Hikaru x reader x Kaoru [1/3](Request)

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Published: August 29, 2013
Hikaru x reader x Kaoru [1/3](Request)

Request for Krtzy

“Hey has anyone seen Haruhi?” asked the twins. Every one turned towards the identical twins.
“No I haven’t seen her.” Said Tamiki.
“I have. “ Said Honey. Every one turned towards Honey seeing he was eat a piece of chocolate cake. “Mori and I saw her with some kind of guy.”
“What MY DAUGHTER IS WITH A BOY! DADDY WONT ALLOW THIS!” Kyouya grabbed the back of Tamiki’s trench coat.
“Calm down you goof. Plus we need to open the doors and let our guess in now, so worry about that later.” Haruhi then comes in.
“Sorry I’m late guys.” Everyone looked at her.  
“Haru-chan.” Honey ran over to Haruhi and hugged her.
“Hey where have you been Haruhi.” Said Hikaru.
“Yeah we haven’t seen you all day.” Finished Kaoru.
“Well sorry. There was a new person registering into the school and I was asked to show the new student around.”
“So a new student. How odd.” Mumbled Tamaki.
“Yes indeed, I didn’t even know about it yet.” Everyone turned to Kyouya with a surprised look.
“Well she did say that his family just moved to Japan a few days ago.”
“Wait so it wasn’t a guy that you were with?” Tamiki leaned in really close to Haruhi’s face.
“No sempi it was a girl. And can you please get out of my face?” Haruhi starts trying to push Tamaki off her. Tamaki clung to her as happy anime tear rolled down his face.
“Haruhi, did she say of where she was from?”
“I think she said he came from America.” *Clap, clap*
“Well let’s not worry about it now men, for we have guess to entertain.”
~Time skip~
Everyone was at their stations entertaining many young girls. But for some reason the girls minds seemed to be somewhere else.
“Hey did you see that one new student?”
“Yeah Isn’t he cute?” A couple of the host perked up at this.
“Yeah I heard that he’s from America, but also that he has a cousin that goes here.”
“Really?” The twins made their way over Haruhi.
“Hey Haruhi I thought you said,”
“that the new student is a girl.” Finished Kaoru.
“I did. It’s just that she dresses up like a guy.”
“Um excuse me.” Everyone in the room looked up to the entrances to see A boy with beautiful [e/c] eyes, and long [h/c] hair pulled back into a ponytail. He wore black converse shoes, dark blue jeans, A long sleeve light and dark purple stripped turtle neck, and a black sleeveless pullover, and a violin case strapped over your shoulder.  You rubbed the back of your head. “Heh, heh, sorry for intruding like this but you see I’m looking for Haruhi Fujioka.” All the girls gasp and start mumbling to each other. You looked around the room and smiled when you spotted her.  “Hey Haruhi. There you are.” You ran towards her and hugged her. The girls squealed. “I forgot to tell you thank you for showing me around the school.  I don’t get how you’re able to get around this place.”
“[nick name] I thought that you went home already?”
“Oh I was going to head home till I heard that you were in the host club. So I decided to come check it out.  You look over your shoulder seeing that everyone in the room was staring at the two of you.  “Oh sorry I guess I should introduce myself, my name is [f/n] [l/n].” Hikaru and Kaoru started to look over you.  “Um what are you doing?”
Once the twins were done looking over you, they looked to each other, then back to you.
“What gender are you.” Your eyes widen and your cheeks turned bright pink. You turned to Haruhi.
“Dude I’m a girl.”
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Sorry that there wasn't that much of you involving the twins but I promise that there will be in the next part.

Part 2:kagomeandsesshomaru9.deviantar…
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FlyingTigerGirlHobbyist Writer
-dark aura - DUdE I hAvE BoObS
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SsLovespandas1Student Writer
^w^ DO you got a problem with a girl wearing boys stuff *has a dark arua around self and mouth twitchs while smiling*anyways i'm a tomboy sooo imma not dress in those....girly things...SOOO YEA ):D
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I am a beautiful young woman. You got a problem with that? ^.^
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skyemillermorningStudent Traditional Artist
Bitch please I'm a girl man
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XD This is awesome
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Fanfictions112Hobbyist General Artist
Dat last line... XD
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The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
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'She came from America' America emote America (The Hero) [V2] America (Eating Hamburger) [V1] America (Juice FTW) [V2] America (Justice) [V1] Hetalia Spinning America HAHAHA HA Icon 
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Wait.. Violin case? I play the violin~ What a coincidence~♥
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lovekitsunenaruHobbyist Traditional Artist
YES America  IM THE AWESOME ASH XD lol DUDE im 100%  i mite be more manly then my guy friends but come on XD lol love this story 
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"I think she came from America."America (The Hero) [V2] America (Eating Hamburger) [V1] America (Juice FTW) [V2] America (Justice) [V1] America (Happy) [V1] America emote 

Hetalia wtf have you done to me
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America (Explains) [V5] HEACK YA AMERICA XD APH America: Sparkle Glasses  IM THE AWESOME AMERICA YOAPH America DX  BURGERS FOR EVERY ONEAPH America is HappyHetalia America (PARTY)HAHAHAAPH Neko Americalol ok i had my fun APH America Resistnaw im going to crush americas dreams becuse i have bin wonting to tell him this for ever
America (Intro) [V7] = and what is that dudet 
APH Nyo Americame= burgers  where first made in germany Germany (Hunter) [V3] ummm ja 
America Scared Icon=like no way dude 
 APH Nyo America=lol sorry bro 
 APH America Scary=u r dead to me APH Neko Germany stance  
APH Nyo America = awesome me out byes~      Prussia (Explaining) [V4] not as AWESOME  as me keseseses
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You might wanna hurry up he is close
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lovekitsunenaruHobbyist Traditional Artist
?? meow??
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TheFireDragonesReshiStudent Filmographer
America is coming 
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TheFireDragonesReshiStudent Filmographer
America APH America Scary 
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dude its just blue berry XD lol *sees america GAHHHHHH  *faints*
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Oh dear
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lol hey u r cool do u rp ?
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I had cut my hair super short in an act of rebellion but then people confused me for a guy. It was so embarrassing. Some girls actually flirted with me. Then another time i was in the movie theatre and had to go to the bathroom so I went of course in the bathroom. Some girls were there and were like " OH MY GOD THERE"S A BOY IN THE BATHROOM!" so upsetting. After that I dyed my hair pink even though I hate the color.
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er, my name is Elizabeth... and I'm almost positive its a girls...
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Did I'm a girl that got me laughing so hard
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