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Bianca 001


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Bianca 001


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Bianca 001

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April Portrait 03 - Traditional Media

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Tadpole Quick Sketch

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Li'l Shana 001

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Concept Sketch - Apex Predator

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Valentine - Ignacio and Iori

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Taco Night

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Morgwen Black Swan - Color


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Revenge of the Sammummy

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Geekiest Love Poem Ever

You Bring out the Geek Elite in Me -Michael Mullaney You bring out the geek elite in me. The friendly neighborhood Spider-man in me. Your great power comes with great responsibility. The Hulk Smash! in me. The Avengers Assemble! in me. You bring out the Weapon X in me. Make me the best I am at what I do. You are my Project Rebirth. Greatness because of you, granted only because you saw it in me. You make me better. You bring out the Cowabunga in me. The trained by a rat in me. The marshmallow and chocolate chip pizza in me. We encountered something glowing. It changed us. It made us better. Ninjas are always better. You bring out the brai

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