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I'm still in exam mode but I believe this is an appropriate announcement.

Recently, the term "loli" has been brought to my attention. But please let me first explain this:

I came up with this (weeb) username when I was like what 13 or 14 or something idk it has been so long.. with no understanding of its true meaning. Because people used it so casually - probably thinking it meant something else as well, I didn't think much of it. In fact, I thought all it meant was "little girl." Kinda like how I thought shota just meant "little boy." (I see now that shota doesn't mean that either!! what is this... people use it so loosely...)

No, it doesn't make this more appropriate, but I'd like you to consider the following. 1) I was ignorant about the term. 2) Please inform me privately if you have a concern. This applies to other people who have the same situation. It could be that they just misunderstood. Communication is key and so long as you're mature about it, I'm sure they'd understand.

I bring up communication because I was quite rudely called a pedophile over my username. Ugh, it still disgusts me seeing that because I do not want to be associated with that in the slightest. While I cannot hold them 100% for the blame because my username is my mistake, I still think that was a terrible approach. Honestly, if someone just was like "uh hey did you know.." I'd be like ew wtf thanks for letting me know tho (and I wish this happened earlier on.. before I made so many accounts and before all my USTs and stuff were under that name.....and ..back when I had dA prem.. can't dwell on that though.)

Unfortunately, many of my accounts/videos etc. are stuck with the name. I think like a year or two back, I was already interested in changing my username (to make it non-weeb. Still had no clue about its implications.) I asked around and nobody (who answered) thought there was a need to change it. I'd like to hope that nobody brought it up because they didn't know about it either or something along those lines and not because they felt like they couldn't speak to me. I strongly encourage you take a chance next time; I hope I seem like a receptive person-! I'll let you know now that I will respond as appropriately as I can.

Anyway, I've been thinking about making a new account for awhile as well so maybe it's high time I act on that. Maybe after exams and for the new year. oh the fun of coming up with a username..

In the meantime, you can credit me as pand (as many already do) for USTs, but honestly, I'm not nearly as crazy about UST credits anymore (besides claiming it as yours.) I'll go around changing any usernames I can after exams.

Peace out,

tldr; If you ever uncomfortable about something about me or what I've done, please maturely and privately contact me about the issue. Thanks.
I have some points, but haven't used them in awhile. I don't have a ton tho LOL

Feel free to list your commissions or that of another artist!
pand day = what :iconkoolit13: calls my bday LOL
Thank you to everyone for their warm wishes ^ q ^
Before my break started, I was kinda like "lol all I want for my birthday is to get a research position for the summer" and I did and I'm v happy!!! I love working in the lab and the research topic is super cool!! (i.e. something I'm interested in) This is exciting especially because I want to pursue a career in research 8D
I also got accepted to my school's microbiology program (accepts only 20 people aaa) which I'm really excited to start this coming school year. ^ q ^ will just keep getting tougher and tougher, BUT I WILL PREVAIL YE B^)

That said, I've been busy over this summer and will, without a doubt, continue to be during the school year. Obviously, scarce art updates and practically no UTAU updates which is fine by me - because I'm doing something I still love in place of it ^ q ^ It was a very fun few years being in the UTAU community. I've made lots of friends that I wouldn't trade away for anything. I'm happy to say that though many of us have moved beyond UTAU, we can still chat with each other about non-UTAU topics! Obviously, I won't take UST requests anymore. I have like 2 that I made a year or so ago that I've been meaning to release. Maybe those will be the few UTAU updates I'll make in the future LOL

...I-IT SOUNDS LIKE I'M LEAVING THE COMMUNITY but that's not really it. I still follow UTAU users and watch their YT vids and listen to their SC sounds, but without a doubt, I can say that I'm just not active anymore. xD I've shifted over to more anime (yELLS HAIKYUU SEASON 2 IN OCTOBER OR SMTH) and video games (FIRE EMBLEMMMM) and of course, real life business, y'know? The UTAU community has certainly shifted itself so -shrug emoji- things change.

I do check dA, YT, and SC, but over the summer, I'm most active on tumblr I'd say. (Definitely not during the school year tho)

Find me on tumblr @ or (for my art and stuff)
I'll still keep drawing, even if at a much slower pace u _ u

Thank you very much for your support - especially in the UTAU community!


p.s. I only write this long-ass post because lmfao i know that nobody really reads these

heyo, pand here

I will be at AN on Saturday and Sunday as Kyouko Kirigiri. If you'd like to meet up, let me know! I'll draw you something or we can do an art trade (beforehand and give it in person, u kno?) uh, please be a follower of mine though (and don't just follow me on the spot) like on dA, YT, SC, or tumblr etc... I mean...'cause like..that way it makes sense why you want to meet up ...
I will also visit anyone's art table if you let me know ; q ; 

so excited to see Asami aaaa

will update about other stuff eventually haha

Done with my first semester/finals B)))) UGH such relief... I can kinda slack off now u____u)// I'm still in res and will have to move out and just take some time to do other RL stuff but I have two weeks overall!!

Art/UTAU stuff I hope to do over the break:
-Release that frickin' days ust omfg
-holy frick I should release that hp UST I made about 2 years ago too
-draw new concept art for my utu hopefully maybe ye??
-that favourite thing meme
-idk can I release any other UST am i too lazy who knows i overestimate my productivity maybe
-wtf pand
-tbh I should draw some fanart u__u


As for art trades!!
I might be able to get some done ; ___ ;; Um, I don't know how many slots because I guess I'll just note people throughout the break?? Also gonna do some over tumblr u q u !!

So if you're interested:
-I'll do clean art trades and sketchy art trades? If more people want sketches, I can accept more! ; q ;

Clean AT offer:
-Just means I'll offer you things with a cleaner lineart and whatnot LOL

Sketchier AT offer:
-I can do a regular sketch or a coloured sketch (something along the lines of… ???)

Please comment with:
(probably will ignore comments that don't have this info, sorry!)
-What you're offering (ex. fullbody sketch or clean halfbody etc)
*OH, you can also offer not art stuff. Like UTAU covers ww but I will only be giving art in return! For art, I have only human characters to request ; v ;
Please leave examples of your work!
-Characters I can choose from to draw (human only please!)
-What you want from me (like what type of art! ^ q ^)

You can leave more than one! Say you want to do a clean art trade, but you're ok with sketchy stuff considering my limited time. Just write the list out a second time! ^ q ^ [also don't feel scared that I won't accept clean art trades at all hahhh]
Offer and ask for what you think is fair! <3

*Since I'm doing them throughout the break and will note more people after finishing some, please be sure that you're willing to do a trade anytime from now to the end of the year or so!

Comment only! DON'T send me a note. I'll send you one! :'D
Sorry if I don't accept yours!! ; __ ;; im dumb
Sorry for the long read!
Have a wonderful break (if you have one)! ; v ;
I've been so consumed by school, I didn't realize that Christmas is in about a week! woah
I was thinking about doing this type of event when I saw yoshimaya do it, but haha what's time

You can check out yoshimaya's version + instructions here:
(200+ watchers event) What's your favorite thing?Hello~
I had been thinking about 200+ watchers event ever since then.
Hmm, I want to draw as thank-you gift like this :: #フォロワーさんの好きな要素を詰め込んだ創作女子を描く
This is a popular event in Japan.  Do you know how to do it?
For example, follower send to comment about your favorite thing for me.  Then, I will try to draw girl to include that elements.
Follower A : starry sky
Follower B : scent-bottle
Follower C : purple
Follower D : horn
I will draw...
I... I ca
 and  Thank you for 200+ watchers!! by Yoshimaya

My spin on it:
-Comment with your favourite thing (only one!), whatever that may be, and it will be added into some sort of giant collage drawn by me?? Basically, I'll combine every characteristic into one drawing! am i just being redundant..
-Watchers only! ^q^;;
-Look at other comments before leaving one and try not to overlap. Here are some example ideas:
>>clothing [namely footwear and other accessories. Main clothes have been suggested! :'D]
>>background theme
>>colours [hair, eye, clothes etc. You don't have to say, "purple eyes" for example. If you leave any colour, I'll just fit in. ^q^]
>>anything else! you can be so vague as to say "heart" and I'll find a way!! ..hopefully o(-(

*bolded things that haven't been covered a lot yet

-NO NSFW. Light gore is ok.

I think most other ones have been a feminine character, so I'll do that too. u v u

I won't draw it until after exams so that'll be mid-December at the like in a month?
If you have questions, feel free to ask!

//will get to inbox stuff eventually...

So far, there is:
Food: Cheese, breadfish (but maybe that's not even food lmao...)
Clothes: Beret, cute dress
Hair: Twintails
BG: rain
Colour: red
Misc: Panda, ... Legend of Zelda...?, sunflowers
kiriban at 30k and you can win a stupid little doodle thing 
no im not procrastinating im so studious
[edit: it passed and nobody got it, sorry!]

real talk school has been ok, the stress is real but i'm at good start I think and of course, there's always room for improvement u _ u wish me luck!! gotta stay strong!!

does anyone have any tips about tangled long cosplay wigs? like..1 meter long wigs..
I can't use that water + softener trick (it didn't work ... it made it worse wheeze) so should I just trim off tangled parts (and restart with a new one for AN lmaooo ... just thinking about halloween so yeah...temp solutions... not gonna use my ayano cos cause my kirigiri one is better imo sob...unless it's like...u nerd..don't cos go study)

also bye prem wheeze you were wasted on me....


Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 12:33 PM

This should be of no surprise, but I'm going on hiatus for school. 
You can read more here:…

You can contact me on:
- dA (though I'm pretty crummy with replies)
- YT ?? (more like I'll still watch the videos in my subscription ww)
- SC (basically like YT)

Dang, I was already pretty inactive during the summer ; q ;; I have a few UTAU/UST WIPs and a simple voicebank for Kazumi recorded (just didn't export the files or oto yet ;;; ) day I'll get to them. Most of my drawings are on Tumblr instead. I would like to hope that I'll still draw during the school year..just sketches and stuff. @ _ @;; But I'm avoiding Tumblr..should I post them here in my scraps? Maybe my side account but I don't use that a lot..what do you guys think?

My Tumblr:
Main : himepand
Content : pandworks
For whenever I use it on the weekends or something.

:iconlazycryplz: aa i'm trash and i'm wasting this prem aa good bye world but thanks for reading!

Delayed Update + Thank You + AT or Collabs?

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 4, 2014, 12:45 PM

I'm on vacation, but it's hard to tell with my lack of activity, haha. I haven't been drawing or using UTAU that much. I hope to get a few things out there before school starts. ;q;; ( I actually planned for Kazumi English this summer, but my drive isn't digging recording. Hopefully, I can find inspiration!! ) Truthfully, I've been spending my time playing Fire Emblem and watching anime instead. My mouse goes haywire sometimes, so using UTAU gets a bit annoying. I do quite a bit of sketching, but not much full out drawing. :'c I've been really occupied with real life stuff too and it feels overwhelming. @ _ @ I can't believe it's already August. I feel like I've wasted my time.. ( and I won't have a chance to relax again once school starts ;;; )

Anyways, I'd like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I did almost nothing on dA over the past year, but people still gave me wishes!! T v T Thank you!!

Please check these out!

Panda's Ayano Cosplay by Ryouuu Koemi by kyugami KOEMI [HBD Pand!] by Kream-Cheese Kazumi pressurepoint by Dark3li Happy Birthdays 2 by Neon-Virus &
And over at tumblr, they're all tagged!…

it's another year of the koemi zumi is hatin' it //slapped

I hope I didn't miss anything! Please let me know if I did ;q;

OH AND THANKS RossCuth FOR THE PREM!! I don't deserve it with my lack of activity ;;;;


I...kinda want to say that I want to do art collabs or trades ( but I do have a lot on my plate ;__; )
For collabs, I don't want to do UTAU/Vocaloid because I want to do fanart for lots of other fandoms that I don't draw for ;;; ( Like Fire Emblem, Dangan Ronpa, maybe Kagpero, Kill La Kill, or Tokyo Ghoul?? I also just started Haikyuu!! ww I'm cool with Free! and httyd and PMMM....> ^ < There are lots of things I like. Try to hit me up with something and I'll see? c': )

I don't know what else to say.. I'll probably have another journal up right before school!

I'm finished with all of my exams! TVT That means two months of procrastination freedom! 8'D
I have so much I want to do that it's actually overwhelming, haha! I wish I could sit around all day watching anime, drawing, and using UTAU, but I should find a job wheeze I wish I could survive off of commissions...siiiiighs where should I try to get a job...and only for the summer..and for a teen.. like no market cries As for online stuff, KOEMI's birthday is coming up!! IN LESS THAN A WEEK, OH NO I'M NOT PREPARED I've plans to hang out with IRL friends in between too ;;;;; I don't know how to make it special!! ;;; I'm not making a voicebank huhhhhh iunno, make a few USTs with her? ;;;;;; And do a feature of fanart like with Kazumi? cries how can I make it more special

Then there's!!
-birthday gifts all the way back from March ahah
-recording Kazumi's english voicebank! And if I can, a new, special VCV T u T (but I probably can't)
-Children's War PV omg bye
-I wanted to learn Vocaloid too, but I don't think that's happening
-and probably more cry

I also..want to draw a lot of for DR, Kagepro, UTAU's, (whispers fire emblem, pokemon cry too much) and more :iconlazycryplz: (also, now that icons link it to the account saying that they're used, icon accounts must have an overload of notifications haha)

lol if I get a job, that's probably what it'd go to if not for cosplay (cries...) even though my parents told me "no"

How are you guys??? Are you free from school too? haha
Hi! I'm not done with school yet wheeze but I finished a lot of summative projects and tests this week, so it's a tad bit better this weekend! (gotta study for exams on top of the other homework but shhh) Plus, this week had a lot of positive things so I'm feeling up for this!!

I am going to draw one OC and one fanart (as in official characters like Kido from Mekakucity Actors. Things like characters from Neru's PV's count too!)
*They will be sketches. Probably bust shots or chibi's? :'3c I will post the sketches here:

-Post the requests/links in this journal ONLY
-Watchers ONLY
-Link up to 3 of OC's and 3 of official characters. (So, you can link a max total of 6!)
-For every character you list, describe them with ONE WORD!
Ex. Kido - BABE //slapped
I will ignore all requests that don't have this!

I'm gonna draw them sometime this weekend. Probably Saturday? :'O Or maybe later tonight. u_ub+ So feel free to keep adding requests! I will edit this journal when I've chosen an OC or official character!

Edit: Official Character picked! Kano Shuuya -…
Matcha (OC) -…

Thank you for the requests! I'll do this again after exams or something. :')
Also, you can try this!!…
Please pick official characters only or my OC's. :'3c (preferably characters I know hehhh)
They may take some more time (you won't get it immediately) since school and also, I don't make them as fast as sketches D':
Heyo! ^q^
I just bought my Saturday ticket for Anime North >:') cries school please be gentle that weekend!!
Who's going and wants to meet up? ;v; I'll be cosplaying as Kyouko Kirigiri from Dangan Ronpa with :iconkream-cheese: as Junko Enoshima!! And others to form a dingle ronpus cosplay group ww RL friends will be tagging along too :'> (One as Chihiro Fujisaki and another...possibly in an SNK jacket ww)

EDIT: My Chihiro friend is going as Armin but she might switch cosplays in the afternoon. My SnK jacket friend is going to wear a Haruka Nanase underwater loser dance party jacket. Her hair is cut short too LOL so like half-assed cosplay? xD

:bulletblack: As for events...eehh, well, from my experience, there aren't really any UTAU users that go to AN :'U But if you are, please let me know!! Maybe we can do something fun for UTAU *q*
:bulletblack: We'll stop by the Vocaloid photoshoot at ...6pm ...hopefully, the DR shoot at 4pm, and probably the Kagepro meetup at... I don't know when and apparently, I can't find that forum anymore. D': 
My friends will probably want to go to the SNK shoot at 1pm :'>
:bulletblack: yoo namely for kagepro's or utu's i will doodle you a character or something yeah or we can do a mini trade i don't know but actually, this can apply to anyone that I meet up with yeah!!

If you have a table at Artist Alley, let me know too >:') hnnng I want Kagepro and DR merch....lots buttons and keychains ;;
i want to meet my art senpai's there i caN'T WAIT

still inactive because of school
probably going to stay like that until school is over ugH

active on my tumblr though:
it's me
i'm the joke

Or rather, my productivity wheeze ;;
I don't have a joke prepared this year because I'm way too busy for my own sanity aah ;;;
Just a mini update. u __ u //haha I'm not really cleaning up my inbox as per usual though oh...

I have some USTs finished actually LOL but I'm slowly working on that Children's War PV (that I can baRELY WORK ON YELLINNGG) and I kinda want that to be my first YT upload of the year (which will probably make my first upload in like June like what the hecky where is time//slapped nah, I hope not ;; I don't want it to stall)
I don't really get time to draw either sobs so gomen birthday people ;q;;;

Also, my PM has been long gone so I don't really update my old journals. My UST directory has migrated over to tumblr on my content blog:
Do NOT reblog my directory. Do NOT send UST requests on my tumblr. That remains on my UST suggestions journal.
Also, please let me know how the reblog, like, and return to dashboard buttons are working for my content blog. For me, it appears only on long posts that scroll now. It used to appear normally sobs so I hope it's just my computer ...

ok ciao I've got math and science and like everything else to do sobs
Edit: 2 more days since it takes 14 days to clear and my PM is going to end ;;; [Until the 13th.]
Also, if you haven't noticed, I open up the widgets as they get interest. So if you're interested in something I haven't added a widget for, just comment or note me with your request ;v;

I kinda ignored this widget before since I thought you could only get points from it + DA keeps 20% but I learned that you can covert it with paypal after you earn at least $5? The problem is, I think some journals (they were kinda old however) said you had to be a premium member or premium member beta tester was it? Can someone verify that? Or is there a chance I can cash it out as a regular member? (I only have a month left of membership lol ;; ) Or could I collect the points while being a regular member BUT cash it out later on if I have a PM? (It sounds like that should work < A >) It would be great if someone could help! Thanks!

Edit: Thank you for the answer! ;v;

While I still have a PM, I think I'll do a test run! I'm cutting many prices to a ridiculously small amount from its monetary price so you might not see it ever again! Let's say they're holiday specials *A*;;


OR chibi sketch like…

125 pts - halfbody sketch like…

200pts - fullbody sketch like… or… [vs what would've been 500pts!]


250pts - headshot coloured sketch like… [vs what would've been ~500pts!]

400pts -chibi coloured sketch like [vs what would've been ~1000pts! *o*]

500pts - halfbody coloured sketch like… [vs what would've been ~1000pts! *o*]

*colouring may differ. You can see more examples at :iconpapandad:

Just let me know if you're interested for now (and perhaps which one you're interested in.) I'd be doing them over the few days left of my break and maybe occasionally during school days (perhaps it'd be done during exam time since I have basically half days.) January for sure though. I'm only going to open the widget if I have enough to cash out in the end. ;; Be prepared to pay immediately since it takes two weeks to process but I only have a month left of membership. Thanks for reading and hope you all have a good year!


Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 5:13 PM

In just a few hours, year of the koolit (2013) will be over :c
I was going to post my resolutions over on tumblr but it's going to be lost if I posted it there lmao
Don't mind this! Hopefully, I'll actually refer to this more often. :'<

-I kinda met the voicebank goal!! Dang, I released a lot this year - Koemi's VCVs, Kazumi's VCV, Kazumi's BiPitch Pressurpoint VCV's *A*b+
-I learned how to make better harmonies so hooray, that's another!
-I made 2 PVs at the beginning of the I kinda did that. xD
-I haven't really improved on efficiency significantly though aha I think I learned a bit about how I /should/ so I should get to applying that asap! *~*

-Refer and try to keep my resolutions!! ;;;;

Art - Maybe fix a few anatomy problems here and there but overall, I think I've improved it already quite a bit! (maybe head size though lmao) I really want to develop a nice colouring style! My current one seems generic and boring ;;; I want to get back into painting so I should invest time into looking up brushes.

I feel like I say this every year..but more dynamic poses and actual backgrounds huffs ;; To do this, maybe I should start letting go more! I'm just too picky but I think I should do a lot more, quicker and messier things for the sake of improving.

UTAU - A lot as well to be honest..:/ I don't think I could possibly list everything aha..

Tuning - I feel like it's so sub-par now and I've heard plenty of complaints so perhaps I should shape it up sighs where to start though aha

Voicebanks - (This sounds more like a list/plan now lol) I want to get to recording Kazumi's english bank as soon as I can ahh ;~; And a new soft bank for her as well as Koemi's other bank. I would like to say a natural-pand voice bank and re-recording a power bank but lmao I'm doubting it with my time..

PVs - Honestly..just making more of them. I doubt I'll get to learning AE since school isn't easing up. But I can definitely make some with SV still! I think Children't War might actually become a PV. :'D

:iconlazycryplz: wish I could say composing or re-arrangements but nope, I've got to be realistic here ;;

Other - Actually try to learn Vocaloid again, probably during the summer if at all.

-I'm debating whether I should get a mic or a Kirigiri cosplay once I get some money. So if I get the mic, VAing or singing nonsense on top of voicebanks. As for the cosplay,...well...actually cosplaying lol (at AN if I have the time to go *o*)

-Then other school and personal stuff yeehaw U v U;;

Aha gosh, thanks if you read all of this. xD; Hope you have a great 2014~ ^0^

pand has no power

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 23, 2013, 6:26 PM

Edit: LMAO authority power or something else ww

Um, well!! As the title states, I don't have power. I lost it two days ago and at the moment, I'm staying elsewhere (it was so cold at home ahh!!) *__* Unfortunately, that means I can't do UTAU or art stuff aha ;; But it should be back soon!! //sobs this has really interfered with my busy winter break plans ... 

Remember to send your UTAU Secret Santa gifts! ;v; //I should be able to get mine in after I'm back home xD;

stares at missed messages ahh..

Edit 2: I'm just briefly seeing a few gifts in my inbox and just wowee!! Things are looking really nice! GJ so far everyone ;v;;

Pand's Secret Santa Wishlist

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 22, 2013, 9:24 AM

:iconlazycryplz: aah casually makes my list last minute again!! Hope you guys don't mind me joining like last year. @ _ @ 

Name: Pand
PandaLolii @ DA, YT, and UF
himepand @ tumblr
Category: Art (uuuhh I wish I could do art+video but I'm crazy busy ugh ;; )

UTAU Choices!! 

Kazumi : 
.:Concept Art:. Kazumi by PandaLolii (normal design)   .:Kazumi pressurepoint:. by PandaLolii (pressurepoint design) 
uwaah I wish I had drawn concept art for pending designs but lol whatever

Koemi : 

Though I prefer my own UTAU, the Matsuda's, Ruby Isoko, and Nizimine Kakoi make me happy too! ^v^ //lmao no concept art for them though 'cause laze..

Reminder that sign up to UTAU Secret Santa ends this Sunday! Also, please make sure I've added you to the right category! ;v;

UTAU Secret Santa 2013

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 10, 2013, 9:21 AM

Hi! You might remember that I hosted an UTAU Secret Santa last year ^ q ^ Well, I had planned to do it annually so here it is!! //I think I'm a little behind this year as for the schedule since lmao school wOW SHIT LIKE A MONTH LATER WWW

As always, it's between Deviantart, Tumblr, UTAforum, (and Youtube for sending gifts, but this year, not for sign up.)
There's a slight change this year; there are only two categories (the successful ones from last year) and that I'm going to take a few shortcuts as for organization. Since I AM busy with school, instead of rewriting everyone's wishlist, I am simply going to post a list of participants from each social network. When I give out the sendee's to the senders, I'll direct you to which network they've used and you'll have to sift through the list yourself. ;;; (I believe that UTAforum allows me to link to a specific post on the thread though!!)

That said, I encourage you to leave your contact info on UTAforum and if not on UF, on Deviantart via this journal's comments. Please, no notes because I can't deal with them at the moment ;;; I'll check everyone's posts to make sure the information is sufficient, but yeah...I'm not going to rewrite them. :iconlazycryplz:

Please refer to:…  for further sign up details! //this journal is getting long and huffs no spoilers boxes to sum things up in ;;

Happy (early) Holidays! ^q^


List of Participants on DA



Pinch Hitter

(thanks, guys!)


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 4, 2013, 2:12 PM

As you can imagine, I've been inactive UTAU and art-wise.
Well, I think I'm going to have to start being like that for tumblr and DA too. More so tumblr since I waste a loooot more time on that. @__@
I plan to check every weekend still, maybe a little more often on DA. I still check SC and YT though *A* So expect delayed replies -- LMAO they already are pretty late as is though w.

I still want to get a few things out fuwahh like a Kagepro contest prize and I wiiiish I could do a bit more UTAU stuff that I had planned way back. 
As for birthdays, they're relatively a no-go. Not even sketches probably huffs but I'll still try here and there!! //weeps because Kirigiri's birthday is in a few dayw ;_______;
USTs shouldn't be expected besides again, the few I had planned //which will take awhile still// Even if there is miraculously another Kagepro song I can cover, I doubt I can get to it anytime soon so ...umm yeah, don't expect much if you're still trying to request from me.

So yeah-! You can still partially get a hold of me. :iconlazycryplz: uwaah school....

You can read more here:…

pand goes to school

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 7, 2013, 10:21 AM

I started only a few days ago but yikes!! This year, I've received much more homework and already have two tests within the first 7 days of school...
If you haven't noticed, I prioritize myself with school at the top!! Unlike last year, I actually have hours and hours of homework each night so it seems...hopefully next semester will be nicer. ;x;;
That said!! I won't have a lot of time for fun and games -- probably just watching newly released anime episodes lol. I think I have time to check my messages on weekdays too, so do not be afraid to contact me still! ^ 0 ^
//huffs huffs I want to get some nice scholarships by the time I go to university as well.. so I'll have to do even more extra-curricular stuff and whatnot and all those things that look nice ww cries there goes even more of my spare time

As for internet activity, looks like I can only release my Outer Science UST when Jin releases the off vocal, work on promised tumblr giveaway art, and still try to contribute to the Kagepro collage. Also some lame birthday gifts ... //single tear
I'll spend my weekends on those. In addition, any commissions, maybe a Summer Time Record UST, and screeches Kazumi's VB release stuff too... //who wants to add hiragana VCV aliases for me -slapped-

:iconlazycryplz: There goes everything I wanted to do.. but it's just the first week! I'll have to see how school goes later on. ;q; It could be that my brain is still sluggish from the summer aha!