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Frozen In Time by PandaGoesRawr Frozen In Time :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 1 1 Harbor Walk by PandaGoesRawr Harbor Walk :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 2 0 Through The Trees by PandaGoesRawr Through The Trees :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 3 0 Over The Mississippi by PandaGoesRawr Over The Mississippi :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 2 2 Orange Ripples by PandaGoesRawr Orange Ripples :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 10 2 Autumn Walk by PandaGoesRawr Autumn Walk :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 64 5 Crossing by PandaGoesRawr Crossing :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 1 3 Lone Oak by PandaGoesRawr Lone Oak :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 0 3 On The Rocks by PandaGoesRawr On The Rocks :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 1 2 Through The Leaves by PandaGoesRawr Through The Leaves :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 3 1 Possibly by PandaGoesRawr Possibly :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 1 6 Sprung by PandaGoesRawr Sprung :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 3 6 Before The Storm by PandaGoesRawr Before The Storm :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 3 0 Copper Tea by PandaGoesRawr Copper Tea :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 1 1 Reflected by PandaGoesRawr Reflected :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 1 2 Shallows by PandaGoesRawr Shallows :iconpandagoesrawr:PandaGoesRawr 9 10
I appreciate all comments - particularly constructive criticism.


You're Beautiful by skeptomaniacs You're Beautiful :iconskeptomaniacs:skeptomaniacs 5 0 Blossoms by cyddy Blossoms :iconcyddy:cyddy 2 0 Autumn by BloodSeveline Autumn :iconbloodseveline:BloodSeveline 3 2 searching through the misty rain by LawrenceCornellPhoto searching through the misty rain :iconlawrencecornellphoto:LawrenceCornellPhoto 20 13
Elona: A Guild Wars Fan Fiction, Part 2
It was just another day at Karakura High School. Ichigo was outside, walking to his next class when a familiar line reached his ears.
"Kurosaki-kun!" Orihime cried. "Kurosaki-kun! … Kurosaki-kun?"
Ichigo paused in his backbreaking slouch just long enough to glare angstily in the direction of Orihime's voice, careful not to make eye contact with anyone who happened to be looking around. Orihime was frantically waving and calling out his name repeatedly. Rukia was with her as well. Ichigo sighed dramatically as he walked up to them.
"So what do you guys want?" Ichigo asked indifferently.
Rukia smirked. "Ichigo, we have an order!"
"Wha—but this is only second period; we—"
Rukia rushed him and shoved his soul from his body with a familiar cane. Then she took a small, pale pill and slipped it into his unanimated body's lips.
"There. Kon can take care of that!"
"Aeurgh…" Ichigo scowled heavily. "How'd you even get Urahara's cane and learn to use it?"
:iconfuzzy-fluffy:Fuzzy-Fluffy 2 2
I wish I was warm by HayHayHanson I wish I was warm :iconhayhayhanson:HayHayHanson 3 1 To Myself by Nychtohylophobia To Myself :iconnychtohylophobia:Nychtohylophobia 8 4
Elona: A Guild Wars Fan Fiction, Part 1

Elona. Land of the Golden Sun.
A Land of Wealth and Bounty.
A Land of Heroes.
A Land protected by its Champions, the Order of the Sunspears.
A Shadow now falls upon this Land.
A Shadow of an ancient and forgotten darkness.
Night Falls. The time of the five gods is at an end.

Right at this moment, that golden sun engulfed the western sky over Kamadan, blistering the delicate skin of Tyrian and Canthan traders. The forbidding tropic heat of Istan could be ignored for the economic prosperity the trading community promises. Kamadan is the trading center of the entire world, attracting people from all backgrounds. Many come here first for finding a buyer or a seller for whatever item interests them. Others enjoy getting rich off the basic principle of "buy low, sell high". The girls of the Exclave are the latter.
"You've made a good bit of gold!" Verdandi chirped as she handed a shirtless Monk a plump coinpurse of platinum. His body paint was beginning to drip from the exces
:iconfuzzy-fluffy:Fuzzy-Fluffy 2 0
and it begins by NikytaGaia and it begins :iconnikytagaia:NikytaGaia 658 153 runaway by NikytaGaia runaway :iconnikytagaia:NikytaGaia 25 4 Guild Wars Paragon by Fuzzy-Fluffy Guild Wars Paragon :iconfuzzy-fluffy:Fuzzy-Fluffy 3 5 Roots by LadyAsymmetric Roots :iconladyasymmetric:LadyAsymmetric 1 2 My Own Prison by Solnovi My Own Prison :iconsolnovi:Solnovi 31 14 Tracks to..... by spoonb1 Tracks to..... :iconspoonb1:spoonb1 8 4 dance C: by LawrenceJL dance C: :iconlawrencejl:LawrenceJL 4 3 Rapid Transit by jegowrie Rapid Transit :iconjegowrie:jegowrie 2 1



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