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excellent work
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Totally "MIND BLOWING" if you know what I mean! =)
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I want to buy this. What size is it? How much is it? Can you sign it?
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I'll have prints of it soon. I'll get back with ya when their done.
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Ok! I look forward to it. (I may want several prints of different things) --- just curious... price range? Thank you.
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I do 22 x 35-ish posters for 5 bucks each, 9 1/2 x 11 handmade mounted 3D layer prints (limited to 10 of each design) for $25 and I've got 15 or 16 different sticker designs for 50 cents each (or free if your order something else). Hope that helps.
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Awesome... Ima gonna want the handmade mounted 3d layer prints. Yes, I'll take 10 for $25. Can I pick which different ones I want? Or did you mean 10 of the same thing?

I will also take 1 of each sticker design but only if they're like that garbage pail kids style... I especially like "the earth is a dick." That would be f'n great.

Could ya-would ya sign each piece with a sharpie pen? I hope that's not asking too much. It's super appreciated. Lemme know when/how we can do this. Excited!
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ONE print is $25. Each design is limited to 10 hand numbered/signed copies. One 3D print takes about 5 hours to make so there's no way I could sell 10 individual pieces for just 25 bucks (that's like a weeks worth of work - 10 would cost $250.00). These things are extremely detailed and unique so I'm 100 percent sure you'll be happy with the art, if you decide to buy one. I charge $350.00 a piece for them at my gallery shows so $25 aint bad. I'll even throw in a free poster of your choosing and a couple GPK parody stickers to sweeten the deal. If that fits your budget let me know.
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My bad for misunderstanding! Yes, $25 be fine. I understand that this stuff takes time. No worries. I want 1 signed and numbered Mind Over Matter. I will want some other pieces of your work too. I'll let you know which ones. Can I also order one of each of the GPK stickers?

It's awesome that you're selling your art for $350 at gallery shows. Damn! Totally worth it but I'm glad you're selling your 3d prints online for $25. :) Lucky for me!!!!
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Cool, when you figure out what you want just put all your mailing/order info in my notes. I'm sold out of my series 1 and series 2 GPK sticker sets but I still have loose cards that I can give you for free with your order. btw Series 3 is done and will be out this spring once I scrape up the cash to print them.

Yeah, I gotta charge a lot at galleries because they take a 30 to 50 percent cut of every piece I sell and lets face it, yuppies have disposable income so why not up the price. It's much different online because there's no middle man and it flat out makes my day when a stranger offers to buy my work so I'm more than happy to give them a deal especially on D.A. because most people on here are just broke artists like myself.
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I want to buy this.
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pretty cool .. . --- +
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Canned spaghetti is the devil's tool.
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What a wonderfully disturbed plate of genius. :thumbsup:
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that's just awesome.
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Featured here [link]
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Insane, but I love it :heart:
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