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Umm...all of a sudden, none of my mobile games are working. I don't understand what's happening. I'm definitely not outdated or anything!
I have decided! my fursona shall be..a polar bear
Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
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Please ignore my cringy shit from middle school I implore you dear god please

Favourite Visual Artist
Andy Worhol
Favourite Movies
idk ngl
Favourite TV Shows
MLP, Shokugeki No Soma,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Imagine Dragins, Myself(lol), Kevin Macleod Eliemonty
Favourite Books
6th grade nickname game, 6th grade secrets, Anythingby Jordan Sonnenblick
Favourite Games
Pony Town, Pokemon
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
my art app
cant draw gashed my thumb open on a can of sphagettios i was makin for my mom leik a dumbass. Plz destroy all your cans of sphaghettios in retaliation.
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Why is pen (bfdi) x rainbow dash a thing. Like. Thats somehow worse than Mordetwi. Mordetwi is hot ass garbage. Please help me im struggling.
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Forgiveness. It seems to be a main theme in the show and I dont expect go receive it. But as I slowly watch the series again and crept back on deviantart i realized i used to be a total toxic crapload on the internet. Even with ehat I had going on irl id no excuse. But why post ths in the Applejacklove area? I feel Applejack is probably the most forgiving, and I wanted a segway. Rainbow can be seen to be hella sus and have her emotions flare. There could be an argument for Fluttershy but the argument could be made that she wasnt forgiving of certain ponies in episodes. Twilight has her issues with Trixie. Pinkie Pie is... well Pinkie, also kind of runs on emotion. There's Rarity whod id argue is one of theeast forgiving and petty. But what do you all think? Lets keep this group trucking!
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Yall have been giving my recent posts so much views, ILY All :D Remember to always check yhe bases i use in yhe descriptions ~

I dont have Core but if yall can start calling me Cameo instead? would love that, plan to change my name if i get core to CameoCove

Deleted all the toxic comments im not proud of. That's not me anymore .

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Sorry I'm late but thanks uwu
You share the same birth year as me? Awesome! :D