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Cute monster attacks

By pandapaco
Thought for the BLFC 2017 theme, inspired on the story they created for this year.
And only posted on their digital conbook:…

People in the city is like "ooh noo, ruun!!!"
And the monster is like "oooh yes, they love me!!"

On this pic is featuring: Shizen (Kurtt) as the cute kaiju; Croc O'Dile, TK Coyote :icontkcoyote:, Parinton :iconpandapaco: and Darwin :iconthesepantsdontfit:, and as little special feature: Elliot the bunny, as the cameraman

Digital art. Photoshop.
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wow u think u can be as cute as me HAH!!! i eat macro's like u for snack's

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Announcer: (on jumbotron) You're watching WNYC.

Newscaster: Good evening. Trouble in New York City spreading wide as what appears to be the cutest thing in the world attacks, yet people are panicking. We're going live to Skycam 1. John, what's going on?

John: Yeah, man, we have a clear eye on him. He's definitely hard to miss with his colors and such. Wait. He sees us. He's, uh... He appears to be waving at us. I'm going to wave back. *waves* He's definitely happy. I'm thinking he wants a friend.

Well, we'll get back to you on that, John. Whoever you are that's in the city, can you please tell us at WNYC why you're doing so? Skycam 1 will transmit your answers to our studio. 
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Hahahahaahah this is great, I could imagine this audio very well.
Thanks for doing it!
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Thanks for the opinion! Can we RP to find out the rest of the story?

(on jumbotron) We must know the cause of this. Is it curiosity? Fun? Or a complete sense of blindness surrounding your vision? The confusion of the city is only adding to the fear.
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Rawr!! I’ll destroy you with my cuteness!! Rawr!!
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I wanna hug that monster!
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Lamo, This would be in a movie or something.
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Okay, who let Godzilla's puppy out?
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What city is this anyway?
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Probably is New York City
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Ok. Cool!
(Home of the Ghostbusters, King Kong, and Spider Man!)
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Capt-Nathan-McStar's avatar
XD lmto
I was thinking of the cazafantasmas
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Nevermind. Does he look like a ghost to you?
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Well he is a giant monster like Stay Puft
pookiesaurus4's avatar
Not the same thing
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Oh alright you win...
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cazafantasmas is Spanish for Ghostbusters
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