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Celebrating 20 Years of Panda Jenn

2021 marks Panda Jenn's 20th Anniversary. A bit early, yes... but I wanted to get a jump on things. ;)

The official year-long celebration starts on January 1st!

Check out the speedpaint video here:
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I really like your OC, shes's adorable X3

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I remember BEFORE you were Panda Jenn! We used to chat on MSN all the time...when you were doing art for Digimon and The Mummy cartoon! :heart:

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Of course! How could I forget! Those were fun times.

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It was SOOOO long ago! Like...freaking HIGH SCHOOL! lol Ahhhh...the times of youth.

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Yeah, I miss the simpler days of the internet, so much. I was actually already out of High School and in my 20s by that point.

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We did lose touch for a while till I found you on here lol I didn't realize you were that much older than me. I was in high school at least...I graduated in 2004 (granted I was 20 when I graduated) I think I still have some of your old Digimon art saved!

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I graduated in 2000... I was 18 then. I think I was 22 or 23, when we met.

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Man, it's been so many years, but You still seem to be doing good. Plus Your avatar character is cool. I like it when people support endangered species like this.

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Congratulations on two decades of panda-monium. ;)

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20 years older and still looking gorgeous ^-^

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It's your birthday or panda jenn's?
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That's so awesome!

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Oh my gosh, 20 years....such a long time!!

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