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A really warm day, even that's even worse for an arctic fox, who is not used to this weather, that's why he's shirtless (eh well, if you know this character very well, you know he's shirtless all the time)

This guy is Artie :iconartie-p:. Love him! n__n

Digital. Photoshop.
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He doesn't look like the strongest man in the world!
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Probably he's not XP
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Old reference. From The Adventures of Pete & Pete.
How did he put on his pants with his swolebody feet??
It's special elastic jeans for big-footed furry cuties
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Reminds me of Bolt, if he were more anthropomorphic.
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Hi! I'm going to try and make a small video about my thoughts, theories and opinions on furry art. I'll try to keep it respectful and constructive, but first I need your permission to feature this piece of art in the video. If you would like, I can keep your username out of the video, and I can tell you the name of the video if I manage to finish it so that you can see what I said. I understand if you wouldn't like to be in the video though. +fav 
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Check you inbox
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This is easily one of the most adorable things i've ever seen.
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He is a cute cub. I could hug him. Is he on his own?
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What is the difference between anthro and furry?
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Anthro is the art type. Werewolf art is anthro, any animal made with human characteristics is anthro. Furry is a term that can mean either a person, or the character in the art. Usually it means the person.
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so happy. great use of warm colors and mood. well done!
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 Se ve muy tierno :) . Pero, hay alguna razón especifica para que esté sonrojado, parece avergonzado, jejeje.
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Kawaii chibisuke! :aww:
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I want to kiss him Heart 
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