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Origami Brocade Tutorial

By pandacub143
Well this has been on the backburner for a while, but I managed to churn the whole thing out last night! Thanks to :icongluhenhs: and :iconrandomhanziness: for suggesting :)

This is a tutorial on how to fold a Japanese Brocade. It is a six unit origami cube with "frills" as *LoDuris likes to call it :) You'll need six sheets of paper and a little more patience than my previous origami tutorial here: [link] .

A note on assembly. The units are trapezoids with the little triangles at the very end of the arms. These little triangles help the brocade stay together by folding around the corner of the next unit. If you have stiff paper, you shouldn't need any glue - it should hold up on its own.

Watch your creases, line up your edges, and fold confidently!! Precision makes origami work!

Post up what you make when you're done and let me know! Papercrafts unite!

YOU MUST CREDIT this tutorial when you post your deviation. It helps others learn as well as links credit back to the orignal deviation.

With affection,

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Thank you very Much
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Nice tutorial! I've made these before and tried doing a 30 unit one yesterday with interesting results.
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You did a fantastic job!
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Oh my god, this is great. I've been looking for a decent tutorial for these, goh! :)
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Oh thank you so much! Here's my result... [link]
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This is lovely! Thanks for the tutorial (:
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this model reminds me of a quaffle
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Great Tutorial!

I can't wait to see your instructions for the 12 and 30 unit model. I've been looking for this everywhere!
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i made the 30 unit 1 but i hav a prob how can i use multiple colors like the 6 unit 1
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this is 1 of my favs and i can do it in my sleep and i love it thank u 4 the name i forgot it and 100000 thums up on the diagram
I love this thing

30 unit model :)
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that looks fantastic!
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Thanks for the tutorial! I made my first brocade using this tutorial and eventually made a mini version of it. ^-^ If you'd like to see it here's the link: [link]
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Nice tutorial - simple and straightforward.
Thanks a lot!
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Definitely putting this in my collection for later use ;) I made one of these awhile ago but I forgot how to fold them :( I'll try once I hit the holidays :boogie:
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:O this looks awesome. I'm faving so I can try it! looks intense. ^^ Thanks.
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This looks really fun! I wanna try! But first gotta go buy some paper :P
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just use regular paper and make squares! Don't buy anything fancy until you've tried it at least once :)
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Alright! Thank you so much! :hug:
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This is so cool!

I really want to try my hand at origami - I think this is more advanced than a n00b should try, but very easy to follow!
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