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Aqui me voy a quedar

By pandapaco

"I'm staying here" is the title in english of this drawing.

This is a highly emotional picture, I think the most I've done, and it took me a long time to do it. Not that it has taken me hours, but I was postponing to finish it, and exactly the penultimate day of the year was that I finished.

Sometimes I draw just for fun, sometimes for work, sometimes for commissions, and almost all occasions I put much of my feelings in them, what I feel inside. But I rarely do a drawing which I get naked completely my emotions to translate them into a piece of paper.

Most of the times I'm wanting to be a kid again, but when I come this idea in mind, what I want is to do all the projects I want to do right now, because I always think when I was younger I had plenty of time to spare, but instead of wanting retrodecer to a past that will not return, I don't use to think about enjoying the moments that once I enjoyed, the company of my friends I love so much, thanks be with the people I love, take away my eternal timidity that only broods me.

Art and Biro (the guys in this picture, my favorite characters) are those that could better represent much of what I cann't say with words, although neither of these kids are my fursona, they represent my two such opposite sides that I have within me. That's why they are so special, it's a very deep love I feel to them, as if they were my own children.

This drawing was done in early 2012, although it is not so complicated, I thought it would never end it, but now I'm sharing it, it's so special because I'm making this my first drawing of 2015 on my galleries.

I have to go and I'm outta here again, it had never been so difficult to leave. I don't use to think as before, I was never felt this, you don't know how much I want to be there. How are your nights? How are your Christmas? It hurts to not be where you are. And although parts of my life and I don't accept, you do that everything is awesome just being here.
If you're with me and don't want to look anywhere else, if you're here, I'm staying here.



Este es un dibujo altamente sentimental, creo que el que más me ha llegado, y me tardé bastante tiempo en hacerlo. No que me haya tardado las horas, sino que estuve posponiendo su finalización, y exactamente el penúltimo día del año fue que lo terminé.

A veces dibujo solo por diversión, muchas veces por trabajo, otras veces por comisiones, pero en casi todas las ocasiones pongo una buena parte de mis sentimientos al aire, de lo que siento en el interior. Pero pocas veces hago un dibujo en el que desnudo por completo mis emociones para plasmarlos en un pedazo de papel.

Casi siempre pienso en querer volver a ser niño, pero cuando me viene esa idea en la cabeza, lo que quisiera es realizar todos los proyectos que quisiera hacer en estos momentos, pues siempre pienso que cuando era más jóven tenía muchísimo tiempo de sobra, pero en vez de querer retrodecer a un pasado que no volverá, no pienso en disfrutar los momentos que antes disfrutaba, la compañía de mis amigos que tanto quiero, agradecer estar con las personas que amo, quitarme de mi eterna timidez que solo me ensimisma.

Art y Biro (los chicos de este dibujo, mis personajes favoritos) son los que mejor podrían representar mucho de lo que no puedo decir con palabras, que aunque ninguno de estos dos niños son mis fursonas, ellos representan mis dos lados tan opuestos que tengo dentro de mí. Es por eso que son tan especiales, es un amor muy profundo que siento ante ellos, como si fueran mis propios hijos.

Este dibujo fue hecho a principios del 2012, a pesar de que no es tan complicado, pensé que nunca lo terminaría, pero ahora se los comparto, haciendo de éste, mi primer dibujo del 2015 en mis galerías.

Otra vez tengo que irme, otra vez me voy de aquí, nunca había sido tan dificil salir. Ya no pienso como antes, nunca había sentido eso, no sabes como quisiera estar ahí.  ¿Cómo te trata la noche? ¿Cómo pasas navidad? Cómo duele no estar en donde estás. Y aunque partes de mi vida y no quiero aceptar, que haces todo esté bien con solo estar.
Si tu estás conmigo ya no quiero buscar, si tu estas aquí, aquí me voy a quedar.
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led zeppelin - stairway to heaven and scorpions - wind of change

the songs i listen right now while i looking at your drawing,

it makes me wonder in many ways

like: how is that place for you what you told us?
like: will there ever be a place to feel home with for everyone?

i love this drawing in many ways paco:

the peacefull feelings that been drawed here, is absolutly breathtaking,
the sunny day surrounding the river while the 2 (brothers?) sitting on the bridge while the one looks down to their reflection while the other staring up in the sky...


i never saw something like this before, awesome job....

technique: made a nice old bridge, the water looks really transparent, you made the tree's pretty good


especially the is emotional...its a place to dream away with

i'd like people the most when they express their feeling as pure as water in their own style of drawing.....

i mean: i see it is a special place, its a perfect place to forget the reality and dream away, in the wind of change....

paco, keep drawing, keep being a fluffy panda, and happiness will join your path!
you can do it <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>

i know it,

sighned, Focusmon
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Wow, your words touched my heart, it's true.
Thank you for share those songs, it's interesting that many people has shared me songs for the soundtrack of this picture, it's something that it's rare they do.
And all the songs are really different to the song I had in mind while I was doing this picture. (Well, when I was finishing it, because it took me a lot of time to end this).

It's also interesting to know the interpretation of the drawing of each person, for me that's the best, because for me, each pic means something, but I know that won't be the same meaning for anyone. Actually, the looks of the characters have meanings, and it's something like you said. They are friends, no brothers, they are best friends, Art and Biro.

Thank you for all your words n__n
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i think wind of change will fit the most on this picture
but change glory night into glory day haha XD

paco, what i see here in every picture you drew and that i criticize
i can see you have growing in your design, space and landscape,
and that is something, the background will almost always be the center of the emotional feelings, combined with the trust and thruth of other people + the good use of time, design, space and face-expressions
that will be almost always a certified picture worth for thousands of people

as long as you keep being yourself, nobody can stand in your way.....

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This is a really emotionally powerful picture. There's such a strong mood that it's conveying. The shading is smooth and the glow of light really creates a nice atmosphere. The quality is just top-notch. I love the amount of detail you've put into drawing the leaves, the grass, and even the water's texture. You didn't spare any details and created a wondrous piece that's sure to tug at people's hearts. I can see the overflowing amount of passion and emotion you put into this picture and that's seriously one of the best accomplishments you could ever have as an artist.

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It is one of the most meaningful pieces I've ever done. It makes me feel free each time I see it. Thanks for commenting it, I could look at it again n///n
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Yeah, I think it's a wonderful piece, one deserving to be among your most featured or even your own wall. :)

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Wow Beautiful Very Cool, Continue, The Drawing Cartoons With Hands Traditional is The FUTURE! FOREVER!
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Wow, creo que decir que tu obra es bella y conmovedora no es más que suficiente para calificarla, en verdad me llegó mucho al alma, hasta te soy sincero Paco, derramé unas cuantas lágrimas al verla, lo que más admiro de tu trabajo no es la técnica ni qué tan bien haces tus personajes, es la tan grandiosa sensibilidad, carisma, amor y ternura que le pones a cada obra que creas, cosa que realmente es muy complicado transmitir en un dibujo, además que es lo que hace trascender tu arte, sigue así, sorpendiéndonos más con tu humilde arte, para mí la mejor canción para este dibujo es esta del OST de One Piece:
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I would love to get some large print of this and hang it on my wall. Can that be arranged? Maybe through DA prints or maybe on Redbubble or something? Oh, or maybe a canvas print would be even lovlier. <3
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Okay now prints are available for this submission n__n
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Thank you! I think I'll get this some time! ^_^
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I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOVE these two!!! They are my favorites along with Paco! I've read the comic for these two at least 4 times this past week haha. I've been a secret furry lover for a long time but haven't discussed it with anyone. your art is perfect and I honestly can't explain how much I love it <3, it makes me so happy and if I'm having a bad day, I check out your art out and it always makes me feel so much happier! I will always be a fan of your work! I am so happy I found you and your adorable art. (Biro was how I found you while looking up cute anthro foxes. I also kept pronouncing his name Byro until I read the comics lol.) Biro is definitely my favorite but I adore Art as well. I love how Art is super shy but opened up a little when Biro came along and I adore Biro's personality how he's so happy and i felt bad when he had to go home cuz he looked like he waned to hang with Art some more. WOW! I'm just rambling whoops haha, anyways, your art is my happiness and I will forever be a die hard fan! MUCH LOVE PACO!!!
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It's not necessary to be a furry to appreciate furry art.
I'm really glad that my art makes you feel that way n___n
Thanks for liking my two kids, they mean a lot for me and I'm so happy that people love them as well.
Thank you for such amazing words, tilbo!! :D
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This is such an amazing piece of art I wish I could draw!
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que bonito dibujo XD eres chido (:
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oye pandapaco me suscribi a tu canal 
pandapaco's avatar
Igual no subo casi nunca nada.
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Let's see if I got this right. Art represents your quiet demeanor while Biro symbolizes your outgoing and adventurous attitude.
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esta cancion me vino a la mente :)


Don't you know that I'll be around to guide you 
Through your weakest moments to leave them behind you 
Returning nightmares only shadows 
We'll cast some light and you'll be alright for now 
Crosses all over, heavy on your shoulders 
The sirens inside you waiting to step forward 
Disturbing silence darkens your sight 
We'll cast some light and you'll be alright for now 
Crosses all over the boulevard 
The streets outside your window overflooded 
People staring they know you've been broken 
Repeatedly reminded by the looks on their faces 
Ignore them tonight and you'll be alright 
We'll cast some light and you'll be alright
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this is really beautiful, and i really like the bounce/reflected light on the bridge from the water :)
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