero me dice que él se la pasó de maravilla y que tiene muchas ganas de seguirme ayudando en futuras convenciones de la misma forma. Me alegra mucho.

Lo primero fue la sorpresa de que me requerían para la ceremonia de apertura, un pequeño performance en fursuit relacionado a una papaya, de la cual ya hasta me hicieron meme. Muchas gracias, Confuror.
Y como la ceremonia de apertura terminó justo a las 12, cuando yo ya tenía que dar mi primer panel, tuve que ir en fursuit.

Mi primer panel fue una actividad sobre dibujo, el cual había hecho primero en Fur-Eh, y ahora lo traje para Confuror, en el cual hubo mucha más participación (cerca de 50 asistentes). Los ponía a crear, entre varias personas, a personajes disparatados y tiras cómicas sin sentido. Afortunadamente no teníamos ningún otro panel la siguiente hora, por lo que pudimos extendernos una hora más, ya que todos sentían que una hora fue muy poco para esa actividad.

Yo no sé a dónde se iba el tiempo, porque según yo, tenía dos horas libres después de mi panel, pero solo pude ir a quitarme el fursuit, comer algo muy rápido en el Burger King de enfrente, y regresar porque ya iba a empezar un panel que no me quería perder: Parody Sing-Along con MaxDeGroot, donde ocurrió una bonita coincidencia. :icondahanc:Dahan, desde Texas, me regaló un peluche del castor de la gasolinera Buc-ee’s, entregándomela al verme llegar al panel de Max, y la primera canción que cantó Max fue “I am a big Beaver”, parodia de la canción “I’m a believer” de The Monkees.

En el panel “A Guide to Being a Fox” de Majira, Fox Amoore y Kiwi Fox. Majira me subió al escenario para hacerme ver que yo podría ser perfectamente un zorro (Mentiras, los pandas son mejores).

Y hasta el final del día, fue hora de nuestro Viernes Furry en Vivo, el cual pueden verlo en Youtube, fue verdaderamente muy divertido, muchas gracias a todos los que asistieron y nos hicieron juntar $1,943.50 mxn y $28 usd para la caridad:

Día 2: sábado 12 de octubre

Las tres primeras horas del Artist Alley por fin pude atenderlas yo mismo, pues Roni tuvo que ir a presentar los Fursuit Games, pude darme cuenta lo bien vendidas que estaban las playeras de Viernes Furry (ese mismo sábado en la mañana se acabaron) y el gran éxito que tuvieron los badges de Paws, Maws, Tummies y Tails que estaba vendiendo, y apenas empezó el día y se acabaron los badges de Paws. También aproveché, antes de que se abriera oficialmente el artista alley, para comprar algunos productos a otros artistas, entre ellos a Alma Lilia de Perros de Agua, y a Kimi.

Justo terminaron los Fursuit Games, Roni regresó a la mesa, y yo tuve que ir por algo de comer, porque después de eso tenía mis pocas últimas horas libres del fin de semana, las cuales las aproveché para visitar el cuarto de Majira y Kiwi. Planeábamos salir al centro de convenciones para fursuitear juntos con el bote para juntar dinero para la caridad, pero en vez de ser Paco Panda, Majira me prestó su fursuit.
Si yo pensaba que cuando salía en fursuit, era difícil caminar por los que me piden foto, estaba en un gran error. Ser Majira es eso, elevado a la décima potencia. Apenas se abrió el elevador al centro de convenciones, y nos quedamos más de 10 minutos tomándonos fotos. A mí me encanta poder convivir con la gente y jugar con ella mientras uno es un gigantesco animal bobo, es algo que disfruto muchísimo, y es también algo que intenté hacer mientras yo era Majira, aunque aumentaba un poco la dificultad porque mientras convivía con los chicos que saludaban y que querían foto, otros ya querían también tener su tiempo.
Muchos no notaron que ese Majira era más bajito de lo normal, e incluso alguien me dijo “Oh Majira, era verdad que eres muy alto”, cuando en realidad era alguien de mí mismo tamaño. Pero muchos sí que lo notaron, y para confirmar que sus dudas no eran erróneas, comenzaba a hablar en español, lo cual recibió muchas reacciones graciosas. Pero hubo una chica la cual se emocionó muchísimo, gritó y abrazó a Majira, y pude ver como corrían lágrimas de sus ojos, que no pude romperle la magia, así que imité la voz de Majira y le decía cosas bonitas en inglés, y ella se fue más que feliz.
No terminó ahí, me puse a guiar una conga alrededor del dealers den, me hicieron bailar como Pennywise, seguía brincando de aquí para allá, hasta que de pronto perdí por completo mis energías, pero para poder regresar de donde estábamos a los elevadores, todavía teníamos que pasar por muchas personas que querían saludarlo o tomarle fotos, y nunca he podido decirle a alguien que no.

No solo era que ya estaba agotado, también que ya pronto iba a empezar el panel de Preguntas y Respuestas a Majira, y había quedado con que yo iba a ayudar con la traducción de las preguntas a inglés y las respuestas a español. No es nada fácil, es de las cosas más difíciles que existen, porque no solo es poner completa atención a lo que dicen y al contexto, sino además de memorizar todo lo que dicen para poderlo repetir al otro idioma. No fue traducción simultánea, más bien, tenía que esperar a que terminaran de hablar para traducir lo que dijeron, pues mi traducción también terminó siendo parte de lo divertido del show. Al principio, estaba sudando mucho, sentía que todo el público me juzgaba, porque la gran mayoría presente, hablaban tanto español como inglés, y pensaba que, si hacía una traducción incorrecta o incompleta, podrían molestarse, pero después me dejó de importar y traté de hacerlo lo más divertido posible.

Después de ese evento, y de firmar muchos autógrafos en la parte trasera del conbook, llegué como 30 minutos tarde al panel de Creating Character Voices de Max DeGroot, el cual estuvo interesantísimo y muy bien recibido.
Tuve que ir a comer algo rápido antes de que comenzara el concierto de Foxes & Peppers, el cual estuvo muy lleno, con personas de pie (no hubo asientos), y un show excelente, donde no solo cantaron muchos de sus éxitos, sino también algunos pocos covers, entre ellos La Bamba y Cielito Lindo (con letra modificada por Pepper).

Día 3: domingo 13 de octubre.

Último día y me doy cuenta que va a ser mi día más ocupado de todo el fin de semana, donde no voy a tener ni un solo momento de tiempo libre. Comenzando con que el fursuit parade empezaba a las 9am. Yo pensé que por ser tan temprano, no muchos irían, pero vaya que todos querían estar en la foto grupal, la cual fue enfrente de la fuente de la Minerva, muy bonita toma, pero cómo nos agotamos, especialmente por tener el sol justo atrás de nosotros.  

Tuve que ir a secar rápidamente mi fursuit para que estuviera listo para mi próximo panel, las charadas de fursuits, las cuales decidí presentarlas completamente en inglés, pero como yo iba a ser el presentador, no podía estar en fursuit, pero sí que quería que Paco Panda jugara, por lo que le presté mi fursuit a Polaris para que él fuera yo.

Fueron unos juegos muy divertidos, mucho más exitosos de lo que yo pensé. Fueron 16 fursuiters jugando en 4 equipos: Paws, Maws, Tummies y Tails. En cada uno había alguien que yo conocía muy bien. En el equipo Paws estaba Koidel, en el equipo Maws estuvo Oatmeal, en el equipo Tummies estuvo Paco Panda (mi yo espiritual), y en el Tails estuvo Brainfreeze. El equpo Tails estuvo en último lugar, mientras que el equipo Paws ganó con 28 puntos, y el Maws quedó en segundo lugar con 27.

Después de las charadas, pude, por primera vez en todo el fin de semana, darme una vuelta por el dealers den (sin fursuit). Donde me puse a comprar muchos artículos y platicar con muchos de los artistas que no había podido ver en todo el evento. Me perdí el concurso de baile porque, además que iba a ser mi único momento para pasearme por el lugar de ventas, me habían dicho que estaba a reventar y que nadie más podía entrar a ver el concurso.

Justo terminó el concurso y tuve que acomodar ese mismo salón para que pudiera ser posible el evento de Garabatos para la Caridad, donde cité a 8 fursuiters: Koidel, :iconmilkoblackwolf:Milko, Sky the skunk, Brainfreeze, :iconmax350z:Max, Franko, Majira y Kiwi, les di un bonche de crayones, y se pusieron a dibujar a los que quisieran un dibujo de ellos, pero más que comisiones, fueron garabatos, incluso de palitos y bolitas, y la gente donaba lo que quisieran para poder obtener un dibujo de ellos, esas donaciones fueron para la caridad, al final del día juntamos $3,962mxn y $50usd, muchísimo más de lo que me imaginé que juntaríamos.

El evento ya había terminado y muchos fursuiters seguían dibujando, y ya se estaba preparando el salón para la subasta para la caridad, fue un pequeño momento de estrés tanto el montar este evento como desmontarlo, pero al final me llevé una gran satisfacción de que entre todos juntáramos tal cantidad, y que los fursuiters se divirtieron mucho dibujando.

Me quedé a la subasta de caridad, porque yo había donado dos cuadros impresos, el primero de ellos, que fue el poster que hice para la convención, llegó en $800 mxn, pero el segundo, que fue uno que hice para BLFC del 2017, llegó a $5,600 pesos, algo que tampoco me imaginaba.

Para la ceremonia de clausura, Jib Kodi había preparado un video promocionando el tema del siguiente año, en el cual algunos amigos ayudamos para las voces. La gente se volvió loca cuando se presentó el video, aunque hubo un error de coordinación, porque se supone que después del video, saldrían unos luchadores al escenario, sin embargo, salieron durante el video, ups.
Y sí, Jib Kodi será el invitado de honor de Confuror 2020.…

Mi plan después de la ceremonia de clausura, era salir nuevamente en fursuit para el Dead Dog Dance, sin embargo, Majira me invitó a una mini fiesta en su cuarto donde grabamos dos videos, uno para el canal de Kiwi y otro para el canal de Majira, y ahí nos quedamos, pues poco a poco iba llegando más gente, y eso no terminó hasta la madrugada. Pensé que después de eso ya me iría a dormir, pero no, me puse a hacer mis maletas y luego a ayudarles un rato a recoger a los del staff, y luego a llevar a Kazan al aeropuerto, no dormimos sino hasta las 7 de la mañana, y desperté a las 11 de la mañana para seguir empacando y poder hacer el check out.

Una gran experiencia, pude ver a mucha gente que no veía desde hace años, también vi a gente que estaba experimentando su primera convención, y que se llevaron una experiencia inigualable. A lo mejor es por la euforia, pero considero que, si hiciera un ranking de mis ediciones de convención furry favorita, Confuror 2019 quedaría en segundo lugar. Definitivamente nos veremos en Confuror 2020.



Confuror 2019 has turned in one of my most favorite conventions ever, and the best thing is that I didn’t have to travel a lot to get there, only 20 minutes from home.
It is not the only convention I’m staff, but it is the one where I work the most (since I’m local, it is easier for me to be more involved). So when I see how well received it went something I was working too many hours of my life for free, it is very satisfactory. How all the people were having fun, how they were living the time of their life, how they were meeting so many people. So grateful for all the good words about the convention, but of course it wouldn’t be possible without an excellent team as the Confuror convention has.

Before the convention happened, a week before, I received some visits: Kazan and Polaris Beaver. :iconronithedog:Roni and I took them to sightseeing around Guadalajara, we went to Tlaquepaque, Chapala and Ajijic (read it as Ahihic, not as Ayiyic). Also we went to pick up some friends to the airport: Skippy Fox and Kitt, we took everyone to Guadalajara downtown and ate tortas ahogadas, it was particularly a nice day: beautiful sunset and they could see some events from the romeria, a celebration that is for Our Lady of Zapopan. Also we had to pick up Pepper Coyote, Gnaw and Tony Bear to the airport. It was the time we’ve gone more times to the airport in one single week.

On Thursday we arrived to the hotel, our original idea was picking up our badge at registration, then going to the supermarket to buy things for the weekend, and then going for dinner. But all the plans changed and got mixed because we had to wait that our friends waited in line for 2 hours, while we tried to get our badges that they didn’t have ready (most of the staff badges arrived until Saturday evening, so until then, we had to be carrying a temporary badge). I think that was the only bad thing of all the weekend, definitely the convention needs to work to improve registration.

That evening, after dinner, we celebrated Kazan’s birthday with a tres leches and flan cake (delicious!). I only brought plates and napkins, but no cutlery, so we had to improvise with a piece of laminator sheet for the knife, and Roni cut a plastic bottle to create spoons (Life hacks).

Those were my last quiet times where I could do nothing during my time in the hotel, because since day 1, I couldn’t be quiet since I woke up until it was my time to sleep, all day I were in a rush.

Day 1: Friday, October 13th

Friday and Saturday were my Artist Alley days, but as many of you who attended could notice, I was not in my table, I barely was there, it was Roni who was in charge of it most of the time, thanks a lot who pass by and said hi to him and even ask him for autographs, because I felt kind of bad he was there while the convention was happening (as most of times happens to me at other conventions, but well, I never complain, I like earning money from my own work and the experience of saying hi to people, and talking with other artists around me), but he told me he had a wonderful time, that he really wants to keep helping me on future conventions (that are not in USA, because he’s not able to go there u_u ).

I was surprised when they told me they required me for the opening ceremonies, for a little performance related to a papaya, now I’m a meme because of it (thanks, Confuror).
The opening ceremony finished at 12, and at that same time I had to host my first panel, so I had to be in fursuit, it was not my idea to be like that, hehe.

My first panel was an activity about drawing, the premiere of that panel by me was at Fur-Eh, so this is the second time I’m running it, and I had more participation than I expected, we had around 50 people there. We were creating strange creatures and non-sense comic strips; it was really fun. Fortunately, it was not any other panel after mine on that room, so we could expand our time there because people wanted to keep creating those crazy drawings.

I don’t know where the time was going to, because everything was happening too fast, it was supposed that I had some free hours after my panel, but I only could take off my fursuit, eat at Burger King, came back and my time was over. But well, it was for a panel I didn’t want to miss: Parody Sing-Along with Max DeGroot, where it happened a nice coincidence. When I arrived, I met :icondahanc:Dahan, who gave me a beaver plushie from the Texan gas station Buc-ee’s, and the first song that Max sang, was “I’m a big beaver”, parody from the song “I’m a believer” by The Monkees.

In the panel “A Guide to Being a Fox”, by Majira, Fox Amoore and Kiwi Fox. Majira made me come up to the stage, to evidence everyone I was more a fox than a panda (lies, pandas are better).

In the end of that day, it was time for our Viernes Furry Show, you can watch it on Youtube (it is completely in Spanish, I’m sorry), it was really fun, thanks a lot to all of you who attended it, we reached for donations $1,943.50 mxn and $28 usd for charity:

Day 2: Saturday, October 12th.

First three hours of the Artist Alley I was there in my table finally, because Roni had to host the Fursuit Games, and I could realize how well the Viernes Furry shirts were selling (we sold them out that same morning), and the big success the Paws, Maws, Tummies and Tails badges had, just the beginning of that day, we run out of the Paws badges. Also I took advantage before the Artist Alley was officially opened, to buy some items to other artists, among them, Alma Lilia from Perros de Agua, and Kimi.

Just when the Fursuit Games were over, Roni came back to the table, and I had to go to eat something, because just after that I had my last few free hours of that weekend, I took them to visit Majira and Kiwi to their room. We planned to wander around the convention center in fursuit with the charity jar, but me, instead being Paco, was going to be in Majira’s fursuit.
Before, I thought people asked me too many pictures, that it is very hard to be walking in fursuit because everyone is asking me for a picture, oh I was in a big mistake. Being Majira is that, but 10 times more. The elevator just opened its doors to the convention center and we stayed around that area for more than 10 minutes, taking pictures with the people. I love being around the people, play with them, being a giant silly goof furball, that’s something I enjoy a lot, and I tried to be the same way while I was Majira, but it was a little harder because while I tried to act silly with the people who said hi and wanted a picture, others already wanted to have their picture, one after one.
Many didn’t notice that Majira was smaller than usual, even someone said “Oh Majira, you’re really tall!” when we were exactly same size. But many other definitely noticed something strange on that Majira, and to confirm their doubts, I started speaking Spanish, action that received many funny answers. But there was a girl who got very excited when she saw Majira, she screamed, hugged me, and started crying, so I couldn’t ruin her the magic, so I acted like if I were the real Majira, trying to imitate his voice, telling her some nice words in English, and she was more than happy for that.
It didn’t finish there, I spent more time as Majira doing a conga line through the Dealers den, someone made me dance as Pennywise, I was skipping from here to there, and suddenly, I started losing my energy, I wanted to go back to the room to take off the fursuit, but we were kind of far from the elevators, so it took more time that I would have wanted because people kept asking for pictures, and I never want to say no.

Being tired was not the only reason we needed to go back to the room, it was also because it was about to start the Q&A panel of Majira, Fox Amoore and Kiwi; and even if the event had professional translators for the English panels, Majira wanted me to be translating Spanish questions to English, and all the answers to Spanish. That’s definitely not easy, it is one of the hardest things I’ve done, because it is not only pay completely attention and get the context of everything, but also memorize everything what they are saying to repeat it to the other language. It was not simultaneous translation, I had to wait until they stopped speaking so I could repeat everything to Spanish or English, but it was more like I was part of the show. At first, I was so nervous that I was even sweating, I was feeling that the audience was judging me, because most of them could speak perfectly both English and Spanish, and I thought they could be mad at me if I got a wrong or incomplete translation, but then I stopped worrying about that and tried to make it the funniest possible.

After that event and signing many last pages of conbooks (that was a thing during the convention), I could just check 30 minutes of the Max DeGroot’s panel “Creating Character Voices”, which was very interesting and it has a really good response by the audience.
I had to eat something very quickly after it because it was going to start the Foxes & Peppers concert, which was very full, people were standing up (there were no seats), and it was an excellent show, they didn’t only sing their hits, they also sang some covers, among them were La Bamba and Cielito Lindo (with funny modified lyrics by Pepper).

Day 3: Sunday, October 13th

Last day and I realized that it will be my busiest day of the weekend, where I won’t have any single free time. The first thing was the Fursuit Parade, which was at 9am, I thought not many were going to attend because it was too early, but it seems that everyone wanted to be in the picture, that was taken in front of the emblematic Minerva of Guadalajara, it was a really nice shot, but we got so exhausted because the sun was behind us.

I had to dry my fursuit very quickly so it could be ready for my next event: Fursuit Charades, which I decided to host them completely in English. I was the host, so I was not in Fursuit, but I really wanted to see Paco Panda playing, so I lent my fursuit to Polaris so he could be me.

They were really fun games, more successful than I thought. They were 16 fursuiters playing in 4 teams: Paws, Maws, Tummies and Tails. On each team there was someone who I knew very well. On the Paws Team, Koidel. On Maws Team, Oatmeal. On Tummies Team, Paco Panda (my spiritual me). And on Tails Team, Brainfreeze. Tails team was in last place, while the winner was Paws team with 28 points, Maws team was in second place with 27 points.

After charades, I could, for first time in all the weekend, take a look to the dealer’s den (without fursuit). I could buy a bunch of things and met artists I couldn’t meet during the rest of the weekend. I missed the dance competition, not only because that was my only moment I could check out the dealer’s den, but because I knew the main stage was completely full, nobody else could enter the room.

When the competition was over I had to prepare that same room because there was going to be my last event of the convention: Doodles for Charity, where I asked 8 fursuiters to show up: Koidel, :iconmilkoblackwolf:Milko, Sky the skunk, Brainfreeze, :iconmax350z:Max, Franko, Majira and Kiwi Fox; they had a bunch of crayons and paper so they could draw anyone who wanted a doodle by them, even if they were not artist and ended up drawing stick and circle characters, and people donated to charity to be able to get one. We got $3,962mxn and $50usd, even more than I imagined.

The time of the event was over and some fursuiters were still drawing, and the room was getting prepared for the next event, the charity auction, so it was a little time of stress seeing that we needed to clean the room for that event, people who were coming for the auction was arriving, also the hosts were showing up, and I was still cleaning and accommodating the mess we got for that doodles event, but in the end it was very satisfactory that we got such quantity, and all the fursuiters had fun drawing.

I stayed on that event that was starting, because I had donated two frames for the auction charity, the first of them was the picture I did for the promo flyers of the convention, and it was auctioned for $800 mxn, but the second one was a big surprise how high it reached, it was a picture I did for BLFC 2017, and it was auctioned for $5,600 mxn, something that I didn’t imagined either.

For closing ceremonies, Jib Kodi had prepared a new promo video with the theme of the convention of next year, which me and some friends helped him with some voice acting. People got crazy when the video was presented, even if there was a mistake of coordination, the plan was that after the video, some wrestlers were showing up to the stage, but they came up during the video, oops.
And yes, Jib Kodi is going to be Guest of Honor of Confuror 2020.…

My plan was that after closing ceremonies, I was going to be for last time in fursuit to dance on the Dead Dog Party, but nevertheless, Majira invited me to a mini room party where we recorded two videos, one for the Kiwi’s channel and other for Majira’s, so we stayed here, little by little more people were arriving, and it was so chilling and relaxing. I thought that after the party I was going to sleep but nop, I started packing and then helped a little bit to the staff to disassemble, then to take my friend Kazan to the airport, we didn’t sleep until 7am, and woke up at 11 in the morning to keep packing and could make the hotel check out.

A great experience, I could see many people I hadn’t seen in years, also I could see many people who were experiencing their very first furry convention ever, and they got an unforgettable experience.
Maybe this is for the euphoria, but if I could make a ranking of my most favorite conventions, Confuror 2019 would be on second place. So definitely we’ll see us at Confuror 2020.

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5 min read
I'm about to open for 31 slots of commissions!!

Because October is already here!!!

No, Paco, we're in August, and tomorrow we'll be on September.

OH yeah, I know! But I'm getting prepared for the annual Inktober challenge!!!
It consists in doing a DAILY drawing during all the month of October, all of them in traditional inks.
Have you seen the FOUR past year's challenges I did?
Here are the links if you want to see them.
I'm so glad many people have liked them.

The three first years I was taking them on a first come first serve basis, which was kind of unfair because I was filled in less than 5 minutes. Last year I did it different, I gave 5 days to people could write me an e-mail telling me their interest for having a slot, and also I was asking for an idea for the challenge. I was not biased for who are my friends or who had the cutest characters, but who had the best ideas, the best descriptions.

So yeah, once again, I'll do it like that, you don't need to be fast, but creative with your idea. (Also I can take your slot but having a better idea based on your idea, but of course asking you first, you need to be completely agree of what I'm going to draw for you).

I'll give 9 days. From Today, August 31st, to September 9th, 2019. 23:59 hrs CST) so you can write me an e-mail if you are interested on one of the 31 slots.

Last year, it was a themed Inktober, about Not Safe For Work (But Clean). You can check them out on this link, they were very funny:

This year will be themed again.
The title of the Paco Panda's Inktober 2019 will be:

--World Tour--

What is this about?
I'll draw 31 themed drawings about 31 different countries

You're gonna pick a country from this real world (Mexico, USA, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Kazakhstan, Egypt...), and give me a funny idea about it. It can be a cliché, a stereotype, a cultural reference, anything related to that country. Just be careful to not be offensive.
It is not necessary to be from THAT country you are choosing. And you can also send me more than one idea from more than one country. I'll only pick 1 per country, I won't repeat any country.
Your idea can be absurd, funny or interesting. Don't hesitate to give me either an interesant fact that I could represent for your chosen country, or something toony and crazy.

The description MUST be CLEAN ideas (Safe For Work).

So if you want to participate. Write me an e-mail at with this info:

  • -Your nickname
  • -Your username on Deviantart, Furaffinity, Inkbunny, Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook (only which applies)
  • -Your reference(s)
  • -Your idea for this challenge. And your country. (You can share me several ideas and several countries).

I'll only choose 31 ideas, according my consideration.
If I don't choose your idea, be sure I won't use your idea with any other character or on any other drawing. Your idea will be completely yours. I'll respect that.
If I choose your idea, you will be credited as the author of that.

I'll choose the 31 slots on September 9th, 2019

When I choose your idea, I'll reply you with the Paypal invoice (the cost will be $80 (USD) (it includes taxes), I promise the result will be awesome), and you'll have 5 days to pay (Until September 13th), otherwise I'll pick another e-mail (That's why I'm organizing this so long in advance).

Now some possible FAQs:

What if I have an idea with many characters?
1 or 2 characters will be the same price, from a third character I'll charge $10 extra for each one.

What if my idea includes a crowd of characters?
Then just consider adding $30 extra (only if the crowd of characters are generic and main characters on the scene are from 1 to 2)

What if I don't have an idea but I really want to be in your Inktober?
If you really want to be in the Inktober, but you don't have good ideas, just let me know the country you want to represent. I may have some good ideas for it, and I'm sure I'll need extra countries to fill the 31 slots.

I want a commission from you but not for Inktober, I want a full digital commission or telegam stickers.
Sorry, I'll only take Inktober commissions from now. Those may not have color, but look my examples, the result is beautiful.

I want this picture for my birthday / my friend's birthday. May you post it on that special day?
Of course, only if the date is in October. Please specify on the e-mail the date you want me to post the picture. This is not a guarantee that I'll include you on a slot. But if I choose you, I'll put you on your desired date.

May I have the original?
Of course. If you are chosen, when I send you the invoice, before paying, you can tell me you are interested on shipping, and I can add the amount of the shipping on the total price.
Consider that I'm attending at Confuror (in Guadalajara, Mexico), ANW (in Seattle), MFF (in Chicago) and FC (in San Jose, CA) and I can give originals there with no extra charge. Just let me know you're attending. (All this only if you are chosen in one of the 31 slots)

Any other question, write me on the same e-mail and I'll try to reply ASAP.
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