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Tut make pencil look like ink

because I get a lot of as from that friend and international friend.
I don't know it useful for other ppl or not.... but hope you like it

other Tutorial can see here > [link]
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Your style is great!!!! It reminds me of Hiroyuki Takei.
I love it!!!!!!!
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wow this is an awesome tip!!
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This is very helpful. I really like it, thank you for sharing. x3
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very good tutorial and your English grammar isn't too bad either and its easy to understand thank you. 
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Very nice ideas, but you might want to try deevad's method (can be done in photoshop too.)…
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That was very helpful! Thank you very much. ^^
iceVampireMika's avatar
you're my inking GOD, cause when I ink, it always gets Picasso-like work
l-Alchimiste's avatar
I like what you do, thank you
el-e's avatar
great job^^
4OUS's avatar
Good tutorial. :D
LilFred's avatar
You're amazing girl, thank you so much! :heart:
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My Photoshop doesn't have NanoScan LID
pandabaka's avatar
you can scan by scanner program and then open on photoshop
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Oh, I didn't read the tutorial carefully. Thanks.
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This is nice, thank you so much. :)
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Wow thanx, that help a lot
GamingGurl64's avatar
and your artwork is awesome
GamingGurl64's avatar
would this work instead of doing all the inking for a manga? And you're tuts help out alot. :D
Magwheel's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial..I been looking for something like this for a long time..!!!
Your English language is just fine...and your drawing and painting style is far out..!!
You are my favorite artist...
Hello from Phoenix, Arizona..
Babydoll-chan's avatar
Thx so very much :heart:
rockmalcolm's avatar
Thanks, I needed something like this. This is beyond helpful and thanks you for posting it.
That-CrazyCat's avatar
You're fabulous DD:
QEAN's avatar
thats great, thx for making the tut =D
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