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nice body

By pandaispanda
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© 2017 - 2021 pandaispanda
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lovely waist and hips
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Divina pieza! 😍😍😍😍
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beautiful breast, wonderful shadow.
what is the size of the boobs?
If this is a stolen image, how does it remain in the "hot" category. DA admins: do your duty!
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Prob had surgery
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Because artwork can no longer be put up for moderation on the basis that it's stolen unless a DMCA takedown notification is filed by the copyright holder. As for why it keeps on showing up & clicking on it to complain. Every time you do, it adds another click to the counter & so his stolen work shows up again & again on what's hot. In fact when you reply to this comment regardless of if you come to this page or not, it will add to the algorithm that determines what will appear on the what's hot section.
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Even if you are the copyright holder, they will not remove it. 
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Of course they will, they have no alternative when someone files a DMCA takedown notification. That is the bare minimum required to maintain their legal safe harbour status under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If they failed to abide by that legislature they would be sued in to the ground, as they would lose their safe harbor status, which protects a website from being sued for containing copyrighted material, placed upon it's severs by users.
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now this is a fantastic body scape just beautiful 
wooo :) so sexy. Ummm sexy belly Love Heart 
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The above photo belongs to a professional porn model, named "Yungelita" (real name: Emma Harvey, who is a "close friend" of Melanie Melendez).  Unfortunately, there seems to be some credible debate that some of Ms. Harvey's photos are from when she was still under the age of 18 years old.  Her Tumblr account is currently deactivated as well, although her handle still remains for branding purposes.

A "mature" tag wouldn't suffice in this case... and this is the first photo I had to do research on.  I don't want to do any more digging, because honestly I don't want to know what else pandaispanda dragged out of the gutter.


If someone would like the honors, please do so.
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really great...
please more...
maybe you like this...…
This Is Not A Place To Post Photos Like This. Its Inappropriate.
gabischuster's avatar
yes this is exactly the right place...
open your eyes...
open your mind...
get inspired...…
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I think the objection is that this is someone else's photo.  The reason why it shouldn't be posted here is because it's art theft.
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the fuck is wrong with you?
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Delicious body!
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shouldn't it has a mature content tag?
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Cool photo, too bad it's stolen from:…
Just like the rest of your gallery.
what if SHE is yungelita? Just a possibility, but if it wasn't, why not take from others too?
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